About the wine producers and wineries we visit

Our aim is that you enjoy some of the best, most interesting wine- and food-related experiences that the world has to offer. We put great effort into finding wineries to work with and then creating outstanding winery visits. It is not always the most famous wineries that offer the most unique experiences.

In fact, if your objective is simply to go to the most well-known wineries, you don’t really need an expert wine tour organiser. And your trip will not be particularly unique or personal, as you’ll simply be going where everyone else goes too.

With BKWine, it is when we get to meet the winemaker or winery owner in person that the visits become really interesting. Sometimes on our tours we even meet the whole family at the estate. That’s when you start chatting and begin to understand what they do in the winery and vineyard, and why they do it. And that’s the exciting part.

Travel and Leisure Magazine, who named BKWine as “World’s Top Wine Tours” provider in their review of companies in the wine travel sector stated that BKWine is “best for meeting the winemakers“.

We may have lunch in the winery or at the owner’s home, and we always have private tastings at all the estates we visit. This is why our trips are not packed with back-to-back visits.

Nevertheless, we often run short of time since the tastings and subsequent conversations quickly become fascinating.

Going to a winery is so much more than just walking into the tasting room, trying a handful of wines, exchanging a few words with tasting staff and then leaving. Indeed, many of the domaines we visit don’t even have tasting rooms; instead, we taste in the cellar or in the owner’s home.

Our tours typically include a mix of small family-run estates, exclusive boutique wineries and some larger, internationally well-known producers, all chosen with great care.

We want to give you a unique experience where you’ll meet the people, see what goes on behind the scenes, and get a good understanding of the region’s characteristics, tradition and culture.

So we never say “you will visit the top 15 estates in the region” or something similar, because that’s not our idea of a great wine experience. Wine is not a thing that you can measure on a one-dimensional points scale.

It often happens that when we contact a new winery that we haven’t visited before, they already know about BKWine thanks to our monthly wine newsletter, our online wine magazine or our books. And that personal connection certainly helps us create the very best winery visits in the wine travel industry.

At BKWine Tours we have unique contacts and unparalleled knowledge, thanks to more than 20 years as wine journalists, 10 wine books published, and 30 years’ experience of running wine tours. And that’s why you can be sure you’ll get the best wine travel experiences with us.

Our published programmes are a work in progress

Please note that when we publish a tour programme, not all visits have necessarily been finalised and the wineries mentioned are often an indication of the places we may visit, rather than a definitive itinerary. We are continuously working to improve our programmes and thus the domaines and châteaux that we visit on a tour may sometimes differ from those specified in the original programme. Contact us if you want more details, or if you have any special requests.

Time to rack the barrels in the cellar in Burgundy
Time to rack the barrels in the cellar in Burgundy, copyright BKWine Photography
Taking a barrel sample of champagne vin clair to taste
Taking a barrel sample of champagne vin clair to taste

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