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About BKWine

BKWine is a Swedish company that has a deep connection to wine. Everything we do revolves around wine; our main activity is creating and running wine tours, but we have many other strings to our bow including wine journalism, wine book publishing and photography.

Since we started our wine tour business over 20 years ago, we have had numerous positive reviews from media and clients alike.

BKWine – the company

To put it shortly, BKWine is a company founded and run by people who are experts in wine, passionate about food and wine, and specialists in the travel sector.

BKWine was created by husband and wife team Per and Britt Karlsson. We’re Swedish, but we have been living and working in Paris, France, since the beginning of the 90s. BKWine is the result of our passion for wine, food and travel.

Wine Tours and Wine Travel

BKWine organises wine tours. This is the heart of our business. We have been taking people around vineyards and showing wine lovers what goes on behind the scenes for more than 20 years. We organise some 30 wine tours and personally visit some 300 vineyards every year.

We work with wine enthusiasts but also with people who work in the wine trade. Our clients range from the curious wine novice who wants to visit a vineyard for the first time to the wine educator or sommelier who wants to get an insider’s view of the wine world.

Without wishing to blow our own trumpet, we believe we probably know more about wine than any other wine tour operator.

Journalism and wine writing

The BKWine founders, Britt and Per, write about wine, food and travel. We have worked on a freelance basis for many different wine and food magazines. We also publish the widely read wine newsletter the BKWine Brief and the on-line magazine BKWine Magazine. BKWine Magazine is probably Scandinavia’s most read independent wine site. It is also available in English and widely read worldwide, and recognised as an authoritative source for wine information. It is regularly quoted by, for example, the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) and Wine Business Monthly.

We are also contributors to in the US.


We have published several internationally award-winning books on wine. Read more about our wine books here.

We are members of the CWW (Circle of Wine Writers – UK), the APV (Association de la Presse du Vin – France), and FIJEV (International Wine Writers’ Federation).

CWW Circle of Wine Writers logo
FIJEV logo

Speaking and tutoring

BKWine is often called for to lead wine tastings, speak about wine and tutor in wine training and education programmes. We have talked about a very wide range of wine related subjects on both beginners level and professional level.

Consulting, conference speaking, tourism expertise, wine judging

The BKWine founders consult on wine and wine tourism related subjects. We have worked with many national and international organisations on these topics.

We are frequently called upon to participate as judges in wine competitions all over the world, Europe, South America, Asia.

Wine Tourism Consulting-Logos-1-495x230-low

Wine Toursim Consulting-Logos-2-495x230-low


BKWine, under the name BKWine Photography, has an extensive photo library spanning the areas of wine, food and travel. BKWine’s photography has been licensed by magazine and book publishers all over the world. Customers include the Wall Street Journal, Decanter magazine, National Geographic, Mitchell Beazley (with The World Atlas of Wine), GEO and many others.

Copyright of text and photos

Text and images on this site are protected by copyright and are the property of BKWine AB and/or BKWine Photography, unless specifically noted. (This excludes press logos and other “fair-use” items).

This means for example that it is not allowed to use images or text from this site in other media, for example on other websites and blogs or in print. Unapproved use is illegal.

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