Per Karlsson

Vineyards plunging into the Mediterranean in Roussillon

Wanderlust? Wanderlust!

Things are going in the right direction. The weather too. We are longing to go out into the vineyards. There hasn’t been much of that in the last year. Only two tours, Britt in the

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A grand chateau in the Medoc

A quick 101 on French wine regions

France is not like Italy, where vines grow in every region. But France is not far behind. In fact, there are more vineyards in France than in Italy. France has 794 000 hectares of vineyards,

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Ripe merlot on the vines in the vineyard in Saint Emilion, Bordeaux

Merlot – a grape variety profile

Another article in our grape variety series: Merlot is something of a chameleon. All grapes are, of course, in one way or another. But sometimes it’s more noticeable, as with merlot. Château Petrus, 95% merlot,

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