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A Champagne Weekend – BKWine in the evening paper

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Aftonbladet on Champagne and BKWine
Aftonbladet on Champagne and BKWine

A Champagne Weekend” is the title of an article that recently appeared in Sweden’s biggest evening newspaper (in the travel section of Aftonbladet: “Aftonbladet Resa Weekend” on September 14, 2011). It is a story of how you can travel to Champagne and visit the wine producers of the region: “come with us on a bubbling holiday in France’s best know wine district”, says Johan Soderlund, the Aftonbladet’s travel writer.

It is a short story of how to go about travelling to and in Champagne, visiting the wineries and the vineyards, tasting in the wine cellars and meeting the wine producers.

They have some DIY tips but also some advice for those who rather go to a professional to make sure they get a successful trip.

The only tour operator and travel organiser mentioned in the article is BKWine!

You can read the article here: A Champagne Weekend (in Swedish though)

We say a big thank you to Aftonbladet that they have found our wine tours worth a mention!

Champagne is one of BKWine’s most popular wine tour destinations. We often have a wine tour to Champagne on our tour schedule. Sometimes it is a tour entirely dedicated to the Champagne wine region. At other occasions it can be what we call “The Three Classics Wine Tour” that takes you to Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy on a three day wine and food extravaganza (an “intensive” tour for those who want to see a lot of the French wine districts in a short time).

Under the heading Scheduled Wine and Food Tours you can check if we have any trip to Champagne on our public schedule at the moment (at the time of writing we do not have one in English, but we do have one on our Swedish tour program, and are planning to put one on the program for next season). Do let us know if a Champagne tour is something you would like to seen on our schedule! Or you can take a look at our custom designed bespoke wine tours – perhaps you want us to set up a wine tour exactly according to your specification with your dream visits?

Preparing for the wine tasting
Preparing for the wine tasting, copyright BKWine Photography

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