Why choose BKWine?

Why should you choose BKWine if you want to
tour a wine region?

There are quite a few wine tour operators to choose from so you need to look around and see who you think is the best for you.

Let us try to convince you that you should choose BKWine!


BKWine has organised hundreds of wine tours. We did our first wine tour in 1986 – with visits to Chateau d’Yquem, Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, Chateau Petrus and many more. We organise around 30 wine tours every year.

Britt and Per, the founders of BKWine, each personally visit some 200 vineyards and wineries every year.

That means a lot of wines, a lot of travelling, and a lot of winemaker meetings.

Can you think of someone who visits more vineyards than we do?


Without wanting to sound too presumptuous we can say that we know a lot about wine. We are amongst the most well respected wine writers and wine journalists in Scandinavia (which is our origin) and we are also well known in the international wine community.

We have written two books on wine and a third is on its way.

We publish one of the internet’s most read wine newsletters.

We have taught wine at all levels from beginners to professional sommeliers and specialist wine importers.

We have been working with wine tourism since the early 1990s, so we have been organising wine tours since long before it became a popular travel activity.

Do you know any other wine tour operator with similar wine and travel credentials?

Insight and contacts

We meet several hundred winemakers every year. We publish a wine newsletter read by 20,000 people around the world, many of them are actually working in the wine business – in the wine trade or at wineries.

We follow the trends and developments in what is happening in the wine business (take a look in Per’s profile in the “Our Team” section and you will understand why we say “wine business”).

We keep close contacts with many wine producers. In fact, many wine producers know us by reputation long before we contact them to see if we can arrange for a visit at their winery.


But perhaps the most important thing is that we, Britt and Per and the whole BKWine team, do what we do because we are passionate about wine, gastronomy and travel. And about new discoveries and new people.

We really do want you to love the wine regions that you come and visit. To share our experiences and to share in what we think is one of life’s more pleasant activities. We absolutely want you to experience and enjoy the unique people, wines and food in the region you choose to travel to. Because we do!

And we will do all we can to make sure that you come home with an unforgettable experience in the baggage.

And a few more things to think of……

And then there are a few more things that you might want to think about when choosing a wine tour company to travel with.

Group size

How big are the groups that you will travel with? Our experience is that a group should not be too big nor too small. Big enough to encourage conversation and exchange, and small enough to be focussed and not turn into mass tourism. In our experience that is typically between 12 and 20 people.

Famous names or interesting person

To be frank, there is a trade-off between famous names and interesting content.

Wine is really about people, not “just” about an alcoholic beverage, or an international luxury brand or a name on a label that is known all over the world.

Or – wine is about people, and also about culture, history and atmosphere. And gastronomy of course. It is not just about what is in the bottle. So for us, the actual wine tasting at a visit is important, of course, but even more important is that we meet the right people – that YOU meet the right people! – and that you experience the place. Perhaps you can call it “terroir” in travelling?

It is easy (it is!) to make a wine tour that reads like the famous brands on Fifth Avenue, Avenue Montaigne, Harrods or the fashion houses in Turin. But it is not easy to make sure that you meet the right people. But for us it is important that you do when you come on a wine tour with us!

Interesting and fun!

A big part of a wine tour is of course to learn more about wine, to experience on site what it is all about. But it is equally important that a wine tour is an enjoyable experience. A big part of that can actually be meeting the other people on the tours. Making new friends. And enjoying some really nice meals together.

Some call it edutainment. We prefer calling it simply interesting and fun!

Have we convinced you?

Perhaps we have not yet convinced you.

That’s OK. A wine tour is a bit like a wine – it is a matter of personal taste and opinion. We are not too convinced about numerical scoring nor for wine nor for wine tours.

But we would encourage you to read our customer testimonials, what other people have said about us.

We also have to mention that the world’s biggest travel magazine, Travel and Leisure Magazine, has named our tours as “World’s Top Wine Tours”.

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