Gift Voucher

Give a wine tour as a gift!

We can arrange for a gift voucher so that you can give that very special person that very special gift. A gift that will be a very extraordinary experience.

A birthday present to celebrate an anniversary (30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 …). A retirement gift. A wedding present. A thank-you-for-an-excellent-job thing. A Christmas gift. An encouragement to staff who has helped you achieve your targets… Our clients have asked for all of that and more.

There are many good reasons to give someone a gift. But it can often be difficult to know what that special thing is that the recipient will really appreciate (and that he/she doesn’t already have).

If it is someone who is interested in wine and food a wine tour with BKWine can be the perfect solution for you. An experience that will linger in the memory for long. Not just a gadget. And we can promise you that giving as a gift a wine tour with BKWine is something that that special person will remember with fondness.

How to arrange for a gift voucher?

We can arrange for a gift voucher according to your special requirement. We have no pre-defined formats. Contact us to and explain what you would like to do and we can together agree on the best solution.

If you want we can custom design a printed gift card for you and mail it to you, or we can send it by email.

If you let us know the details and the circumstances we can even make sure that the person will receive that little extra special attention at the destination – a message from you, a bottle of champagne in the hotel room on arrival, a flower with a card from you…

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