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We at BKWine (Britt & Per) have written two books on wine, one on the wines from southern France and the other on winemaking and vine growing.

At present these books have unfortunately only been published in Swedish (we would live to find a publisher for an English language edition – do you know someone?).

We still want to tell you about these books. And who knows? Perhaps you read Swedish?

We have won the prize “Best Wine Book of the Year” as well as “Best Wine Book in the World for Professionals” for the book The Creation of a Wine / A Wine is Born.

The Creation of a wine, or A Wine is Born

A Wine is Born - Ett Vin Blir Till, a book by BKWine, cover

A Wine is Born - Ett Vin Blir Till, a book by BKWine, cover

The book tells the story of how a wine is made. It is aimed at the wine enthusiast but can also be used as a wine course book both for professionals (wine trade, restaurants etc) and non-professionals. It’s quite unusual in that it goes into the details of vine growing and winemaking but with a text aimed at the wine lover and not the wine maker.

The book has two sections: The first half is dedicated to the vineyard: planting, vines and grape varieties, training and pruning methods, soil, climate, illnesses, manual vs. mechanical harvest etc. We also try and get to grips with this thing ‘terroir’. The vineyard section ends with an explanation of organic wine growing and biodynamic wines (issues that are often misunderstood!). We try and explain it in a practical, down to earth way.

The second half talks about the work in the wine cellar: the importance of sorting (and how you do it), crushing, pressing, fermentation is looked at in detail, as is the ‘upbringing’ (élevage) of the wine and the aging, the influence of oak, assemblage (blending), fining and filtering (should you or should you not?) etc.

We look at what various substances you can add and the techniques and technology you can use in the winemaking to control and influence the result. Closures have a chapter of their own (another subject that is often misunderstood): natural cork, plastic cork, screw caps, crown caps etc, as does ‘special vinifications’: sweet wine and sparkling wines. Finally we look at defects and problems, e.g. corked wine, brett and reduction. Selecting wines to cellar and age also gets a mention.

More information:


The Languedoc Wine Book by BKWine, cover

The Languedoc Wine Book by BKWine, cover

The Languedoc is a region that merits being discovered by all wine lovers. It is one of the most dynamic wine regions in France today: much innovation and inspired wine making, but also with a long tradition to build on.

And not least, a wealth of excellent wines to be discovered, and often at very reasonable prices.

The core of the book is some sixty wine producer profiles. Each winery and winemaker is presented on one, two or three pages. An additional selection of just under a hundred producers are also presented in brief. The book also covers the history of the Languedoc, the terroir, the appellations and classifications in the Languedoc, the grape varieties as well as general introductions to each sub-region. And there is of course also a section on Languedoc gastronomy.

It is lavishly illustrated with with photography by Per Karlsson (BKWine).

Here is more information on our book on Languedoc wines.

And, yes, we do offer wine tours to the Languedoc region!

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