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Luxury Tours

Wine, dine and travel in ultimate style

Imagine the ultimate luxury. Arriving at a stunning château, strolling along the gravel path to the wine cellar. After a tasting, it is time for lunch, with a view over the vineyards or the grounds.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary wine tour (not that a BKWine tour is every ordinary), something that goes well and truly beyond the norm, you should talk to us.

It’s relatively easy to get into the famous châteaux (many receive thousands of visitors each year). But it is more challenging to get to meet the most interesting people.

We know how, and we have the right connections.

It’s easy to find a hotel online. But it is not so easy knowing where you’ll get the best service, the most delicious meals and the most comfortable bed. And of course, a location that is ideal for visiting the vineyards.

We know, and we can arrange all this for you.

Have you ever had a lunch with nothing but sauternes served throughout? You could be forgiven for thinking this a strange idea, but believe us: you will be amazed at how older vintages of this wonderful wine will make for some unexpected yet delightful combinations.

Or picture yourself lunching with the winemaker (or the owner), discussing the ins and outs of winemaking while enjoying a series of lovingly prepared dishes.

Of course, you may just prefer to just sit back and savour the culinary experience, the 18th century château setting and the glory that is life in wine country.

A precious black truffle
A precious black truffle, copyright BKWine Photography
A precious black truffle
A precious black truffle, copyright BKWine Photography

However, it is not always the most expensive experiences that are the most memorable.

Our truffle lunch is a case in point.

After a bracing morning of truffle hunting in the forest next to the vineyard, we all sat down for lunch. First, we were served some truffle appetizers. Then some scrambled egg with truffles (the best way to enjoy them, according to some), followed by tagliatelle al tartufo (well, almost – we were still in France). And then? More truffles. The only thing without truffles was the ice-cream. Even the coffee came with a chocolate truffle. Where did we enjoy this extraordinary feast? Not at a restaurant, as you might imagine, but at the truffle hunter’s own home, where his wife and son had done all the cooking.

Contact us to discuss a custom-designed tour for you and your guests.

Here are just a few examples to whet your appetite:

  • Bordeaux luxury wine tour
  • Douro valley by boat, with tastings at top estates and accommodation in premium-level hotels
  • Truffles, foie gras, duck and wine

Contact us to discuss your own luxury tour.

Soon time for lunch in the garden in Chile
Soon time for lunch in the garden in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography
Tasting and lunch in Champagne
Tasting and lunch in Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

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