A daring tasting with base wines from Palmer & Co’s Blanc de Noirs

When you produce champagne you always start by making a still wine without bubbles. This “base wine” is bottled with some yeast and sugar, and thus the bubbles are made. Few people get the chance to taste these still base wines, for good reasons. They can be difficult to understand and appreciate because they usually have an exceptionally high acidity. The acidity is needed to give freshness and elegance in the finished champagne. But Palmer & Co had the audacity to present their still base wines to a small group of journalists, to give a different perspective on their champagne.

BKWine Magazine’s Sven-Olof Johansson was there and tells the story about the experience: Palmer & Co Blanc de Noirs. Let the dark side take over.

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Taking a barrel sample for tasting

Taking a barrel sample for tasting, copyright BKWine Photography

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