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A Portuguese vineyard

Wine tours autumn 2017: new destinations and classics

Our wine tours for the autumn 2017 are now available here on bkwinetours.com. Don’t miss out! New tours this year is Piedmont (with truffles!), and a gastronomic experience as well as a wine tour to the exciting and dynamic Alentejo in southern Portugal. Bordeaux, 27 September – 1 October: For a wine lover it is […]

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Make someone happy this Christmas. Give a wine tour

Father Christmas has stocked up with plenty of nice wine tours in the Santa Claus bag this year, we hope. There is plenty to choose from; you might want to give the present to that very special one or perhaps just to yourself. You can for example gift wrap a specific one of our scheduled […]

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It’s worth to make an effort for Douro Wines – wine tour

In summer the quicksilver in the thermometer can rise to 40 C (105 F) or even more in the Douro Valley. In October it is much more pleasant, nice summer temperatures actually, and that’s when we have the wine tour to the Douro. But even if it is not so hot, carrying the 50 kg […]

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Spectacular river: wine tour along the winding Douro Valley

The wine world is full of famous rivers: the Loire, the Rhône, the Moselle, the Rhine … But we think the Douro river is the most magnificent of all the world’s wine rivers. The Douro Valley is a spectacular landscape with steep slopes and laboriously terraced vineyards. It is a wild landscape that has been […]

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An old bottle with a wax seal and tied cork

A river of wine: the wine journey along the meandering Douro Valley

If there were no river, no one would have come up with the idea to grow wine in this inaccessible landscape. Scorching hot in the middle of summer, but wonderfully warm in October when the Douro Valley wine tour takes place. The river is the life-blood, it was thanks to the waterway that, at the […]

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Table wines and fortified wines along the river: the Douro Valley wine tour

To call it “table wine” sounds a bit wrong, they are some of Portugal’s best wines, made in the Douro Valley. But what else can you say? “Light Wines”? Not better. They grow these outstanding wines in a landscape that meanders all along the winding river. The slopes are so steep that it is hard […]

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Is the Douro Valley the world’s most spectacular wine region landscape?

It is a good question! Few wine regions can compete with the Douro Valley in spectacular beauty and dramatic landscapes. Terraced vineyards that dive into the river. Serpentine roads that wind up steep vineyard-covered hills. But above all, fantastic wines. Today they make some of Portugal’s best “table wines” here. But also, of course, the […]

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Discover Douro: beautiful landscape, spectacular wines

Or perhaps the other way around: the landscape is one of the world’s most spectacular that you can find in a wine region. A winding river with break-neck slopes all along. And incredibly winding roads. Combine this with some fantastic wines – although most of them are almost unknown – and you get the Douro […]

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Press release: New autumn wine tours from BKWine: Bordeaux, Champagne, Douro Valley

New autumn wine tours from BKWine: Bordeaux, Champagne, Douro Valley | Press Release BKWine has just launched the autumn / fall wine tour program. It features three very different tours: Bordeaux and also Champagne in France, and the Douro Valley in Portugal. The Champagne program is an entirely new destination on BKWine’s English language schedule. […]

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UNESCO World Heritage Wine region #3: The Douro Valley

I recently wrote about wine regions which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here comes the next wine district. The Douro Valley is on the UNESCO World Heritage List partly thanks to its stunning vineyard scenery. This is very well deserved. Douro Valley in northern Portugal is one of the world’s most spectacular wine […]

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Travel to World Heritage sites: Wine regions on the UNESCO list

Recently Champagne and Burgundy elected on to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. There are actually several wine regions that have been honoured by UNESCO in the same way. Decanter magazine recently published a list. Good idea. Good reason to talk about the regions with some comments from a vinous perspective. Many of the […]

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Press Release: Wine and gourmet tours for the autumn 2015 launched by BKWine

BKWine recently launched the new wine tour and gourmet travel program for the autumn / fall season 2015. On the public program are two classic and luxurious wine tours, one to Bordeaux in France and one to the Douro Valley in Portugal. Together with custom designed wine tours and non-English tours BKWine will organise 30 […]

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An exciting journey for wine lovers – Travel Gluttons on our wine tours

Travel Gluttons is a site dedicated to exploring the world through wine and food: “The aim of Travel Gluttons is to tell the story of travel through food and food through travel”. They recently featured our autumn wine tours to Bordeaux and to the Douro Valley in a post on their site. Here are a […]

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Beautiful Douro Valley. Delicious Douro wines

The Douro Valley makes some outstanding wines but it is also a spectacularly beautiful landscape. The river meanders through a landscape where wine growing has put its mark almost everywhere. Whichever way you look there are steep hills, incredibly steep hills, with narrow terraces. The terraces are sometimes no more than one row of vines […]

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The Wine & Soul winery in the Douro Valley

A new generation winemakers in the Douro Valley?

Have you ever heard people say “There’s a generation shift, the ‘new generation’ is reviving our wine region”? It is often said about many a wine region. I think that is just, well, to use a polite word, silly. How could there be a generation shift? Generations don’t “shift”. There is a continuous flow from […]

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Milsabores article on BKWine wine tours

Portugal and Bordeaux wine tours in Milsabores

Milsabores is a Venezuelan web site that writes about wine, food and travel. Recently they picked up on the launch of BKWine’s new wine tour program. Milsabores is written by the Venezuelan journalist Maria Luisa Ríos Lares who is also the founder and president of the food writers’ association in Venezuela (ACOGAVE). Maria Luisa mentions […]

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Press Release: Autumn wine and food tours from BKWine Tours: Bordeaux and the Douro Valley

BKWine recently presented its program for the autumn wine and food tours for 2014. BKWine is a world leading tour operator specialised in wine, food and gourmet travel. The autumn program includes two tours to classic wine regions: Bordeaux and the Douro Valley in Portugal. The full programs are available on BKWineTours.com. press release, Paris, […]

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The different kinds of port wine

Port wine types Port wine is of course still the most important thing for most wine producers in the Douro Valley, as you will rapidly notice when you come wine touring in the region. The “table wines”, i.e. wines that are not fortified, have recently become quite famous and very popular, but the traditional port […]

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The Douro Valley region: wine land and vineyards

Looking at Douro as a wine region the Douro is divided into three districts: Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior. Corgo is the name of one of the tributaries. Baixo Corgo is the area below Corgo. It has 14,000 hectares of vineyards. Cima Corgo is the area above the river Corgo with 19,000 hectares […]

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Tasting wine in the cellar in the Douro

The Douro Valley: a meandering river and terraced vineyards – “Wine Region of the Year”

A brief introduction to an exciting wine region in Portugal I remember very well a picture from the Douro valley which I saw in a wine magazine maybe fifteen years ago or even more. I had never been in the Douro but I knew of the terraced vineyards. The picture was amazing. You could see […]

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