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Praise for our Tours

What the customers say about our wine tours!

On this page you can find some quotes from our customers.

Read more on this page if you want more details: what our travel customers thinks about our wine and food tours!

This is the third trip I do with Britt and Per of BKWine and for the third time I can not but conclude that it can not become any better than this. A group of people of just the right size that during a few days’ time would get an insight into the culture of a wine region and in professional and knowledgeable hands. All the winery visits and meals were planned to perfection.

— AE, on a wine tour to Piedmont. Read the full testimonial here.

We were all very happy with the trip to Avignon! The vineyards were very interesting and we all brought with us all some bottles home. We learned a lot of new things! The lunches were absolutely divine and we appreciated and admired the great effort you had put into planning this. We will have you in mind when it is time to plan the next wine tour since Karina and I, who were the initiators, have been entrusted by the group to plan the next adventure. Hope you will have a great fall and once again many thanks!

— Helena F, on a wine tour in the southern Rhone Valley

Heartfelt thanks for another great wine tour of your making. We really feel privileged when we come to the wineries and are so well received by all these winemakers, all very different and always interesting and passionate.

Delicious food, outstanding wines, good accommodation and a varied program together with pleasant travel companions keeps memories warm for long.

— Ulla & Jan B, on a wine tour in South America (Chile and Argentina)

The table is set for lunch at the winery
The table is set for lunch at the winery, copyright BKWine Photography

Thank you for a great wine tour in Puglia! It was just as superb a wine tour as always with BKWine Wine Tours.

Excellent organisation in every detail. Nice and well-chosen wineries, delicious wines, wonderful lunches and good hotels. Apulia was really a pleasant surprise for us. A special thanks to Asa for her dedication, knowledge, good spirit and humour. She is the perfect guide.

It was the fourth time we travelled with BKWine and we will be more than happy to do it again. We hope there will be more trips to Puglia.

— Ann -Margret & Stig A, on a wine tour in Puglia in southern Italy

I should already have written and thanked you for an excellently planned and executed wine tour in the Loire Valley. I have received many positive comments from the people in the group on your choice of destinations, on the program, and your charming and knowledgeable tour management. It has certainly left us keen to come back. Again – a big thank you! We will be in touch.

— Bengt R. on a custom designed wine tour to the Loire Valley

An incredibly charming wine tour

We think that everything was very nicely planned, excellent visit with talented producers, wonderful meals and good hotels. And the wines were just great!

We will return!

— Gun & Anders K, on the wine and food tour Three Classics to Champagne, Chablis and Sancerre in France.

A big, heartfelt thank you for a couple of fantastic “wine days” with you as our guides in the heart of the French white wine districts.

In a nice and inspirational way we were given the chance to take part of your vast knowledge of the wine(s), from the agrarian part, not least the importance of geography, to the production and craftsmanship of the different wines and finally your personal views of the wines and wineries.

The champagne lunch was for me the unforgettable climax of the tour in hard competition with dinner at l’Hostellerie des Clos, who presented us with among the most delicious things I think I have ever eaten, “Morilles fraiches farcies de foie gras dance leur jus à l’echallote “.

Once again thank you for all for this outstanding experience.

— Johan L., on the wine and food tour Three Classics to Champagne, Chablis and Sancerre in France.

A wine tasting at a wine producer's
A wine tasting at a wine producer’s, copyright BKWine Photography

What a trip! What a smash hit! Absolutely amazing tour with everything!

We had great expectations on Argentina’s largest wine region, Mendoza. Is it as beautiful as in the wine magazines we have read at home? Yes, indeed!

Wonderful lunches, gastronomy at the highest level both in Argentina and Chile.

Exciting, interesting and carefully selected vineyard visits, each with its own story and all were told with personal commitment and passion.

— Jan-Olov and Gunilla B., on a wine and food tour in to Chile and Argentina in South America.

It was a really nice trip, we will not forget it any time soon (but it will probably be some while before we have had the time to digest all the impressions) and we have not been horrified by BKWine arrangements, so there is some risk that we meet again…

Thank you very much for a very nice trip.

— Siv & Leif J., on a wine and food tour in to Chile and Argentina in South America.

Thank you for an outstanding management of the Piedmont tour. It was really very high-quality, highly interesting and instructive. Getting to know both you and Asa was also a great pleasure and we were impressed by both your charm and enthusiasm and by your great knowledge. Truly professional!

— Bror-Erik and Ann-Mari L., on a wine and food tour in the Piedmont in Italy.

A warm thank you for the experience that you and Åsa gave me. Absolutely incredible how professional you are. I am going to live long on the memories from this trip. As you perhaps understood, I have travelled a lot in Italy, Germany, etc., but this was on a level of its own.

When traveling just me and my old man we do not find these gems that you have given me. Will keep this with me and hope to get back to both the restaurants and the wineries.

I hope you had a nice stay with us and that we can come back on another tour in the future.

— Elizabeth H., on a wine and food tour in the Piedmont in Italy.

A truffle hunter and his dog, Piedmont
A truffle hunter and his dog, Piedmont, copyright BKWine Photography

A big thank you for an excellent and interesting trip – even if we occasionally were a bit tired… It was incredibly interesting and really fun to be able to visit these great winemakers. We have learned a lot and your and Åsa’s knowledge was very valuable and essential to make the travel experience complete and make it an outstanding tour. Now we hope that the wines we ordered will arrive home and then we will go and get some more of those we tasted in our wine shop. This trip was a great 50th anniversary gift for me – a little in advance. I hope we meet again.

— Lena and Lennart H., on a wine and food tour in the Piedmont in Italy.

It was a very nice trip with very nice people.

I have never eaten and drunk so much delicious things on any other trip I have ever made. You and Åsa gave us excellent information about the different wines and from Åsa we also got some insights in the Italian culture that was very interesting.

— Susanne F., on a wine and food tour in the Piedmont in Italy.

Now we come back from an amazing trip around the Piedmont. All of us in our travel group agreed that this had been an exceptionally successful wine tour.

Thanks to Asa’s network we felt that we got closer to some people and environments than what is perhaps normal.

We have not been home for many days yet, but already we have given many recommendations to other travel-loving friends. And, not least, perhaps we can plan another trip together some time, but then most likely it will be France and its vineyards that lures us. Will we meet then?

— Anne and Karl Erik, on a wine and food tour in the Piedmont in Italy.

Lunch is ready for you Sir
Lunch is ready for you Sir, copyright BKWine Photography

Many thanks for a very nice wine tour, the memory of it lingers and comforts when the darkness and chill of autumn arrives!

— K. & B. D., on a wine and food tour in the Douro Valley in Portugal.

Read more of what K & B says, including a restaurant recommendation in Porto: “The memory of the wine tour warms us in the chill of autumn” and a good restaurant in Porto.

A big thank you for a very well executed program during the hot days in northern Italy. What added that little extra special was the mix of different types of vineyards and all the different and charismatic wine personalities that we met, each with his/her separate ideas of how to make a good wine.

We had fantastic culinary experiences during our lunches and it was particularly nice with the relaxed planning so that we had the time to talk to each other and savour the atmosphere just a little longer at each winery visit. It was also very enjoyable and valuable with your “entertainment” in the bus about pasta, coffee, corks and screw caps, olive oil, organic farming etc.

— A. & P. Adler, on a wine tour in Veneto with Amarone, Valpolicella and much more

A big thank you for the wonderful vacation that we have just had in South Africa! A fantastic experience with good food, excellent wines, and terrific company, not to mention the safari that we did after. Totally wonderful – many thanks for your work and for taking care of us so well!

— Eileen T, travelling on a wine tour in South Africa

Now we are back home from Italy. What a wonderful trip! I want to say a big thank you for organising everything so perfectly. Åsa was an outstanding guide and tour manager. Knowledgable, diplomatic, funny and easy going. I can keep on with more superlative if you want! We have learned a lot of exciting things, above all about wine but also about food, gastronomy and Italian culture. Everything went perfectly smoothly and at each visit we were excellently greeted as if we were part of the family. Thank you again, I will be glad to come back on another tour in the future!

— Greetings from Linnéa, on a wine tour in Piedmont and Veneto with Valpolicella amarone etc

We would like to say a big and heartfelt thank you for a absolutely wonderful wine tour! It was definitely a great experience in many ways. Excellent program, fantastic food, wonderful landscape, very cosy hotels, and a great group of people to travel with. With your tour management and wine guiding and in the hands of our guides Anki and Chris, with the most able Jakob as driver, everything worked perfectly.

We have learned a lot and had an exceptionally enjoyable time!

— Ulrike & Paul R, travelling on a wine tour in South Africa

Lunch with wine at Nitida, Durbanville, South Africa
Lunch with wine at Nitida, Durbanville, South Africa, copyright BKWine Photography

We have to express our great appreciation of the tour, the Adventure Tour with breathtaking drop heights without safety rails. but after the first wine tasting it was worth it. What wines and Sandra, and also Quinta da Tedo were the most memorable moments, apart the wonderful knowledge and entertainment from Britt and Per. Wonderful travel companions and Pousada Solar da Redes 40 year old tawny was an experience!

— Many grateful greetings from H & E, on a wine tour in the Douro Valley

I really would like to write A LOT about this tour but time does not permit it… But it is in any case important for me to let you know that we were happy, very happy with the tour. Thank you for a very well organised tour!

Åsa is really the perfect guide and tour manager, you could not wish for better – a real gem! Knowledgeable, well prepared, insightful, nice personality, helpful, attentive, humble, smiling, etc.

In addition, very well organised from start to finish, perfect day plans, well chosen vineyards and wineries, professional welcome at all the places we visited. Excellent wines and delicious food. the truffles market (in Alba) and the truffles man with his truffles dog was like an added bonus – glad to have experienced this unique thing. It was also nice that you as the owner of BKWine participated in the tour, hope all your photos turned out well!

We will be happy to come on more tours with BKWine – and I will subscribe to your newsletter!

— Ninni with family, on a wine tour in Piedmont, Italy

Now we have returned to the grey everyday life again. The head is filled with memories of our wine tour in Burgundy. Once again I want to thank you very much for a fantastic and well organised tour.

We are all very happy with the tour! As I said the other day, we much appreciated your thorough knowledge, your enthusiasm and your pleasant manner. The program was also very well chosen and incredibly interesting.

We have gained much knowledge and understanding of the wines of Burgundy and the wine production in the region that have deepened our appreciation. And we have tasted many excellent and exciting wines!

We hope to see you again!

— Clas S, on a bespoke private wine tour in Burgundy

Vineyards in northern Italy
Vineyards in northern Italy

I want to give you a big thank you for a fantastic experience in Veneto with BKWine together with Per and Asa and all the other tour guests. It was very enjoyable and interesting. And it was very professional. Everything worked perfectly with delicious food and of course fantastic wines. We look forward to coming on another of your wine tours. Keep up the good work!

— Jon and Anne, travelling on a wine tour in Veneto in northern Italy

“Thank you for an excellent wine tour! It definitely makes us want more of these wines and of the tours you make. We will certainly be happy to come back in the future.”

— Monica and Jorgen F on a wine tour in northern Italy

Thank you for a very enjoyable wine tours, exactly the right mix of information, delicious wine and food, and beauty!! And what an excellent guiding.

— Christina and Lars, on tour in Bordeaux

Thank you for a very enjoyable tour! Well planned, with a good mix of visits, with everything from good hotels, wine tastings, cooking class and excellent lunches; visits to charming villages and historic sites. Looking forward to coming on another tour.

— Maj-Lis R, on a wine and food tour in Tuscany

A million thanks for a very successful and enjoyable tour. I think it was a 100% success in every way.

The program was good and varied and we had some of the most exciting meals. We had the opportunity to taste many different vintages at the chateaux. I also want to commend you, Britt, for having been so patient with all my questions before the trip. That was an important contribution to the whole experience.

Linda asks me to tell you that for her the tour was a magic experience and a memory for life. She loved every moment of it! :-)

— Arne & Linda, on a wine tour in Bordeaux

This is the first time I have been to this type of trip. It was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I have always read a lot about wine and wine districts. Now, finally, I travelled to a wine district thanks to you. I am entirely satisfied with everything. I can tell that you have spent a lot of time and effort on planning and a lot of enthusiasm. We are already starting to glance at the program for next year!

— L.W. about Champagne

“I must say that you organized a fantastic, fabulous viticole/gastronome trip!!! It fulfilled all of my dreams!!! Martin was absolutely perfect! The group was perfect and the chateaux we visited were perfect as well as their hosts! – I will be more than happy to personally recomend your trips to all; I have already raved about it to all of my friends (in Paris and abroad) as well as to acquaintances.”

— S.S., on Bordeaux

Britt did an outstanding job. We’ve had an excellent week.

— S.B.

The lunch at Domaine de Cabasse is probably the best meal I have ever had!

— L.L. about Rhone

Outstanding, totally perfect. This feeling will stay with me for a long time – to paraphrase an expression from another, much bigger tour operator: Sun, champagne and good company – you don’t need more. Well, maybe you do: to learn something new. And we did!

— H.H. about Champagne

We from the Wine Club were on our first, but not the last, wine tour and we are fully satisfied with all the organization. Not too many and not too few visits that we had the time to discuss over dinner.

— A.D, about Bordeaux

The trip exceeded our expectations (and they were high)!

— O.L. about Bordeaux

Very satisfied with the tour. I could very well imagine doing it again. All these fabulous chateaux. The enthusiasm of the guides. The chauffeur.

— J.D. about Bordeaux (you have to have been on the trip to understand the comment about the chauffeur!)

The whole trip was just SO GOOD so I don’t really have any comments.

— A.D. about Bordeaux

A very positive overall impression. We are also very satisfied with the weather!

— G.M. about Rhone

We are very satisfied. Well planned from beginning to the end. Thorough knowledge that was conveyed in an ambitious, relaxed and fun way, in wonderful surroundings.

— R.S. about Rhone

Too good weather, too good wines, too short lunches! It was all very well done and very instructive, the only big problem being how to bring home all the good bottles – next time we will come with our own car.

— L.L. about Rhone

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