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“Wine travel is growing. Italy and France attracts the most”, All About Food on BKWine’s wine tours

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A while ago, quite a while actually, All About Food (Allt om Mat, Sweden’s biggest food magazine) had a special issue on wine. Among other things, they talked about travel, and specifically about BKWine’s wine tours, under the title ” Wine travel is growing. Italy and France attracts the most”.

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Here are some excerpts from the interview with BKWine’s Britt Karlsson:

The wine tour operator BKWine, based in Paris, was founded in the mid-1990s by the Swede Britt Karlsson and her husband Per. Each year they organise some 30 wine tours to France, Spain, South Africa, Italy, Portugal, and Austria.

Who goes on your wine tours?

– Both private individuals and companies. Many are “50+” but we get more and more younger customers. Some go with their partner, others with friends and some on their own. The thing all have in common is their interest in wine, but the level of knowledge can vary widely.

Which are the most popular destinations?

– Italy is very popular; many want to go to districts like the “Amarone” region and Piedmont in the north of the country. In France, it is mainly the classics Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy that are most popular.

What time of year is best to go?

– Many people want to travel in the autumn, to experience the harvest. At that time of year there is a lot of activity in the vineyards. But it is not at all bad to travel in the spring either. Then the producers often have more time for visitors. The vineyards and landscape are very beautiful then.

What kind of food does one get on your tours?

– We have a lot of very high-quality lunches, mostly at wineries, rather than in restaurants. It can be a multiple course lunch at a well-known champagne house or a nice buffet at a small growers’ who want to show-case the local products. Sometimes we also have active cooking sessions as part of the programs.

Many thanks to the All About Food editors for having noticed our wine tours!

I can only add that we organise trips to many of the world wine countries, not just France and Italy. Some other things on the menu: Portugal, South Africa, Chile-Argentina, Spain…

Read more press and media mentions on BKWine wine tours here.

All About Food on wine tours
All About Food on wine tours

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