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Vineyard in Burgundy FEATURE

3 Classics: Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy | wine tour

Chablis wines are not like Chardonnay wines from anywhere else. Chablis is of course made with 100% Chardonnay but the wine taste more “Chablis” than Chardonnay. If any wine can be said to have a terroir-style, it is Chablis. It is difficult to imitate the crispy, fresh style of Chablis. Sometimes the acidity is quite […]

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Thousands of champagne bottles in the cellar

3 Classics: Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy | Wine Tour

Champagne is a drink that comes from the Champagne district. This is a given for many. But still there are people who call all wines with bubbles champagne and when they mean the French stuff from the Champagne region they say “real” champagne. Champagne is a protected trademark in many countries (all of the EU […]

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Table ready for lunch and wine in Sancerre

3 Classics: Champagne, Burgundy / Sancerre, Chablis Wine Tour

The Three Classics Wine Tour: to Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy (or Sancerre) — We call this trip The Three Classic! It takes you to three of the most classic wine regions in France: Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy. And all this we fit in on an extended weekend, Wednesday to Sunday. This wine tour is for those […]

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A wine glass with a barrel sample in the cellar

Burgundy Wine Tour

Exclusive, elusive, enchanting – the wine tour to the Côte d’Or, the heart of Burgundy A close look at the world famous villages, rare wines, and family vineyards — This wine tour takes you to the Côte d’Or, the heart of Burgundy. It is a magic place. It can easily make anyone dream. It is […]

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Wine cellar in Burgundy FEATURE

UNESCO World Heritage Wine region #9: Burgundy

I recently wrote about wine regions which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here comes the next wine district. Burgundy was put on the UNESCO list thanks to its climats. This has nothing to do with the weather. Climat is the word they use for the vineyard or the vineyard location in Burgundy. There […]

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Travel to World Heritage sites: Wine regions on the UNESCO list

Recently Champagne and Burgundy elected on to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. There are actually several wine regions that have been honoured by UNESCO in the same way. Decanter magazine recently published a list. Good idea. Good reason to talk about the regions with some comments from a vinous perspective. Many of the […]

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Classic, elegant wines and delicious food, and history from 1451, on a wine tour in Burgundy

1451 … 1451 is 563 years ago. That is the date when they opened the hospital in Beaune that we now call the Hospices de Beaune or the Hôtel Dieu. The building is still standing and was used as a hospital and then as a home for the elderly (nursing home may sound a bit […]

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On the wine & food tour Three Classics: “perhaps the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten”

Our wine tours naturally have the emphasis on wine, but we also put great importance on the food and the gastronomic experience. To drink wine is intimately connected with food. So when you visit a wine region it is important to also experience the typical local food, the regional gastronomy. At least that’s what we […]

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Barrel cellar at Chanson in Burgundy

Welcome up to the wine cellar in Burgundy

There are many old cellars with centuries old vaults in Burgundy. Many wineries are old houses with underground cellars that have been there for generations. It is not unusual for a wine tour that you are “invited down” to the cellar to try wine after wine. But it’s very unusual to get invited to UP […]

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A wonderful day in Chablis with some delicious premier cru and grand cru wines

The Chablis village, that is the central point of the world famous French Chablis wine region, is a tiny and very rural village. At 7 PM all shops close and only one or two cafés are open. It is a small and quiet village but it is home to many top quality wine producers whose […]

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A road sign for Beaune in the vineyards

The quintessence of a wine region: Burgundy

Wine touring in Burgundy is an experience filled with wine, food, beauty and history Burgundy… Say it. Feel it. Taste it. The word evokes a very special wine country and a very special wine. It makes me think of gently rolling hills. Vineyards all the way to the horizon. Winding roads. Small villages. Unique wines […]

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Taking a barrel sample for tasting

Travel report from Champagne – Chablis – Burgundy | testimonial written by a tour guest

A tailor made tour with The Priory Five days in Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy, is a wine tour that we call The Three Classics. It is one of the most popular tours on our “public” tour scheduled and it is also a tour that we do frequently as a custom made wine tour for private […]

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Every country-side village in the vineyards has its church

“We are all very happy with the wine tour to Burgundy!”

A few weeks back we had a custom made wine tour to Burgundy. A small group of wine enthusiasts traveled around the vineyards in Burgundy and tasted many good wines and enjoyed some delicious gourmet meals. This is what they wrote back to us after the tour: Now we have returned to the grey everyday […]

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Wine tourism making progress, BKWine in Svenska Dagbladet

Wine tourism making progress – BKWine in Svenska Dagbladet

Svenska Dagbladet is one of the biggest Swedish national daily newspapers. In their Sunday edition they had an article on wine tourism and wine travel in which they mention BKWine. The title of the article is Wine Tourism Making Progress and it talks bout how travelling in wine country is becoming a more and more […]

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gourmet traveller logo

“Grand Wine Tour” – Gourmet Traveller Wine talks about BKWine Tours

A colleague in the wine business with a sharp eye, who happens to be Australian, spotted a mention of BKWine in Gourmet Traveller Wine in their May/June 2011 issue. Gourmet Traveller Wine is an Australian magazine on wine, food and travel… GRAND TOUR BKWine have released their autumn program, which includes two tours to Bordeaux […]

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Isabelle Doudet, winemaker

Burgundy is kind of magic

A typical morning visit in a wine cellar in Burgundy on a typical wine tour… This particular day we were in the heart of Burgundy, in the Côte d’Or. This is a magical place. It is hard to explain, but I have always been fascinated by this region and its wines. I love to go […]

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Press release: Wine tours to Bordeaux and Burgundy on the autumn travel program from BKWine

The autumn wine tour program is now available from BKWine, a tour operator specialised in wine and food tours. The scheduled tours for this fall include two destinations: Bordeaux and Burgundy. The detailed programs are available here: http://www.bkwinetours.com BKWine offers two classic wine travel destinations on the scheduled program for the autumn, in addition to […]

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Burgundy & Bordeaux Wine Tours: program pdfs now available for download

You can now download a printable program brochure (or data sheet) with all the details for this autumn’s wine tours. It will give you all the details in a pdf that you can save, print, or send to your friends. You can find them with the new “Get Program!” button here: Bordeaux wine tour at […]

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View over the vineyards and a village in Champagne

Three classic wine regions in three days: summer weather in Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy

Wine travel in Chablis, Champagne and Bourgogne Perhaps we should call it our CCB Tour but it would sound too much like BBC and it might give the wrong kind of ideas. We certainly want people to think of reliability, and the best contents there is when they think of our wine tours, but perhaps […]

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Burgundy wine tour in October launched

We have just launched a new wine tour to Burgundy in October. This is the introduction to the program: Burgundy — exclusive, elusive, enchanting Some of the most unique wines in the world — reds and white — come from Burgundy. A well made red Burgundy, made from the elusive pinot noir, is a wine […]

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