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Travel Guarantee Deposit and Consumer Protection

When you book a tour with BKWine AB you can feel safe with the special protection you have with our travel guarantee deposit.

For organizers of so-called package tours special rules apply. Package tours are tours that contain more than one service, such as both transport and accommodation. BKWine’s wine tours are thus package tours.

Swedish laws (BKWine AB being a Swedish company) and regulations, as well as EU regulations, stipulate that organisers of package tours must have a so-called travel guarantee (or travel guarantee deposit).

BKWine complies fully with the Travel Guarantees Act (1972:2004), the Packaged Tours Act of August 1, 2018, and corresponding EU regulations, so that you can feel safe when booking a tour with BKWine.

This is similar to e.g. what exists in the UK with, for example, ABTOT (The Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited) and ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), but in our case it is overseen by the government agency Kammarkollegiet, with a history dating back to 1539, in accordance with Swedish and EU regulations, instead of a private entity.

It is important for you as a traveller that the travel organiser that you choose follows these rules.

The travel guarantee is in practice a guaranteed amount of money that can be used, in particular, in the event that the tour operator becomes insolvent. This guarantee is of course an extra operating cost that affects all package holiday organisers, but which gives the traveller extra protection. It is included in the price of the tours.

The amount of the travel guarantee is determined by Kammarkollegiet, which is also the authority that monitors that the guarantee is in good order.

You can check if a tour operator has made a travel guarantee on Kammarkollegiet’s site.

BKWine also follows the recommendations that the Swedish Consumer Agency has previously agreed with the travel industry regarding travel terms and conditions. Our travel Ts and Cs are based on these conditions, with some modifications due to our special type of tours.

You will find full information about this in our travel terms and conditions.

The Packaged Tours Act and the Travel Guarantee Act

According to the Packaged Tours Act of August 1, 2018, every tour operator who sells package tours must provide the following information to the traveller (the text is defined by the Swedish Consumer Protection Agency), for example via a link in the travel program:

Central rights under Directive (EU) 2015/2302

  • Travellers will receive all the essential information about the package tour before they enter the package tour agreement.
  • There is always at least one company representative who is responsible for ensuring that all travel services included in the agreement are fulfilled correctly.
  • The travellers will receive an emergency telephone number or information on a contact point where they can get in touch with the organiser or the travel agency.
  • Travellers may transfer the packaged tour to another person, with reasonable notice and possibly at an additional cost.
  • The package tour price may only be increased if special costs increase (for example, fuel prices), and if this is explicitly stated in the agreement, and in any event no later than 20 days before the start of the package holiday. If the price is raised by more than 8% of the price of the package trip, the traveller may terminate the agreement. If the organizer reserves the right to raise the price, the traveller is entitled to a price reduction if the relevant costs fall.
  • Travellers can terminate the agreement without paying a cancellation fee and get a full refund of all payments if any of the essential parts of the package tour, other than the price, changes significantly. If the company responsible for the package tour cancels the package tour before the start of the package tour, the passengers are entitled to a refund and compensation, if applicable.
  • Travellers can, in exceptional circumstances, terminate the contract before the start of the package tour without paying a cancellation fee, for example in the case of serious security issues on the destination which would likely affect the package trip.
  • In addition, travellers can cancel the agreement at any time prior to the start of the package tour for a reasonable and justified cancellation fee.
  • If significant parts of the package tour cannot be provided under the agreement after the start of the package tour, appropriate alternative arrangements must be offered at no extra cost. Travellers may terminate the agreement without paying a cancellation fee if the services are not fulfilled in accordance with the agreement and this substantially affects the package tour’s performance and the organizer does not remedy the problem.
  • Travellers are also entitled to a price reduction and / or compensation for damage if the travel services are not fulfilled or are inadequately fulfilled.
  • The organiser must provide support if the traveller is in difficulty.
  • If the organizer or, in some Member States, the reseller becomes insolvent, the payments will be refunded. If the organizer or, where applicable, the reseller ends up insolvent after the start of the package tour and if transport is included in the package tour, the travellers’ home transport is secured.
  • BKWine AB has agreed a protection in the event of insolvency with Vector Nordic AB. Travellers may contact this unit or, if applicable, the competent authority Kammarkollegiet, Birger Jarlsgatan 16, 114 34 Stockholm, 08-700 08 00, if services are not provided as a result of BKWine’s insolvency.

Directive (EU) 2015/2302 in the form it has been implemented into national law.

You can find more information here at the Swedish Consumer Protection Agency.

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