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Press Mentions

What they say in the press on BKWine’s wine and food tours

A collection of press mentions and commentaries on BKWine and on our wine and food tours from the press around the world.


Here are some more:

Flavorful World

Flavorful World logoFlavourful World is a food blog that also talks about wine and travel. It is authoured by Anthony Beale.

Tour Champagne and Bordeaux with BKWine in Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 tour season is just around the corner, and BKWine has two new wine tours on its Spring schedule. These excursions will take travelers inside two renowned classic French wine regions, touring Champagne in April and Bordeaux in May.

Read more on what Flavorful World has to say about our Champagne and Bordeaux tours.


RealBusiness logoRealBusiness is an online magazine for ambitious SME. In their pre-Christmas issue they featured BKWine tours as a great way to develop long-lasting relationship.

Business networking is often done over a beverage or two, so what better way to provide a corporate delight than in the form of a luxury wine tour in France this spring.

Sounds rather lovely doesn’t it? The wine tour is something we’re highlighting on the countdown to Christmas as we reveal the most delightful corporate gift ideas that will likely build a lifetime bond between you and the recipient.

Read more on what RealBusiness says on the wine tours to Bordeaux and Champagne.

Glass of Bubbly

glass-of-bubbly-logoGlass of Bubbly is a on-line magazine as well as printed magazine dedicated to all good bubbly wines. They featured our wine tour to South Africa, that includes some excellent sparkling wines, on their site:

The first spring wine tour on BKWine’s program takes the traveller to South Africa, who produce many top world-class wines. The tour extends over nine days and takes the traveller to famous wine regions of Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek and some of the best wine estates in the country, including meetings with the winemakers and extensive private tastings.

Read more on what Glass of Bubbly has to say on BKWines South Africa wine and food tour.

Tripadvisor / Niumba

Niumba Tripadvisor logoTripadvisor has become one of the world leading site on travel information. One of their divisions, Niumba, included BKWine Tours on their selection of “The World’s Best Food Tours“.

Champagne, BKWine Tours: Champagne is one of the most popular destinations in the world when it comes to wine. Why? The answer is obvious: champagne. The tour offered by BKWine, a tour operator founded by Britt and Per Karlsson, take you to the region to taste these delicious sparkling wines over four days. During these four days you will get to understand why champagne from Champagne is unique in the world. The visits focus on smaller wine producers. During the course of the tour you will also learn how best to match this wine with different kinds of food.

Read more on what Tripadvisor / Niumba has to say on BKWine’s food and wine tours and on gourmet travel in general.

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is not only a news siteHuffington Post logo. It also has a lot of interesting contents on travel, wine and food. When a while back it did an article on how to visit vineyards and how to travel in wine regions they contacted Huff Post travel logoBKWine for some expert advice.

Visiting vineyards, wineries and tasting rooms in person presents many amazing opportunities to learn. I asked three experts for their insights on enological etiquette.

“Follow the lead of the winemaker or whoever receives you. […]” suggests Per Karlsson, who visits hundreds of wineries around the world every year as a guide for BKWine Tours, which he co-owns with his wife Britt.

“Do not hesitate to spit the wine. If there is no spittoon, ask for one. It is not rude to spit. It is more of a sign that you take tasting wines seriously,” explains Karlsson, who has also coauthored several books on wine and publishes BKWine Magazine.

Read more on what Huffington Post has to say on visiting vineyards and wine travel etiquette.

USA Today

USA Today logo 2012USA Today is Americas second largest paper and a web site that is said to have 38 million visitors. When they ran a feature on Sicily wine tours BKWine was one of only two companies providing packaged wine tours and organised wine travel that they featured.

This critically acclaimed and highly professional international wine tourism company offers a combination of scheduled group itineraries and custom tours.

A leader in its field, BKWine focuses exclusively on the greatest boutique wineries, avoiding the large and conventional vineyards that many competitors favor.

Read more on what USA Today has to say about wine travel in Sicily and BKWine’s wine tours.

All About Food

All About Food logoAll About Food is Sweden’s leading food and gourmet magazine. They regularly publish a special issue on wine. In a recent issue they also had a section on wine tours and wine travel, in which they carried an article on BKWine:

The wine tour operator BKWine, based in Paris, was founded in the mid-1990s by the Swede Britt Karlsson and her husband Per. Each year they organise some 30 wine tours to France, Spain, South Africa, Italy, Portugal, and Austria.

Read more on what All About Food has to say about BKWine and our wine tours.

Wonderful Travel

Underbara Resor logoWonderful travel is a very elegant travel magazine published in Sweden (original name: Underbara Resor). It features high quality travel experiences all over the world.

They interviewed BKWine’s Britt Karlsson for their feature on wine travel in South Africa:

– In recent years some new regions have cropped up, such as Swartland (*). It is more exotic and exciting and tourists have not yet really found it.

Traditionally, South African wine regions mainly produced white wine. Long time ago the wines were rather simple, but now the quality is high. According to Britt the winemakers in South Africa are just as skilled in making red and sparkling wines.

Read more on what Wonderful Travel has to say on South Africa and on BKWine.

Travel Gluttons

Travel Gluttons LogoTravel Gluttons is a site dedicated to exploring the world through wine and food: “The aim of Travel Gluttons is to tell the story of travel through food and food through travel”. They recently featured our autumn wine tours to Bordeaux and to the Douro Valley in a post on their site.

Here is an excerpt from what they have to say:

The globally-recognized and award-winning wine tour operator, BKWine, has announced their newest wine tour offering for this autumn. It promises to be another exciting journey for wine lovers.

Read more on what Travel Gluttons had to say on BKWine’s wine tours.


Milsabores logoMilsabores is a Venezuelan web site that writes about wine, food and travel. Recently they picked up on the launch of BKWine’s new wine tour program.

BKWine is a company dedicated to organizing culinary tours of high quality in the most beautiful wine producing regions, sharing their passion for great wine and extraordinary food.

Read more on what Milsabores has to say on BKWine’s wine tours.

Italian Adventures, Italian State Tourism Office

Italian State Tourism Office logoThe Italian State Tourist Office has produced a beautiful magazine about various destinations in Italy. The name is “Italian adventures”.

One of the trips that they feature in the magazine is BKWine’s wine and food tour to Piedmont, a tour that takes place in the autumn when it is also the season for truffles.

They have dedicated a whole page to the delights of northern Italy, Piedmont and the Langhe, and the tours that BKWine has in that region.

Read more Italian Adventure: travel with BKWine to the Piedmont, with wine, food and truffles.

Travel Gluttons

Travel Gluttons LogoTravel Gluttons is a web site or on-line magazine dedicated to good food and travel. “The aim of Travel Gluttons is to tell the story of travel through food and food through travel.” Heather Tucker, their editor-in-chief wrote about our wine and food tour to South America:

We are super impressed with BKWineTours’ recently announced Chile & Argentina tour.

Sitting down to a piping hot pizza straight from the oven in Naples, is a pizza lover’s dream, sipping wine in Argentina or Chile is high on a wine enthusiast’s list of things to experience.

Read more on what Travel Gluttons had to say on BKWine’s wine tours.

Luxury Travel Magazine

luxury-travel-magazine-logoLuxury Travel Magazine is a publication dedicated to great travel experiences and to luxury travel. Their editor decided to feature our new wine tours:

Winter Wine and Food Tours in South America & South Africa

The first winter wine tour goes to the two main wine countries in South America: Chile and Argentina.

The second wine and food tour of the winter is to South Africa.

Read more on what Luxury Travel Magazine had to say on BKWine’s wine tours.

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion

james-halliday-wine-companion-logoJames Halliday is one of Australia’s best know wine personalities and wine writers. He publishes an ambitious wine magazine called the James Halliday Australian Wine Companion. It also has a web site full of wine information. They recently mentioned our wine tours:

BKWine launches winter wine and food tours

The wine and food tour specialist BKWine has launched the coming winter’s wine and gourmet tours. There are two tours to New World wine countries: Chile and Argentina in South America in February, and South Africa in March.

Read more on what the James Halliday Australian Wine Companion had to say on BKWine’s wine tours.

The Epicurean Explorer is a web site that writes about a wide variety of travel related subject.

They recently wrote a post about our winter wine tours:

Winter wine and food tours: South America and South Africa with BKWine.

Read more on what TheEpicureanExplorer had to say on BKWine’s wine tours.

Easier Travel Travel logoEasier Travel is a web site with current travel information. They recently featured our two winter wine tours:

Wine and gourmet food tours to South America and South Africa

The wine and food tour specialist BKWine has launched the coming winter’s wine and gourmet tours. There are two tours to New World wine countries: Chile and Argentina in South America in February, and South Africa in March.


Read more on what Easier Travel had to say on BKWine’s wine tours.


Tasteline logoTasteline, perhaps Scandinavia’s biggest food and wine site, writes about BKWine’s wine tours on their wine blog:

BKWine has many a wine tour on their program. Not only that, the contents of the tours feels right on the spot and interesting! Britt and Per Karlsson who run the company and who create the tours have a wealth of invaluable contacts in the wine world. Join them on one of their wine tours! […]

Inspiration and enthusiasm at full speed!

Read more on what Tasteline says about BKWine’s wine tours.

AOL Travel

AOL Travel LogoAOL Travel “scour[ed] the world to find the very best way of mixing our two best things ever: wine and holidays”. The result was a list of ten wine tours to different destinations around the world:

“Cheers! Ten of the best wine tasting holidays”, says Roshina Jowaheer at AOL Travel.

Out of the “ten best wine tasting holidays” that AOL Travel has selected two (!) are BKWine Tours. We are of course very proud and honoured!

Read more about the AOL Travel selection of wine tasting vacations here.

The Indpendent

independent masthead logoThe British newspaper The Independent recently featured the BKWine wine tours to Chile & Argentina and to South Africa:

BKWine Tours has added to its trips of illustrious wine regions (Champagne, Bordeaux and Tuscany) with escorted group trips to Chile and Argentina as well as South Africa. They depart in February and March 2013 respectively and take in the nations’ top wine-producing areas.

We are honoured to have been picked to be on The Independent’s Travel Agenda and say a big Thank You!

Read more on this article in The Independent.

TT Spectra etc

TT Spectra logoAndreas Stromberg writes for TT Spektra on travel and tourism recently wrote an article with the title “A life of luxury and wine in France”. The article has been syndicated in numerous newspapers across the country. Here is an excerpt:

Beautiful vineyards and haute cuisine in bucolic landscapes – France is a perfect destination for hedonist travel. The food and the wine is delicious [in France]. And the winemakers you meet are often passionate. Listening to their stories is the perfect way to learn about a region and its people.

BKWine is the only tour operator mentioned in the article which of course we are very proud of and say a big thank you!

Read more on “A life of luxury and wine in France

Allt om Mat

Allt om Mat logotypeIn the Scandinavia’s biggest food magazine Allt om Mat there was an article about wine tourism and wine travel and one of the tour operators that they mention is BKWine.

Britt Karlsson is Swedish but lives in Paris. She is an experiences wine tour organises with her company BKWine. Since some ten years back she organises wine tours with a personal touch that often extend over a long weekend. Thanks to her many contacts she can arrange visits at small, exciting wine producers. Price example: Bordeaux 8,800 SEK. That includes four hotel nights in double room, three lunches with different wines, buss transport on location, winery visits and wine tastings, interpretation and guiding by a BKWine guide.

We say thank you for the attention!


aftonbladet-resa-weekend-logo“A Champagne Weekend” is the title of an article that recently appeared in Sweden’s biggest evening newspaper Aftonbladet. It is a story of how you can travel to Champagne and visit the wine producers of the region: “come with us on a bubbling holiday in France’s best know wine district”.

It is a short story of how to go about travelling to and in Champagne, visiting the wineries and the vineyards, tasting in the wine cellars and meeting the wine producers.

The only tour operator and travel organiser mentioned in the article is BKWine!

You can read more on the article here: A Champagne Weekend.

Svenska Dagbladet

Wine tourism making progress, BKWine in Svenska DagbladetSvenska Dagbladet is one of the biggest Swedish national daily newspapers. In their Sunday edition they had an article on wine tourism and wine travel in which they mention BKWine. The title of the article is Wine Tourism Making Progress and it talks bout how travelling in wine country is becoming a more and more popular form of vacation.

This is what Svenska Dagbladet writes on BKWine:

BKWine Tours have been named World’s Top Wine Tours but the American travel magazine Travel + Leisure. Their tours go mainly to Europe but they also have some tours to other continents. this spring they have for example a wine tour to South Africa.

Read more on what they have to say on Wine Tourism Making Progress here.

Solo Italia

Solo Italia cover nr 1Solo Italia is a new magazine about Italy: “food, wine, travel, people, culture” is their tag line. In the very first issue the very first article talks about … BKWine’s wine and food tours to Italy!

BKWine is a travel organiser specialised in wine tours and food tours with destinations in France, Spain, South Africa, Italy, Portugal, Austria etc. […]

BKWine recently launched a new destination for this autumn’s program: A tour to souther Italy, heading south from Rome with some ten winery visits, gastronomic Italian meals and a visit at a buffalo farm to see how the real Italian buffalo mozzarella is made.

We are very happy that they thought our tours worthy of mention in their magazine. Thank you Solo Italia. Read more on what Solo Italia has to say on wine and food tours here.

Gourmet Traveller Wine

gourmet traveller logoA colleague in the wine business with a sharp eye, who happens to be Australian, spotted a mention of BKWine in Gourmet Traveller Wine. Gourmet Traveller Wine is an Australian magazine on wine, food and travel…

GRAND TOUR BKWine have released their autumn program, which includes two tours to Bordeaux and Burgundy in October. Participants will visit prestigious and luxury château while also viewing boutique, family-owned estates….

Thank you to GTW who thought our tours worth mentioning. Read more on what Gourmet Traveller Wine says about us here.

Claire Walter, Travel Babel

Claire Walter wrote about our wine tours on her travel blog Travel Babel.

Burgundy & Bordeaux Wine Tours This Fall

Old World wine regions are focus of upcoming fall tours

With so much attention paid nowadays to the New World wine regions of California, Oregon, British Columbia and the Southern Hemisphere, it’s easy to forget Old World wines – the European regions where viticulture and wine-making as we know it were developed and refined. BKWine Tours, a specialized tour operator run by Swedes and based near Paris, focuses on what can be called Old World wine regions. This fall, they have scheduled short, intensive trips of just four nights and three very full days to two classic French wine travel destinations, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

She goes on to explain a bit more in detail what our wine tours are about: lots of wine tastings, great food and beautiful scenery.

Read more on Claire Walter and what she wrote, including a link to the full article, here: Old World wine regions are focus of upcoming fall tours.

Daily Herald

daily herald logo BlackHere is an extract from an article and interview with Britt in The Daily Herald:

Sturdy shoes essential to wine tour success

You’ve bought your plane tickets, updated your passport and drawn red circles all over your wine country map. Yet if you think planning for your wine country vacation is complete, think again.

“The single most important factor in a successful wine tour is comfortable, sturdy shoes” Britt Karlsson says matter-of-factly. This lady knows what she’s talking about: Karlsson has organized more than 300 tours through wine regions around the globe with BKWine. BKWine, the company she owns with husband/ photographer Per Karlsson, recently was named “Best Wine Tours” by Travel & Leisure magazine.

[. . .]

“A wine tour is more about the experience, learning about a region and its people than a shopping event.”

Read a longer commentary of the article, which talks about important things to think of when going on a wine tour, and the full article here!

The article was written by Mary Ross, Advanced Sommelier and Certified Wine Educator.

Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly logoTravel Weekly, “the national (US) newspaper of the travel industry”, wrote an article on BKWine’s wine tours:

Paris operator has a nose for wine tours

The popularity of wine-themed travel has inspired scores of tour operators to add wine tastings to their sightseeing itineraries throughout Europe, especially in France and Italy.

Real oenophiles, however, for whom sightseeing just gets in the way of sampling regional vintages, may be more interested in a tour designed by a tour operator that specializes in wine tours.

Paris-based BKWine, as its name suggests, knows a little something about this niche. This fall, the company uncorked two scheduled wine tours, to Bordeaux and Burgundy, respectively, as well as a whole menu of customized programs.

Read more on what Travel Weekly has to say on our wine tours here.

Sommelier India

Sommelier India Wine Magazine logoHere’s what Sommelier India says about our wine tours:

World’s Top Wine Tours

If you are a wine traveller who wants to meet the winemakers and have a personal and unique experience, then BKWine Tours are for you. BKWine tours have been named “World’s Top Wine Tours” by Travel + Leisure magazine. BKWine organises top-quality wine and gastronomy tours to the world’s most beautiful wine regions. Whether you are interested in visiting the famous and exclusive châteaux of Bordeaux or the undiscovered gems and future stars, BKWine will give you a unique experience.

Read more on what they wrote in Sommelier India here.

Travel and Leisure Magazine

Travel and Leisure Badge standardThis is what Travel and Leisure Magazine says about the BKWine tours:

World’s Top Wine Tours

BKWine: Best for Meeting Winemakers

BKWine concentrates on small producers – not always the most famous, but typically high-quality and representative of the region – and her groups are met by the proprietors, not paid guides. Visits often include informal lunches at the estate.

Read more: World’s Best Wine Tours from BKWine!

House and Garden

House and Garden coverHouse and garden talks about BKWine:

Britt Karlsson, a Swede living in Paris, runs interesting Wine Gourmet Tours. […] She is leading a tour to south-west France, staying at the sixteenth century Château des Vigier in Monestier, mear Bergerac. The tour includes visits to wine chateaux in St Emilion and Bergerac, a morning of truffle hunting, a lunch and workshop at a duck farm […]

Read more on House and Garden on BKWine Tours. Go Europe, James Martin James Martin Europe Go Europe, James Martin’s travel blog:

Wine, Truffles, and Pata Negra – It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This!

Read more about BKWine and It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This!

Frommer’s: The Best Wine Tastings in Paris

Frommer's logoFrommer’s talks about BKWine wine tastings and wine travel:

Learn how to select the proper wine with your meal and all about the various French wine regions and grape varieties.

Read more on Frommer’s on BKWine!

France 3, FR3, French television

France3 FR3 screen captureThe French television channel FR3 made a reportage on one of the BKWine wine tours, when we visited Chateau Montus.

The visit, and the reportage, included a visit to the wine cellar, a six course gastronomic lunch with specialities from the region and an exclusive tasting of the primeur wines of the region.

Read more on France 3’s television reportage with BKWine!

Budget Travel

Frommer's Budget Travel LogoBudget Travel, an American travel magazine, runs a series of articles on “the best places you’ve never heard of”. They interviewed Britt on one of the secret gems in south western France. Here’s an excerpt:

Bergerac is the name of both a wine region and a small city, but travelers often bypass both in favor of nearby higher-profile Bordeaux. And that’s a blessing, says Karlsson.

Read more on the interview with Britt of BKWine in Budget Travel!

Easier Travel, Travel logoEasier Travel, part of, writes on BKWine:

The delights of Bordeaux – Truffles, wine, foie gras and duck

Truffles, wine, foie gras and duck is the theme for BKWine’s first tour in 2008.

Read more on the Delights of Bordeaux and BKWine Tours!

Ottawa Citizen: Spring in Portugal (Going Places)

Ottawa Citizen writes about Portugal as one of the exciting wine tour destinations:

Portugal is developing its wine industry. That’s one of the reasons why a company called BKWine has begun doing wine tours of the region.

Read more on BKWine, pork, clams and wine in Portugal! The Oeno File is a web site with travel and tourism informatino for women. Here’s what they said about BKWine:

Paris-based Britt Karlsson, highly experienced founder of BKWine programs, offers three glorious gastronomic trips for women this autumn.

Read more about what writes about BKWine’s glorious gastronomic trips!

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