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A classical chateau in Bordeaux

Experience the 7000 châteaux in Bordeaux | wine tour

The châteaux in Bordeaux are amazing, sometimes even spectacular. At least some of them. Others are more discreet. But all 7000 wine estates in Bordeaux are allowed to call themselves “château”. On this tour you will not see all 7000, but quite a few. Now, you don’t go to Bordeaux just to look at the […]

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In the wine cellar

“You surpassed our high expectations “, what travellers think of the wine tour Three Classics, Champagne, Chablis, Burgundy

Some of the world’s premier white wines are made within just a few hours’ journey from each other. Near Paris, an hour and a half east, we have Champagne with its stylish sparkling wines. The southern border of Champagne almost touches the border to Chablis, where they make some of the world’s most elegant chardonnay […]

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A few hardy vines in a very stony soil

“Fantastic experiences” – Say The Travellers On The Wine Tour In The Rhone Valley

In northern Rhône, Syrah dominates. In southern Rhône, everything is much more Provençal and Mediterranean. Here, grenache is the main grape, but many other grapes are also grown. Some of the most famous names in the Rhone Valley are in the northern part, Côte Rôtie and Hermitage, but it is in the southern part where […]

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An old wine cellar with oak barrels in the Rhone Valley

A producer in the southern Rhone Valley to keep an eye on, Domaine de Marcoux

Domaine de Marcoux is a family property in the northern part of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. In addition to the exclusive chateauneuf wine, they also make côtes du rhône and vin de france, all of very good quality. On September 14, a triplet of Marcoux wines was launched on the Swedish market by Caviste, but the wines are […]

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Bottles in a wine cellar in Champagne

What do travellers think about the Champagne tour? “Fantastic. Would never go with anyone else on a wine tour”

Champagne, the world’s most famous bubbly wine. But champagne is so much more than a wine only for celebration and festivities. It’s a great wine with its very own characters and can go wonderfully well with food. Many people tend to focus entirely on the famous “houses”, the famous brands that you can find on […]

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Wine harvest at the end of the day

Happy customers comment on a wine tour in Burgundy: “amazing days”

Burgundy can be a tricky district to travel in. There are several big known “houses” (negociants), often the ones seen on the export market, but if you are on a wine tour in Burgundy, it is seldom the most famous names that are most exciting to visit. There reception often becomes a little bit impersonal. […]

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Bordeaux, April 25-29, 2018

Bordeaux, April 25-29, 2018

Bordeaux, a classic wine tour destination! Luxurious châteaux and ambitious winemakers! — In Bordeaux you find world famous châteaux and world famous wines but also a lot of new exciting initiatives – less famous but maybe more important for the future of Bordeaux! – and young enthusiastic wine makers. On this trip we will visit […]

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An elegant Bordeaux wine cellar

Comments from happy customers on our wine tour to Bordeaux

It is always fun to hear from those who have travelled with us, to hear what they thought about our tour. Getting feedback is always positive. It is particularly nice when travellers seem to have liked what we did and appreciated all the experiences we arranged, vineyard visits, meetings with winemakers, wine tastings, gourmet meals […]

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Alain Senderens

One of the greatest chefs of France, Alain Senderens | Per on Forbes

It is not often you meet someone who has voluntarily given up on having three Michelin stars, even if recently we have seen a handful of great chefs do it, or claim they did it. But even in this case Alain Senderens was a precursor. He “handed in” his three stars in 2005, after 28 […]

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A glass of Aperol Spritz for aperitif

Rosé wines from Provence

Rosé wine has become amazingly popular in recent years. The consumption of rosé increases more than other wines. France is the world’s largest rosé producer. Provence is the region in France that is most famous for its rosé wines and it is also the largest producer with 42% of all rosé. BKWine Magazine’s Henrik Stadler […]

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Carefully sorting the grapes at the sorting table

Harvest time in Bordeaux | wine tour

End of September is usually a very busy time in the vineyards in Bordeaux. It is peak harvest season. But it is always different; sometimes harvest is later, sometimes earlier. This year it will be early so end of September will be towards the end of the harvest. Which means that there are still plenty […]

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Champagne corks in a silver bowl

Grower’s champagnes, the new trend, with four recommendations

“The tasting was solely of ‘growers’ champagnes’, as opposed to ‘house champagnes’. A ‘house’ (such as Pommery, Mumm, Dom Pérignon et al.) is in this context a producer who mainly makes his wine from purchased grapes. There are around 300 houses of different sizes. It is also common for grape growers to be part of […]

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Vin de france label

Discover ”vin de france”, the new generation French wines

Vin de france, roughly speaking, has no other requirements than that the wine should be produced in France. It may be a made from a single variety or a blend of different grapes varieties. The wine may, if applicable, have grape variety and vintage mentioned on the label. A control system exists to ensure compliance […]

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Old oak vats in a wine cellar in Piedmont

Wine tours autumn 2017: France, Portugal, Italy

Our wine tours for autumn 2017 are now available on bkwinetours.com. New tours this year is Piedmont, a gastronomic experience as well as a wine tour to the exciting and dynamic Alentejo in southern Portugal. Bordeaux, 27 September – 1 October This is probably harvest time in Bordeaux so there will be a lot of […]

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Vineyard in Burgundy FEATURE

3 Classics: Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy | wine tour

Chablis wines are not like Chardonnay wines from anywhere else. Chablis is of course made with 100% Chardonnay but the wine taste more “Chablis” than Chardonnay. If any wine can be said to have a terroir-style, it is Chablis. It is difficult to imitate the crispy, fresh style of Chablis. Sometimes the acidity is quite […]

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Grapes on the vine, ripe and ready for harvest

Bordeaux and its famous grape varieties | wine tour

The Bordeaux grape varieties are known all over the world. All of them have travelled and happily settled in other wine regions. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are found almost everywhere today. Cabernet Franc is making its way towards global fame as is Petit Verdot, albeit on a lesser scale. Malbec is much more planted in […]

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Le Grand Theatre in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France’s most beautiful city | Wine Tour

Bordeaux is one of France’s most beautiful cities. From being a town with narrow, winding alleys, Bordeaux was rebuilt in the 1700s with large, airy avenues. Stately houses and small private palaces were built along the quays, not least the magnificent Place de la Bourse. Also the beautiful opera house, Le Grand Théâtre, was built […]

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An old grotto wine cellar in Vouvray, Loire

Loire Valley Wine Tour: Sancerre, Vouvray and Chinon

Tour of the Loire Valley with Sancerre, Vouvray, Chinon and more — Loire is France’s longest river and one of the world’s most famous wine rivers. For this trip we board the bus in Paris and roll down to Sancerre and then on to the Touraine where we find Vouvray, Chinon, Bourgueil and other wine […]

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A classical chateau in Bordeaux

Not only wine in Bordeaux | wine tour

Bordeaux is very much about water (big surprise!). The wide and mighty Garonne River flows through the city of Bordeaux. The quayside has been totally renovated and Bordeaux now has a magnificent waterfront. You can walk along the river for several kilometres, for example, to the outskirts of the city where the new and spectacular […]

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A Champagne house along the Avenue de Champagne, Epernay

Champagne, a variety of flavours and characters | wine tour

Champagne has more and more competitors. The world-wide demand for sparkling wines is increasing but today Champagne has to struggle for attention amongst Prosecco, Cava and many other bubbly wines from different countries. But Champagne is still without a doubt the most interesting region for sparkling wines. Not least thanks to the large variety of […]

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