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Privacy Policy

Privacy, cookies, personal data

The privacy policy describes what kind of information, personal data and other items we may collect about visitors to this site, how it is handled and what it is used for. An important part of the privacy policy is about cookies.

This text describes how we collect and manage personal information and other information about visitors to the site.

This site

This privacy policy is about the site and the sister sites, and


Today, in practice, all websites use cookies, and so do we. A cookie is a small text file that resides on your computer, smartphone or other device that you use to visit the site.

We use cookies primarily to collect visitor statistics.

Cookies can also be used for some functionality on the site, for example to save you the trouble of repeatedly filling in a form (e.g. a comment or contact form) with identical information.

Third-party cookies

Some “third party cookies” may also be set by the site.

This is especially true for the collection visitor and internet statistics. Examples of such third-party cookies are Google Analytics, StatCounter and Pingdom. The statistics collected are anonymised; it contains no personally identifiable information.

Third-party cookies can also be set for certain links to other sites, e.g. to make it possible to “share” to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and the like. If you have a Gravatar or WordPress account, cookies may also be set by them to show your gravatar next to your comments.

When an article on the site contains “embedded contents”, such as a video from YouTube or a presentation from SlideShare, these services set their own cookies, just as if you had visited their site.

More information in our Cookie Policy

You can find more detailed information about what exactly cookies we use and what they are for, and much more, in our Cookie Policy document.

Block or delete cookies

If you want to avoid cookies you can do it e.g. with plugins (extensions) for your browser. If you use Firefox, a browser that is good at personal privacy, then you can consider to use plugins such as CookiErazor, Canvas Defender, Facebook Container, Ghostery, Privacy Badger or others to accomplish it. Several of these have very good privacy functions.

If you block cookies, some functionality on the site may be changed, impaired or completely impossible.

You can also block or remove cookies by going into your browser’s settings where you can see what cookies have been set and where there is an option to delete all or some cookies. Most browsers also allow you to completely block cookies.


When a visitor leaves a comment on the site, the email address, the IP address and the type of browser used and any other information that the commenter provided are recorded. This is recorded, among other things, in order to present the comment to visitors and to avoid abuse of comments (spam). When writing a comment, you have to enter an email address. This address should be your actual address. It is only used internally, as above, is never displayed on the site and is never shared with any outside party, other than to prevent spam and for Gravatar image (if any).

(Gravatar is a service linked to WordPress that allows registered users to view a self-selected image of the user next to comments. A so-called “hash”, an anonymized string created from the email address, can be sent to Gravatar to retrieve the Gravatar image. When the comment is approved/published your selected Gravatar image appears next to the comment.)

Contact form

When a visitor to the site fills in a contact form, certain personal information is recorded: the email address, the IP address and the type of browser used and any other information provided by the commenter.


If you sign up for our newsletter, we collect certain personal information: the email address, the IP address and the type of browser used and any other information you entered when you register.


If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletters, there is a unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. You can also send us an email stating the address you want to unsubscribe.

What the information is used for

The personal data we collect is used as described above.

If you sign up for our newsletter, your information will be used to send you the newsletter about wine and travel, which may also contain marketing material.

How long do we save data?

How long we save data varies depends on what kind of information it is.

Cookies are set for a shorter or longer period depending on what they are used for. This information is available on your computer.

Information regarding comments on the site has no time limit.

Information regarding subscription to our newsletter(s) has no time limit. Even after unregistering, the information remains, marked as unregistered, to prevent incorrect re-registration.

Your right to your information

You can request a copy of the information we have registered about you for e.g. comments on the site or newsletter subscriptions. You can also request that we delete such information, which then means e.g. that your comment(s), subscription(s), or anything else will be deleted.

You cannot request cookies to be removed since they reside on your own computer. However, you can delete cookies yourself by going into your browser settings where there is an option to delete cookies.

Who we share your information with

We do not share the information you have provided to us with third parties. We do not disclose your personal information to anyone and we do not sell it. As an example, if you subscribe to our newsletter, we will never disclose your email address to a third party.

There are some necessary exceptions to this: When someone writes a comment, certain data can be sent to a service to identify spam comments (e.g. Akismet). Similarly, some data can be sent to Gravatar to retrieve a Gravatar image (if applicable).

Responsible for personal data, contact and more information

BKWine AB is responsible for the personal data.

If you have any questions about this please contact us, see the contact page.


Text and image published on this site are protected by copyright. Read more about copyright protection for our texts and images here.


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