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Travel Guarantee Deposit and Consumer Protection

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BKWine is a Swedish registered  limited company and travel organiser. Swedish and EU law stipulates that every provider of packaged tours must have a travel guarantee deposit with a bank. As a provider of packaged tours BKWine fully complies with this rule and has a bonded travel guarantee deposit so that you can feel safe booking with us.

It is important for you that your travel provider complies with this and other rules for tour operators.

We comply fully with European and Swedish travel guarantee regulations. In the case of BKWine the amount of the guarantee deposit is decided by the Swedish authorities, The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (“Kammarkollegiet“, with a history dating back to 1539).

In some countries you can verify with the relevant authority if such a deposit has been made and what the amount is. In the case of BKWine you can verify our deposit on the web site of the Swedish control authority Kammarkollegiet.

BKWine also follows the code of conduct and financial safeguards defined by the Swedish Consumer Agency (“Konsumentverket“). Our travel terms and conditions follows the guidelines agreed between the control authorities and the travel industry in Sweden, with modifications to adapt them to our specific type of travel packages.

British travellers may be familiar with the ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) protection scheme which is a somewhat different but similar model specific to the UK.

Read more about this in our Booking Terms and Conditions.

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