Travel Agents

Partner with BKWine, the wine and food travel specialist

We are happy to work with travel agents.

If you are a travel agent, travel consultant, or travel reseller, you can resell our “open” scheduled tours or include them in a package solution for your customers. Perhaps high value-added specialised tours could be a valuable addition to your portfolio?

We can also custom design tours specifically for your clients. If you have very discerning customers with requirements that are out of the ordinary, we can tailor a tour for very unique experiences. See our Custom Tours section for more information.

Some of our customers also want help with booking air tickets or other add-on services: car rentals, extended stays, complete European Tour packages, additional route destination etc, which are services which we do not provide but that our travel agent partners are experts in.

Contact us for if you would like to discuss any of the above points.

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