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The BKWine Team

We believe it is very important who your guide (and tour manager) is when you travel with BKWine. He/she is your ambassador to the wine world.

Our tours guides are very knowledgeable about wine, gastronomy, local culture and tradition, language (the most exciting wine makers don’t always speak your language) and of course how to run a tour smoothly. Take a look at the profiles and you will understand what we mean. Our wine tours are usually led by one of us that you can meet further down on this page.

Britt Karlsson

Britt Karlsson, BKWineBritt is co-founder of BKWine. She is the one who does most of the tour planning and she is the one to talk to if you want to discuss a custom designed tour. She has organised and led hundreds of wine tours. She is also a respected wine journalist and wine writer, published in wine magazine in Scandinavia and internationally. She has written two books on wine.

Each year she visits some 200 wineries on her travels. She has travelled in wine country in most corners of the world, even in China and Brazil. When she is not travelling in wine regions she is often seen giving wine tastings, courses and seminars.

You can see more of her writing on BKWine Magazine on www.bkwine.com. Britt lives in Paris since many years back.

Per Karlsson

Per Karlsson, BKWinePer is co-founder together with his wife Britt of BKWine. Rumour has it that his interest in wine started already when he was 11. Just like Britt he visits some 200 wineries each year on wine tours and for journalistic research. He writes about wine primarily online on BKWine Magazine and in the BKWine Brief.

Per is also a professional photographer, specialising in wine and travel photography. See BKWine Photography for more on this. He has contributed all images (and some text) to BKWine’s wine books.

Before creating BKWine he had a long career in marketing and international business development in the technology industry (his unusual parcours includes an MSc in physics and an MBA from Insead). Per lives in Paris since many years back.

Åsa Johansson

Asa Johansson, BKWineÅsa is BKWine’s person in Italy. She lives in Florence since the early 00s. She has a passion for all things Italian, so much so that she married an Italian and stayed in Florence after having come there to study political science.

Åsa has worked in the wine trade for some time before becoming fully involved in travel and tourism. She has a wine training from an Italian wine school, but she is also very knowledgeable about Italian food (and not least olive oil —  that her husband works with).

Åsa has extensive experience from the tourism business in Italy having spent several years with BKWine as well as with other travel business in Italy.

She is a contributor on wine, food and travel for several life style magazines. She also regularly contributes articles and commentary on Italian wine and food for BKWine Magazine

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