Wine tourism conference at Vinisud with BKWine on the panel

Earlier this year there was the big Vinisud wine show in Montpellier. One of the many interesting panels and discussions that took place there was on wine tourism “Original wine tourism for the Mediterranean”. The panel discussion was organised by André Deyrieux, of and brought together several authorities on wine tourism, oenotourisme as it is called in French.

The panel included several experts on different aspects of wine tourism. BKWine’s Per Karlsson was also on the panel:

  • Anne Cannan, Catalan wine grower (Clos Figueras)
  • Viviane Coursières, a representative for the European cultural itinerary “IterVitis – The Vine Roads”
  • Hervé Durand from Mas des Tourelles, a vineyard and archaeological site
  • Denys Michel editor in chief of La Lettre T a newsletter on tourism, and
  • Per Karlsson from BKWine Tours

We had a very interesting discussion with a room full of people who were keen on asking questions. Unfortunately there is no video recording of the event, but here is at least a picture…

The picture was taken by Alain Reynaud, a photographer specialised in wine and wine regions and the Vinisud official photographer.

Per Karlsson, BKWine, at Table ronde Oenotourisme

Per Karlsson, BKWine, at Table ronde Oenotourisme


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