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A medieval village and vineyards in Piedmont

Wine tours and gourmet travel with BKWine autumn 2017: 2 new destinations, 2 classics | Press Release

BKWine Tours, a leading wine and gastronomy tour operator, has just launched the fall program for 2017. The fall season includes four destinations to France, Italy, and Portugal. Two new destinations are featured: Piedmont, with wine and truffles, and Alentejo in Portugal. On the program are also two great classics: Bordeaux and the Douro Valley. […]

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Flavorful World logo

Flavorful World on our spring wine tours

We are always thrilled when our wine tours are picked up by a blog or any other media. This time we are glad to have been mentioned in the food blog Flavorful World. It is our two spring tours that caught the attention of Anthony Beal who authors the blog: to Bordeaux and to Champagne. […]

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RealBusiness logo

RealBusiness: wine tours to “build a lifetime bond”

We are delighted to have been featured in RealBusiness. This on-line magazine “for ambitious SMEs” presented our wine and gourmet tours as a gift idea for companies wanting to develop better corporate relations. Here are some of the things they said: Business networking is often done over a beverage or two, so what better way […]

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Thousands of bottles in the cellar – FEATURE

Champagne goes with everything?

Is it possible to drink Champagne straight through an entire meal? Yes, it is! There is really nothing on the plate that you cannot combine with Champagne because there are so many different types of Champagnes. A powerful Champagne with concentration and ripeness can even be served with an entrecote. Some years back, when we […]

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Two new spring wine tours 2017, to Champagne and to Bordeaux, with BKWine | Press Release

Two new wine tours are on the schedule for the spring tour season with BKWine. The tours on the spring program focus on two great classic French wine regions, Champagne in April and Bordeaux in May. Full details can be found on BKWineTours.com. Champagne, famous houses and innovative growers, takes the traveller around the wine […]

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A giraffe looking down on us

South Africa, Safari and Wildlife Add-on, March 5-9, 2017

An Extraordinary Nature and Wildlife Experience — After the wine tour we can offer you an extraordinary four day tour to malaria-free private game reserves in the Eastern Cape, an hour’s flight time from Cape Town. You will get the chance to see all of the Big Five: elephant, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard (not […]

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By the sea near Cape Town

South Africa, Golf Experience Add-on, February 21-25, 2017

Four Days with the Best of Cape Golfing — For a golfer South Africa is a perfect destination. It has world-class golf courses located in breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Climate is warm but generally not exceedingly hot, not even in summer. The sea is never far away in Cape golf country. And it has the delicious […]

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It’s worth to make an effort for Douro Wines – wine tour

In summer the quicksilver in the thermometer can rise to 40 C (105 F) or even more in the Douro Valley. In October it is much more pleasant, nice summer temperatures actually, and that’s when we have the wine tour to the Douro. But even if it is not so hot, carrying the 50 kg […]

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A mate cocktail

Meeting with the Ambassador of Argentina and the Minister of Tourism

The other night I was invited over to the Embassy of Argentina to meet with the Ambassador and with the Argentinean minister of tourism. We had a very nice evening with lots of Argentinean food and some delicious wines from Argentina. Well, it wasn’t just me who was there of course. It was an Argentinean […]

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Place de la Bourse and the Miroir d’Eau fountain

Aristocratic and exclusive but also dynamic and forward-thinking, explore Bordeaux on the wine tour

Bordeaux is home to the world’s most famous wines, wines that few of us can afford to drink regularly these days. But you will of course have the opportunity to taste them on the Bordeaux wine tour. But Bordeaux is also home to a young and dynamic generation of winegrowers. There are for instance on […]

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Dry, Brut or Nature? Which Champagne do you like best? Choose your favourite on the tour!

Brut is the most common type of champagne today. That means “dry” but in reality there is usually a little sugar in the wine. There can be up to 12 grams per litre but between 6 and 9 is most common. Brut is the Champagne we all drink the most of, it is produced in […]

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The private bottle cellar at Finca Sophenia, Mendoza

Six Argentinean wineries excelling in quality on the South America wine tour

Argentina is a country that has lived through many ups and downs. In spite of all turbulence it has a very active wine industry and the country ranks as the world’s seventh biggest producer. The by far biggest and most important wine region is Mendoza, where the BKWine wine tour began in Argentina after having […]

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“It can’t get any better!” – on our wine tours

We love hearing from our guest, the travellers, on our tours. This past autumn we had a wine tour to the Piedmont (or Piemonte if we stick to Italian). It had of course plenty of winery visits, vineyards, and tastings but it also included a visit to the famous truffles market in Alba with the […]

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Wild and remote landscape at Vina Vik, Chile

The world should catch up with wines from Chile!

A story from a wine tour to Chile and Argentina It’s amazing how long it takes for new realities to pierce the membrane of old truths and commonly held beliefs. That’s Chile in a nutshell. It’s time for the rest of the world to catch up with what’s really happening in one of the world’s […]

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De Zalze Golf Club

Four fantastic golfing days to add to your wine tour to South Africa

If you are a passionate golfer you should take the opportunity to enjoy a few days on the course when you come to South Africa. Now you have the possibility to add four days of golf as an add-on to our wine tour of South Africa. You will play on four different top-quality golf courses […]

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The beach at Camps Bay in Cape Town

Top quality wines, wine entrepreneurs and beautiful landscapes, the wine tour to South Africa

To call South Africa a New World country when it comes to wine is really wrong. A few years ago it celebrated the 350th anniversary of the first wine made in South Africa, so they made wine here before vines were grown in the Medoc. But at the same time it is correct. It was […]

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Add a fabulous safari experience to your wine tour to South Africa

Once-in-a-lifetime wildlife and game reserve excursions South Africa is a country that makes great wines, but it is also a country with an exceptional animal life and flora. Now you have the possibility to add four fantastic days of safari and unique wildlife experience to your wine tour. This unique wildlife experience is offered as […]

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Tasting and lunch in the garden at a winery in Chile

Fabulous wines, fabulous countries, wine tour to Chile-Argentina

It’s a very special tour the one to Argentina and Chile. It’s long but also packed experiences. We have travelled around a lot in these two wine countries, so we know where to find the best wines, and we know many of the winemakers in person. There are of course many winery visits on the […]

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An old bottle with a wax seal and tied cork

A river of wine: the wine journey along the meandering Douro Valley

If there were no river, no one would have come up with the idea to grow wine in this inaccessible landscape. Scorching hot in the middle of summer, but wonderfully warm in October when the Douro Valley wine tour takes place. The river is the life-blood, it was thanks to the waterway that, at the […]

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Exclusive wine and food tours to Chile-Argentina and South Africa in winter 2017 launched by BKWine | Press Release

Exclusive wine and food tours to Chile-Argentina and South Africa in winter 2017 launched by BKWine The wine travel specialist BKWine has launched two new long distance wine tours: one to Chile and Argentina, and one to South Africa. Both will take place during the winter season 2017. These luxury tours focus on the wine […]

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