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Old bottles in a wine cellar in Loire

Which wines should you cellar, and why

“Having an ideal wine cellar with a temperature of around 10-14 degrees year-round is not common. And the wine “fridges” that are available on the market are so expensive that hesitates to buy one when one figures out how much wine one could get for the money instead. Ageing wine under some “worse” conditions, for […]

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The beach at Camps Bay in Cape Town

Perfect wine tour time in November: Spring in South Africa

Whales, mountains and wines with personality will feature on the November wine tour when it is is spring in South Africa, so it is a colourful, flourishing landscape that greets us. We meet in Cape Town and continue on to Hermanus on the south coast where we will taste Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from […]

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Oldenburg in Stellenbosch putting on a show with a celebrity TV chef

I discovered by chance some time ago that Oldenburg Vineyards had made a video about us. Oldenburg Vineyards is a wine producer in Stellenbosch in South Africa. They have their winery and vineyards in an incredible place, spectacularly at the end of a dirt road, surrounded by tall mountain peaks. We had a cellar visits, […]

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Grillo Parlante from Sicily

The Sicilian grape grillo on the stage, Il Fondo Antico wines prize

Lorenza Scianna is a winemaker at the wine producer Il Fondo Antico in western Sicily, not far from Marsala. She was one of the first to believe in the characteristics of the grape grillo and since 2002 she makes a wine with a hundred percent grillo called Grillo Parlante (the talking grasshopper). At the end […]

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The Champagne book award certificate, Gourmand International

Our pretty winner’s award certificate for the Champagne book

You will have heard it (more than enough?) by now: our Champagne book, Champagne, the Wine and the Growers, was awarded the prize as “the best wine book on France” by the Gourmand Awards in Sweden. We have just received our very pretty certificate as winner in that category. It came in a very posh […]

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South African crime novels

South Africa behind the scenes through detective novels and thrillers

Visiting wineries can sometimes take longer than expected. Usually, that is a good thing. But this time it was a big frustration. For me, but not for anyone else. In fact, we had some excellent tastings and discussions with the winemakers at the chateaux we were visiting when I was touring the wine regions of […]

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Torre de los Ingleses in Buenos Aires and the railway station

Buenos Aires, a short introduction to the city

It is a curious contrast between Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Mendoza with its one million inhabitants feels much smaller than what it is. Buenos Aires, on the contrary, with not more than 3 million people, still feel enormous. It feels just as big, or bigger than Paris or London. But perhaps it is all based […]

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A shopping street in Beaune

Beaune City Guide

Beaune, “the Capital of Burgundy” Beaune is the capital of the Cote de Beaune, which together with the Cote de Nuits makes up the Cote d’Or, the heart of Burgundy. Cote d’Or is a small wine district some 80 kilometres long, from Santenay in the south to Marsannay in the north. For the wine traveller […]

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Traffic on Avenida de 9 Julio in Buenos Aires

Argentina FAQ: on tipping, transport, restaurants, currency, telecom etc

Useful tips on tipping, eating, money, taxis and other things when travelling in Argentina in South America. Take the advice here mainly as a pointer and an indication. Things change over time. Things can be different in different places. And things don’t always follow the rules. And the rules are not really rules but varying […]

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Humitas, corn paste in corn leaves (maize) in Chile

Chile’s food: A quick introduction

Chile is most famous for its asados, just like Argentina, the open-fire barbecues, with beef, pork, lamb, chicken… But there is a tremendous variety of food and restaurants in Chile, everything from steakhouses to sushi. When you enjoy an asado make sure not to focus only on the pieces of meat and poultry. Do try […]

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Chilean pesos

Chile FAQ: on tipping, transport, restaurants, currency, telecom etc

Practical tips on tipping, eating, money, taxis and other things when travelling in Chile in South America. Take the advice here mainly as a pointer and an indication. Things change over time. Things can be different in different places. And things don’t always follow the rules. And the rules are not really rules but varying […]

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Toast with fresh tomatoes and herbs with olives

Olive oil and wine from Dievole, a producer in Tuscany

“ ‘Wine producers usually see the production of olive oil as a problem and not as an opportunity. Here at Dievole, it is the first time I see a long-term ambitious project’, says Stefano Capurso, General Manager of Dievole.” “Dievole is a farm located in the southern part of Chianti Classico in a landscape that […]

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Sunrise over Mendoza City and the Andes

Mendoza: What to see and do, and where to eat | a quick introduction

It’s as if someone had laid out the city on a chequerboard. The streets form a nice square pattern, at least in the old centre, around the central square, Plaza Independencia. Mendoza is a city that is at the same time big and small. It stretches far out from the centre but still feels like […]

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Tasting Piromafo igp Salento from Apuplia

The Heel of Italy, Apulia, makes some excellent wines

“Elio Minoia is a low-profile winemaker and a big smile at the winery Valle dell’Asso. The winery is located in Galatina, just outside Lecce in Salento, at the bottom of the Italian heel, in Apulia or Puglia as it is also called. Elio has worked side by side with the founder of the winery, Luigi […]

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The Sancerre hill-top village

The biggest wine producer in the Loire Valley focuses on quality

“Maison Ackerman is a famous producer of sparkling wine in the Loire Valley. The company is part of a bigger group that owns 1120 acres (453 hectares) throughout the Loire Valley, from Muscadet close to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, to Sancerre in the east. In addition, they buy grapes from 186 growers. In […]

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Tips on the table in a restaurant in Stockholm

France FAQ: tipping, restaurants, transport, shopping

Handy tips on tipping customs, shopping hours, restaurant etiquette, transport and more One should perhaps not take too seriously rules about how to behave. On the other hand, it can be dangerous to be totally ignorant about local customs and traditions when travelling in a foreign country. So here are a few half serious, half […]

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An oak forest and a vineyard in Alentejo

How to choose a wine tour operator: 8 things to remember

As the year begins it is time to make plans for the coming year’s wine visits. January is not the most cheerful month of the year, so it is the perfect time to plan visits to wine regions. And then we hope, of course, that you will travel with us at BKWine, “world’s top wine […]

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A wine tasting in Barolo

8 Barolos from 1970

“I had the opportunity to try eight barolos from 1970, recently bought, ranging in price from 50 euro to 100 euro, in a German online store. The Barolo 1970 vintage came at a period of transition. Chemical treatments in the vineyards were still a novelty. The Nebbiolo wines had traditionally been built for a long […]

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Chateau Bernateau, Bordeaux, wine cellar

Château Bernateau In Saint Emilion: Great Wines With Organic Growing And High-End Equipment | Britt on Forbes

Bordeaux is not only about big, famous châteaux in Médoc. If you cross the rivers to the right bank you will find a myriad of smaller chateaux, often with less than 10 hectares of vineyards. Often family owned, like the remarkable Château Bernateau in Saint Emilion. The chateau owners are Pierrick and Karen Lavau. Pierrick […]

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Champagne, the wine and the growers | wine book

If only you could read this Champagne book

With regrets I have to tell you that you probably cannot read this rather unique book on Champagne. It is our latest book, number nine, but it is so far only available in Swedish. What is unique with it is that it is dedicated to the independent producers, the “champagnes de vignerons”, or RMs (récoltants-manipulants) […]

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