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Chile & Argentina, January 27 – February 11, 2018

Chile & Argentina, January 27 – February 11, 2018

South America, the unique wine tour to Argentina & Chile! Join us on a fantastic voyage of discovery in the vineyards of Chile and Argentina! And a breath-taking trip over the Andes. — Chile and Argentina. Two wine countries on each side of the Andes mountain range. Both with grandiose scenery. And some of the […]

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Powerful and elegant wines from Argentina and Chile on the South America wine tour

With the snow-capped Andes in the background and an extremely blue sky, Mendoza, the largest wine region in Argentina, is a magnificent sight. The wines are known for their powerful character. But making full bodied wines is not enough any more for the more ambitious Mendoza producers. “We also look for identity, especially for our […]

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The private bottle cellar at Finca Sophenia, Mendoza

Six Argentinean wineries excelling in quality on the South America wine tour

Argentina is a country that has lived through many ups and downs. In spite of all turbulence it has a very active wine industry and the country ranks as the world’s seventh biggest producer. The by far biggest and most important wine region is Mendoza, where the BKWine wine tour began in Argentina after having […]

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Wild and remote landscape at Vina Vik, Chile

The world should catch up with wines from Chile!

A story from a wine tour to Chile and Argentina It’s amazing how long it takes for new realities to pierce the membrane of old truths and commonly held beliefs. That’s Chile in a nutshell. It’s time for the rest of the world to catch up with what’s really happening in one of the world’s […]

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Tasting wines at the Melipal winery in Mendoza

Wine, food and spectacular landscapes of Argentina and Chile

A trip you never forget is the one to Chile and Argentina. We will start with the big city of Buenos Aires and end in Santiago de Chile. In between, we will see a great tango show, visit wineries in Mendoza, experience an unique bus trip across the magnificent Andes, cross Chile to the Pacific […]

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Tasting and lunch in the garden at a winery in Chile

Fabulous wines, fabulous countries, wine tour to Chile-Argentina

It’s a very special tour the one to Argentina and Chile. It’s long but also packed experiences. We have travelled around a lot in these two wine countries, so we know where to find the best wines, and we know many of the winemakers in person. There are of course many winery visits on the […]

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Exclusive wine and food tours to Chile-Argentina and South Africa in winter 2017 launched by BKWine | Press Release

Exclusive wine and food tours to Chile-Argentina and South Africa in winter 2017 launched by BKWine The wine travel specialist BKWine has launched two new long distance wine tours: one to Chile and Argentina, and one to South Africa. Both will take place during the winter season 2017. These luxury tours focus on the wine […]

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An alpaca at the Emiliana winery

The 2017 wine tour programs to Chile-Argentina and to South Africa are now ready

The wine tour to Chile and Argentina earlier this year clearly showed that this today are two countries making great wines. Those who say that it is just low-end mass-produced wines are living in the past. For sure. Here you can find very talented producers making elegant and characterful wines from both classic and unusual […]

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The new program for the Chile & Argentina tour now up; South Africa soon to come

We have finished the final touches on the program for next year’s wine tour to South America, with Chile and Argentina.  As we tend to do, we have reviewed it and renovated it from top to bottom to make it even better. The last tour we did was a very good illustration of that these […]

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The modern winery at Vina Vik, Chile

Dates set for 2017 for the wine tours to Chile-Argentina and South Africa

We have now nailed the dates for the two long-distance wine tours coming in the winter of 2017. It feels far away but you may need a good margin for so long and so special a trip. Here are the dates: Chile and Argentina wine tour in South America: 28 January to 12 February 2017 […]

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Mendoza dominates wine travel in Argentina. Be careful who you travel with

If you are thinking of going wine travelling in South America you will inevitably have thought of Mendoza in Argentina. You are not alone in that. Mendoza is the largest wine tour destination in South America. It is also the largest wine region in South America. Mendoza accounts for some two thirds of the wine […]

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Vineyards in Argentina

A walk in the Mendoza vineyards

I love to visit vineyards. I say this because very often when you are on a wine tour you get to see the fermentation tanks and the barrel cellar but not the vineyard. This is a pity. All wine producers nowadays tell us that good quality grapes is the most important thing of all when […]

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The barrel cellar with grand piano, Bodega Salentein

Argentine wines on a high level, wine touring in Mendoza

The first time I came to Mendoza on a wine tour in Argentina I planned to travel over the Andes by bus. I had heard much about that road trip. The road reaches 3000 metres (9000 ft). The landscape is deserted, devoid of vegetation, almost as a moonscape. You should be careful to not make […]

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A glass of red Domaine Bousquet wine

A special winery visit in Argentina, at Domaine Bousquet

Argentina is a long way away. When in Argentina, Mendoza is a long way away. Two hours’ flight time from Buenos Aires. When in Mendoza, the Uco Valley is a long way away. And almost at the end you find Domaine Jean Bousquet. Domaine Bousquet is the story of a French wine producing family from […]

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Vineyards on the hillside, Chile

New wine tour to Chile & Argentina: Wine, food and tango – passion on the wine tour to South America

A wine tour to Argentina and Chile is very much about passion and enthusiasm. It is spectacular and remote wine regions. A wonderful gastronomy. Welcoming people. But it is also an opportunity to explore the cities: Buenos Aires, Santiago, Valparaiso. BKWine’s new wine tour and gourmet tour to Chile and Argentina has been launched. Tango […]

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The spectacular landscape in Chile

“You feel really very privileged”, wine tour to Chile and Argentina

The wine tour that we do to Chile and Argentina is extensive. We cover two countries. We have a magnificent trip by bus over the Andes, a spectacular experience. We visit many wineries in both Chile and Argentina. We get a lovely insight into of Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and even Valparaiso. Many experiences […]

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Milsabores article on BKWine wine tours

Portugal and Bordeaux wine tours in Milsabores

Milsabores is a Venezuelan web site that writes about wine, food and travel. Recently they picked up on the launch of BKWine’s new wine tour program. Milsabores is written by the Venezuelan journalist Maria Luisa Ríos Lares who is also the founder and president of the food writers’ association in Venezuela (ACOGAVE). Maria Luisa mentions […]

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Argentina, too, is betting on wine tourism

Wine tourism is good both for the travelling wine lover and for the wineries that he visits. The wineries in Argentina have understood that and are making an effort to develop the wine tourism in 2014, according to a report in Winesur.com. The Ruca Malén Winery in Mendoza reported a 7% increase in visitors in […]

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Travel Gluttons Logo

“Wine travel in Chile & Argentina is like eating pizza in Naples” | Travel Gluttons

She did not say exactly that. What she did say was: Sitting down to a piping hot pizza straight from the oven in Naples, is a pizza lover’s dream, sipping wine in Argentina or Chile is high on a wine enthusiast’s list of things to experience. That was in her article Argentina and Chile: Food […]

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The vat hall at the Trapiche winery in Mendoza

The Mendoza wine region: a land of amazing contrasts

There are two ways to get to the Mendoza wine region. Either you fly in, from Buenos Aires or Santiago (or from somewhere else). Or you come by road. The “easiest” road to take is over the Andes from Chile. Not that there is anything particularly easy about driving across the Andes. I have done […]

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