How to Get There

We do not organise the travel to the destination and back home. That is your responsibility.

The reason?

There are several reasons why we have chosen to leave it to you to organise travel to the wine tour destination and back home:

  • People want to travel at different times – some come several days before, or leave later. Some combine travelling with BKWine with a tour around Europe.  So it does not make sense to do block bookings of air tickets.
  • Some travellers fly in, some come by car, some come by train.
  • You can get cheaper tickets than we can, or air tickets that fit your exact requirements and schedules.
  • People come from different locations: we have guests coming from all over the world on our tours.
  • We are experts in wine and wine tours. We can give you an exceptional and unique experience in the wine regions. But we are not experts in ticketing and flight bookings. Other people do that better and cheaper than us.

We can give you advice on how best to travel there.

We have partnerships with travel agents if you want help with booking your tickets. Contact us if you would like us to put you in touch with one of our trusted travel agent partners.

For custom designed tours this may of course be different. Tailor made travel is, well, tailored.

But once you have arrived at the tour destination, we take care of everything!

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