Alsace Wine Tour

Wine tour to Alsace: aromatic, elegant wines, classic gastronomy and charming picture-book villages

— Alsace has its very own style both when it comes to wine, food and architecture. It is easy to fall in love with this wine region where the picturesque village lie on a dotted line along the route du vin. They have many different grape varieties and many different wine styles. You can find everything from bone dry and crisp to the sweetest of sweet wines. The wines are a perfect match to the local cuisine. A riesling to a choucroute, or a gewurztraminer to a munster cheese, or a pinot gris to a foie gras.

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This is a sample program, an example. Every wine and food tour that we organise is different and specially adapted for the season and the circumstances. Details in the program, e.g. which producers we visit, will be different each time.

You can print a printer-friendly version of this program, or download a PDF version, with the Print/PDF button at the bottom.
A narrow street with half-timbered houses, Eguisheim, Alsace

A narrow street with half-timbered houses, Eguisheim, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Alsace is one of the northern-most wine regions in France but it is protected from rain by the Vosges Mountains. It is actually one of the driest wine regions in all of France.

In early September the weather is still warm of the lingering summer. Some of the grapes have probably already been harvested. The harvest is an out-drawn affair in Alsace. It depends on what type of wine the grapes will be used for, dry wines, sweet or perhaps even sparkling.

During this tour you will experience several extensive and instructive wine tastings with all the great Alsace grapes: riesling, pinot gris, gewurztraminer and muscat. There will surely be some pinot noir too. The red wines from Alsace are becoming a match for some Burgundies!

Colmar is right in the heart of Alsace, some 70 km south of Strasbourg, and Colmar will be our base during this trip. It is a charming town with its half-timbered houses, geraniums everywhere, and the canals criss-crossing the centre. There are many restaurants of course. We can give you our favourite address for the best tarte flambée, an Alsatian super-thin version of the pizza.

Restaurant table in a wistub, Bergheim, Alsace

Restaurant table in a wistub, Bergheim, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Alsace has a very rich food culture and tradition. There is the hearty country-style food such as the choucroute served with delicious sausages and pork, the charcuteries and the cheese and more haut-cuisine dishes like foie gras.

Strasbourg is by many considered to be the capital of the foie gras, the fat goose or duck liver, ever since the first paté de foie gras de Strasbourg en croute was created by the chef Jean-Pierre Clause in 1760.

You will have ample opportunities to try how the Alsatian specialities go with the different wines at our gastronomic meals on this trip.

Alsace is one of the classic French wine regions. It is calm on the surface. But appearances deceive. Today it is a wine region with an active discussion among wine growers, and with wine drinkers, on where the future lies. Should there always be the name of the grape variety on the label? Or should more emphasis be put on the provenance, the vineyards or the villages? The soil, the terroir, in Alsace is incredibly complex and varied and it can have a direct impact on the style of the wines. So does the soil and vineyards sometimes have more impact on the character of the wines than the grape variety? We can promise you many interesting discussions with the winemakers on these subjects!

It is easy to get to Colmar from for example Paris. There is a high speed train, TGV, that takes you to Colmar in less than three hours from Gare de l’Est. There is even a train from the Charles de Gaulle Airport (with a change in Strasbourg).

The tour is led by one of BKWine’s wine and travel expert guides.

Punt boats in Little Venice, 'La Petite Venise', Colmar, Alsace

Punt boats in Little Venice, ‘La Petite Venise’, Colmar, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

More travel information

Here are some useful pages and guides about this travel destination:

Even more info

We have written a lot about Alsace and about wine touring in the region, what to do and what to expect.

Here you can find more about travelling in the Alsace wine region.

You can also find more information on the wines from Alsace on BKWine Magazine.

Program — Wine Tour to Alsace

This is a sample program, an example. Every wine and food tour that we organise is different and specially adapted for the season and the circumstances. Details in the program, e.g. which producers we visit, will be different each time.

Contact BKWine for more details.

Program overview

  • Day 1, Wednesday — Arrival in Colmar
  • Day 2, Thursday — Ribeauvillé and Bergheim
  • Day 3, Friday — Riquewihr, Scherwiller and Barr
  • Day 4, Saturday — Pfaffenheim and Eguisheim
  • Day 5, Sunday — Heading back home

Wednesday, day 1 — Arrival in Colmar

Arrival in Colmar at your leisure any time during the day and check-in at our charming centrally located hotel.

Bottles aging in the cellar

Bottles aging in the cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

The hotel, a renaissance building from 1543, is right in the centre of the city on the edge of La Petite Venise, Little Venise. The modern interior is an interesting contrast to the old details of the building, the exposed beams the old exterior.

La Petite Venise is the part of the old town where the old tannery water canals criss-cross between the houses. It is less than a stone’s throw from our hotel. Today you can take a gondola on the canals (flat bottomed boats is perhaps a better description), or you can just stroll around in the old town. There are cobble stone streets, many exceptionally well preserved half-timbered houses, and of course many cafés and restaurants to explore.

Evening is free to get a first taste of all the exciting things in Alsace.

Little Venice, La Petite Venise, in Colmar

Little Venice, La Petite Venise, in Colmar, copyright BKWine Photography

Thursday, day 2 —  Ribeauvillé and Bergheim

Our bus picks us up in the morning at our hotel. We head north on the beautiful route du vin, to villages with names like Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé and Bergheim.

The village and vineyards, Ribeauville, Alsace

The village and vineyards, Ribeauville, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

There seems to be innumerable picturesque villages in Alsace, as if taken straight from a children’s story book. We will se several of them today.

We will start with a morning visit at Domaine Gustav Lorentz in Bergheim. Domaine Lorentz is famous for its Grand Cru wines from the Altenberg de Bergheim and Kanzlerberg vineyards. We will have an extensive tasting with some ten wines, including some older vintages and a vendange tardive. And a visit to the winery of course.

We will stay in Bergheim for lunch, at a charming bistro that has both traditional Alsatian classics as well as more modern cuisine on the menu. And a superb wine list. Or perhaps we should call it a winstub or wistub? Alsace has its very own language! Maybe this can inspire you to some unexpected wine and food pairings?

After lunch we continue to Ribeauvillé where we have a visit to another famous wine producer: the ambitious Domaine Louis Sipp. It is a wine producer that some years ago converted to organic farming and winemaking. We will inspect the almost ripe grapes in the vineyard, the extensive wine cellar with its impressive barrels and taste a good selection of wines from the many labels this domaine produces. From the tasting room you have a beautiful view over the village and the vineyards.

Late afternoon we are back in Colmar at our hotel. Evening is free for more gastronomic adventures, or just to relax.

Vineyards in Katzenthal, Alsace

Vineyards in Katzenthal, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Friday, day 3 — Riquewihr, Scherwiller and Barr

Our bus picks us up in the morning and we head for Riquewihr, perhaps the most picturesque of all.

Vineyard, Mambourg grand cru, Sigolsheim, Alsace

Vineyard, Mambourg grand cru, Sigolsheim, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Riquewihr is a small village that has not changed much, it seems, since the 17th century. The town has miraculously been saved from all the wars that the region has suffered over the ages.

In Riquewihr we will visit one of the bigger, famous wine producers. They put a lot of emphasis on choosing the best grape variety for each specific plot of land, according to soil and exposition, to achieve maximum quality. They have a new wine cellar where you can admire both the big oak vats, the foudres, as well as their stainless steel and concrete vats. They choose different types of vats for different wines.

We continue further north and arrive at the small village of Scherwiller where we find Paul Dussourt at Domaine André Dussourt. He will tell us, among other things, of the difficult art of making vendange tardive, luscious sweet wines from late harvest grapes.

The estate was founded in 1964 by André Dussourt and since 1994 it is run by his son Paul. In 2000 they renovated the winery and installed several small stainless steel vats in order to be able to vinify each grape variety and each plot separately, which is needed, for example, if you want to make vendange tardive.

Domaine Dussourt also runs a restaurant where we will enjoy lunch that will be a selection of the local specialities. You will get a challenge for lunch too: can you tell the difference between foie gras from duck and from goose! The most common type today is actually from duck.

We will finish the day with a visit to Domaine Jean-Daniel Hering in Barr. Jean-Daniel is the fourth generation winemaker in the Barr village. He makes several different wines, for example some very elegant, mineral and long-lived Grand Cru from the Kirchberg de Barr vineyard.

Late afternoon we are back at our hotel. The evening is free. Perhaps it is time for a choucroute or a tarte flambée?

Wooden vats and barrels in a winery in Kaysersberg, Alsace

Wooden vats and barrels in a winery in Kaysersberg, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Saturday, day 4 — Pfaffenheim and Eguisheim

Our bus picks us up at the hotel and we head out for a day that will, among other things, show you what goes on in organic winemaking.

Roof top stork's nest, Ribeauville, Alsace

Roof top stork’s nest, Ribeauville, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

If you have not yet seen any storks today is the day to lift your gaze to the roof-tops. The stork is becoming a more and more frequently seen bird in Alsace and there is even a research centre for its reintroduction.

In the morning we will get to know in detail biodynamic farming. We will visit Domaine Humbrecht in Pfaffenheim where Pierre-Paul Humbrecht is winemaker assisted by his young sun Marc. Both are just as passionate about biodynamics, and of making wines full of personality.

After having seen the vineyards and wine cellar and tasted the Humbrecht wines we continue to Eguisheim, where we find Domaine Paul Zinck. On top of the winery, which is in the basement, they have a restaurant where we will stop for lunch. We will have time for a quick visit in the cellar and of course taste their wines for lunch.

Our afternoon visit this day is also in Eguisheim. It is a small wine producer that makes 22 different wines from his 11 hectares of vineyards. Some of his wines have excellent expression of the grape varieties whereas others are more marked by the vineyard and the soil.

This is the chance to ask all the remaining questions that you have not yet had answered since it is our last visit on the tour.

We return back to Colmar and evening is free. Considering the theme of the day, perhaps you can be tempted with a visit to one of the restaurants and wine bars that specialises in organic, biodynamic and “natural” wines?

Vineyard in Hatschbourg, grand cru, Alsace

Vineyard in Hatschbourg, grand cru, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Sunday, day 5 — Heading back home

The tour ends after breakfast. Departure.

Program may be subject to minor modifications.

Gewurztraminer grapes in the Brand grand cru vineyard, Turckheim, Alsace

Gewurztraminer grapes in the Brand grand cru vineyard, Turckheim, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Tour Details — wine tour in Alsace

Dates: This is a sample program. Look in the menu “Our Tours > Scheduled Tours” to check what scheduled tours are currently on the program or contact us to discuss a custom made private wine tour.

Price per person: This is a sample program. Look in the menu “Our Tours > Scheduled Tours” to check what scheduled tours are currently on the program or contact us to discuss a custom made private wine tour.

Included in the price:

  • 4 hotel nights, double occupancy, including breakfast, good quality mid-range European style hotel:
    • Four nights in Colmar
  • Meals as described in the program above (*):
    • 3 gastronomic multi-course lunches including prestigious wines, at wineries or local typical restaurants
  • Start and end point: Colmar
  • Bus transport during the whole trip
  • All vineyard and winery visits
  • Private, high quality tastings at wineries, approx. 3 per day
  • Interpretation from French as needed (some visits may be in English)
  • Wine guiding and wine tutoring by an expert BKWine guide

(*) See below for more important information on our meals.

Not included:

  • Travel (flights) to the destination and back from your home location.

You organise your travel to the destination yourself. If you want assistance with organising your flight tickets etc, please contact us.

We warmly recommend that you plan a few extra days here if you have the time! It is a very interesting place and well worth some “non-wine” tourism too! We can assist you with booking additional hotel nights if you want.

For this trip to take place we must have a minimum of 4 participants registered at the “book before” date. Maximum number of travel guests: 8.

Book This Tour

This is a sample program. Look in the menu “Our Tours > Scheduled Tours” to check what scheduled tours are currently on the program or contact us to discuss a custom made private wine tour.

Read more important information about travel terms and conditions, customer protection, and the contents of our wine tours. And why you should choose BKWine when travelling on a wine tour.

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More on our wine tours


About the wine producers and wineries we visit

An olive oil producer and winemaker

An olive oil producer and winemaker, copyright BKWine Photography

Our aim is that you shall experience some of the best and most interesting that the wine region has to offer, both wine and food.

We put a big effort into finding and creating outstanding winery visits. Often it will not be the most “famous” and internationally well-known wineries that will give you the best and most unique experiences…

It is usually when you get to meet the winemaker or winery owner himself (or often herself) that the visits become really exciting. And perhaps we even meet the whole family at the estate.

You start discussing and start to understand what it is they do and why in the winery and in the vineyard. Maybe we will also have lunch in the winery or at their home. Need we say we invariably have private wine tastings at the wineries?

That is why our trips are not “jam-packed” with visits at wineries. Nevertheless, we often run short of time since the discussions – and the wine tastings – can easily become very engaging…

Our wine country tours typically include a mix of small family producers, exclusive boutique wineries and larger internationally well-known wine estates, all selected with great care so that it will give you a unique experience of the people and of the behind-the-scenes in the winery and a good understanding of the wine district’s characteristics, tradition and culture.

At the time of publishing a travel program, not all visits have been finalised. We are continuously working on improving the program. The domaines / wineries / châteaux that we visit on a tour may therefore sometimes differ from what was written in the original program. Contact us if you want more details, or if you have any special requests.

With our contacts and our experience from the world of wine with more than 20 years as wine journalists, with more than 10 wine books published, and as wine tour organisers, we have unique contacts and unparalleled knowledge. You can be certain to get the best wine travel experiences with BKWine Tours.

On meals: food and gastronomy

Preparing a wine tasting and lunch

Preparing a wine tasting and lunch

Wine and food are intimately linked. That is part of our wine travel philosophy; wine is an integral part of the gastronomy.

A wine tour with BKWine will therefore also be a gastronomic experience.

The meals that are included in a tour with BKWine are on a gourmet level and of very high standard.

Sometimes we will have a meal with a winemaker, perhaps in the wine cellar or at the winery, or even in their home. This is a unique experience that is generally not open to other visitors to wineries. It is an occasion to experience exciting combinations of food and wine while discussing with the people who made the wine.

Sometimes we will have a luxurious meal at a gourmet restaurant. At other times it may be not at a prestigious luxury address but at a local restaurant selected for its presentation of local gastronomic specialities, its atmosphere and its quality – a place where locals go. Or perhaps it will be a buffet lunch made at home by the winemaker and his wife. In all cases, we want to show you local gastronomic specialities and the local food and wine pairings.

Do not expect a picnic with salad and sausage from the supermarket and wine in plastic mugs… Think instead of a wine-and-dine experience with a menu designed by the chef for you with three or four courses and delicious wines.

A wine tour with BKWine is also a culinary experience both for the wine enthusiast and for the gourmet. A gourmet wine tour!

Customer protection and financial travel guarantee

BKWine AB is a Swedish-registered tour operator. As such BKWine has a so-called financial travel guarantee deposit with the oversight agency called Kammarkollegiet according to Swedish law as well as EU regulations. Thanks to this you can feel safe when booking your tour with BKWine. Our travel terms and conditions are based on the guidelines developed by the Consumer Protection Agency (Konsumentverket) in collaboration with the travel industry. Read more on this in our travel terms and conditions.

The below information is required as specified by the travel industry oversight agency. All “packaged tour operators” are required by law to have this information in their tour programs:

“The combined travel services that you are offered constitutes a packaged tour in the sense defined by EU regulation 2015/2302.”

“Therefore you benefit from all the EU rights for packaged tours. The company BKWine AB will be responsible for that they packaged tour as a whole is completed correctly.”

“In addition, the company BKWine AB has, as required by law, a protection to repay your payments, and in the case that transport is included in the packaged tour, assure your home transportation in the case that they become insolvent.”

“More information about essential right according to EU directive 2015/2302.”

Read more on this on our page with information about customer protection.

Health, vaccination etc

Our tours have no particular health requirements. However, on a wine tour, you are likely to be walking around in vineyards and in wine cellars, and visits and tastings may often be done standing up. Read more on this in our travel terms and conditions. Contact us if you have any questions.

Most of our travel destination have no particular requirements for vaccination, health or health certificates. What kind of vaccinations etcetera that may be required depends on your nationality and/or which country you come from, so it is impossible to give generally valid detailed information. Read more on this in our travel terms and conditions and contact your doctor, a health and vaccination centre or us if you have any questions.

Travel insurance

BKWine does not sell travel insurance. If you want travel insurance check if your regular home insurance includes some kind of travel insurance or contact your regular insurance company or a travel insurance specialist.

Why travel with BKWine?

Wine slowly aging in the barrel cellar

Wine slowly ageing in the barrel cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

We are experts and specialists in wine and food tours and wine tourism, but also in wine from a broader perspective.

No other tour operator has a comparable knowledge and experience of wine, wine regions, wine tours and gourmet travel as BKWine.

We have organised hundreds of wine and food tours. This is what we love to do because it is fun and exciting. What we want more than anything is to share with you all these wonderful experiences.

Our tours are not designed to make you buy wine from a specific producer, in contrary to some that are organised by importers or wine retailers or by wine tour companies affiliated with wine sellers. Instead, we can choose the winery visits that are best for you!

It does not matter if you are “a total novice” on wine and food or if you have life-long experience in the wine sector. We will give you a very special experience, in a way that no other tour operator can do.

We write in specialised wine magazines and one of our books has won the prize as best wine book in the world. We are regularly called on to be part of judging panels in wine competitions.

We personally visit some 300 vineyards every year. We have organised several hundreds of wine and food tours with an experience going back more than twenty years. We are invited as speakers at wine tourism and culinary touring conferences. Even the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the World Bank have as us for advice on wine tourism. We are proud to have been able to help!

We choose our tour destinations and winery visits with great care. Not because a winery happens to be carrying a “famous name” but because they will give our guests — you! — a unique and special experience when you visit them with BKWine.

You may be looking for a short wine weekend holiday or a longer wine vacation; in all cases, you can be confident that you will get a top quality tour, an experience of a lifetime. Or at least an experience that will last you until the next time you come on a wine tour with BKWine. Many of our travellers are returning clients.

A wine and food tour with BKWine is always guided by a knowledgeable and experienced BKWine guide and tour manager, someone who knows the ins and outs of wine, of the local gastronomy, of the culture and who speaks the language.

Some Awards and Mentions

Some accolades we at BKWine and our wine and food tours have received:

  • “World’s Top Wine Tours” by Travel + Leisure Magazine, the world’s biggest travel magazine
  • “Best wine tasting holidays”, AOL Travel’s list of top wine tours
  • “Recommended Wine Tours” by Munskankarna, the world’s biggest wine tasting and wine appreciation association
  • “World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals” as well as “Best Wine Book of the Year”
  • Runner-up as “World’s Best Educational Wine Book”
  • The OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) book award, the prestigious “Nobel Prize of Wine Literature”
  • “Wine Personality of the Year” by Munskankarna, the world’s biggest wine tasting and wine appreciation association
  • On the Wine Media Power List by Wine Business International Magazine

Read more on why to choose BKWine for a wine and food tour.

Read more on what previous travellers have said about our tours.

Important information

Our groups are always small. The group size may vary, sometimes maximum 8, sometimes 20, but always of modest size. We do not do “minimum 20, maximum 45”. Check the details in each program. This is important since it guarantees a quality experience and a personal welcome at the wineries we visit.

Read the BKWine Booking Terms and Conditions here. They are important to you!

You organise your travel independently to the destination for most of our tours but on location, we take care of everything.

For more inspiration

Read our wine travel blog. And also:

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