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“It can’t get any better!” – on our wine tours

We love hearing from our guest, the travellers, on our tours. This past autumn we had a wine tour to the Piedmont (or Piemonte if we stick to Italian). It had of course plenty of winery visits, vineyards, and tastings but it also included a visit to the famous truffles market in Alba with the […]

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“They take so good care of their guests”

Quite a while back by now we organised our first ever wine tour to Croatia: a few days with winery visits in Istria, wine tastings, gourmet lunches, and much more. We also had the opportunity to taste the white truffle, the same white truffle as they have in Piemonte in northern Italy: tuber magnatum pico. […]

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“We were all very happy with the trip to Avignon”, wine tour in the Rhône Valley

A while back, a mail landed in my in-box with a comment from a person who had been on a tour with us in the Rhone Valley. The tour was tailor-made, a custom designed wine tour for a group of friends who regularly makes trips together, often to wine regions. Previously, they had organized everything […]

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The spectacular landscape in Chile

“You feel really very privileged”, wine tour to Chile and Argentina

The wine tour that we do to Chile and Argentina is extensive. We cover two countries. We have a magnificent trip by bus over the Andes, a spectacular experience. We visit many wineries in both Chile and Argentina. We get a lovely insight into of Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and even Valparaiso. Many experiences […]

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View over the landscape in Apulia

“A superb wine tour with BKWine! Just as always”, to Puglia in southern Italy

This past autumn was the first time we had a wine tour and culinary trip to Puglia on our scheduled tour program. We have previously made custom designed tours and travel to Puglia (Apulia) but we have not had it on the public program. Every year we try to have some new destination on the […]

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“An excellently planned and executed wine tour in the Loire Valley, we are keen to come back”

In autumn we have a lot of tours on the schedule. It is sometimes difficult to have time for all other things you need to do too. But also some of our customers have very busy schedules. Positive feedback is, however, welcome whenever it arrives! To say “should already have done” just a few weeks […]

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“An incredibly charming wine tour with great wines” – The Three Classics

“Three Classics” is what we call the wine tour that goes to Champagne, Chablis and Sancerre (or sometimes Burgundy). It goes over five intense days and will take you to three of the most famous wine regions in France. Last spring we were fortunate to also have good weather, albeit a little bit cold. All […]

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On the wine & food tour Three Classics: “perhaps the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten”

Our wine tours naturally have the emphasis on wine, but we also put great importance on the food and the gastronomic experience. To drink wine is intimately connected with food. So when you visit a wine region it is important to also experience the typical local food, the regional gastronomy. At least that’s what we […]

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A gaucho always carries a knife

The wine tour to Chile & Argentina: “What a smash hit! Amazing!”

Last spring, we arranged a long wine tour trip to Chile and Argentina in South America. It is a tour that contains a lot of different things, Buenos Aires, including tango, Pampas, Mendoza, Chile’s wine regions, blend-your-own-wine-workshop at a winery, Santiago, Valparaiso, and more. Is it too ambitious? No, that’s not what Jan-Olof and Gunilla […]

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Landscape and vineyards in  Piedmont

Wine tour to Piedmont: “you’re incredibly professional”, “on a level of your own”

Unfortunately I was not on the wine tour to the Piedmont… A little while back we had a wine tour and culinary trip to the Piedmont. I often go on these tours but this time I did not. It was Åsa and Britt who led the trip. So unfortunately I was not there. That was, […]

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Landscape and vineyards in  Piedmont

“An exceptionally successful wine tour“

A wine tour to the Piedmont, or Piemonte as they say in Italy, is of course full of winery visits and excellent wines. But there is also plenty of delicious food and time for some other pleasures. If it takes place in the autumn there is sure to be quite a lot of truffles too! […]

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“We can only warmly recommend to travel with BKWine Tours!”

Many people directly think of port wine when you mention  the Douro Valley or the city of Porto in northern Portugal. And of course it is correct, this is where port wine comes from. But it is also a wine district that today makes very exciting, delicious “table” wines, both reds and whites. The city […]

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Parmesan cheese, pamigiano reggiano maturing in the cellar

“Fantastic culinary experiences!”

We received a mail from a couple who were travelling with us on the wine tour in Veneto in northern Italy recently, where we tasted a whole lot of excellent amarones, as well as more ”normal” Valpolicellas, Bardolino, Soave and Gambellara. On all our tour programs the food and gastronomy almost automatically get a very […]

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Dinner outside with friends in Franschhoek, South Africa

“A wonderful experience with excellent food and wine, and good company!”

On of the guests on our wine tour to South Africa that took place in March sent us a short email: A big thank you for the wonderful vacation that we have just had in South Africa! A fantastic experience with good food, excellent wines, and terrific company, not to mention the safari that we […]

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A wine tasting in Barolo

“What a wonderful trip! So perfect!”

Last week we had a wine tour in northern Italy: both Piedmont and Veneto, including the very popular amarone wines were on the program. The weather was excellent, much better than here in grey Paris. There were many wine tastings and even a pick-nick on the slopes of the Piedmontese hills. We received a mail […]

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Vineyards in Durbanville, South Africa

“An absolutely wonderful wine tour!”

Earlier this year we arranged a wine (and a lot of food!) tour to South Africa. it is nice to think back and remember a day like this when weather is more like winter; all the sunshine and nice weather, all the excellent wines and delicious food, and great winemakers… We just received an email […]

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