Producers We Visit

About the wine estates we visit

We want you to experience the best and the most interesting estates. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into finding really good producers to visit.

Our trips are usually a mixture of small family producers and larger, well known wine estates – carefully selected to give you the unique wine experience.

We want you to get a good insight into what happens behind the scenes, not just in the public tasting rooms

And although “famous names”, the Grand Crus or the most prestigious “houses” can give you an unforgettable experience often the most passionately engaging visits happen at smaller domaines where you meet the winemaker or the owner himself – and maybe the whole family with three generation of winemakers.

Travel and Leisure Magazine, who named BKWine as “World’s Top Wine Tours” provider in their review of companies in the wine travel sector stated that BKWine is “best for meeting the winemakers“.

Frequently, detailed discussions get under-way where a true understanding of how things really work develops. We may even stay and have lunch at the winery. Unlike in for example the US or South Africa many of the wineries in europe do not have purpose-built restaurants, so it is often something that they do just for us in a private room.

Each meeting and discussion with a winemaker can take quite a long time, which is also why our trips do not have large numbers of visits on the programme. Don’t expect to be in and out of tasting rooms five or six times a day, hardly catching your breath, on a wine tour with BKWine!

Typically we visit three producers in a day, often including one lunch visit. Even so, we regularly run short of time due to conversations lasting a lot longer than intended and where more and more wines are brought out to taste, somehow time flies.

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