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An oak forest and a vineyard in Alentejo

Alentejo and Setúbal, Portugal, Wine Tour

The Wine Tour to the dynamic Alentejo, with a visit to the Setúbal peninsula and the legendary muscatel wines — When the weather is still warm in the fall we visit Portugal, one of the

Happy people with wine in their glasses

The 4 Different Kinds of Wine Tourism

And the 3 Different Wine Tourists Wine Tourism — Why & How? Examples from wineries around the world, presented by Per Karlsson, BKWine AB, BKWine Tours. This is an overview of a presentation prepared for

Topping up a wine barrel

Flavorful World on our spring wine tours

We are always thrilled when our wine tours are picked up by a blog or any other media. This time we are glad to have been mentioned in the food blog Flavorful World. It is

Preparing for the wine tasting

RealBusiness: wine tours to “build a lifetime bond”

We are delighted to have been featured in RealBusiness. This on-line magazine “for ambitious SMEs” presented our wine and gourmet tours as a gift idea for companies wanting to develop better corporate relations. Here are

Travelling in the Catalonia wine districts

Catalonia in north-east Spain produces some wonderful wine and is home to a fantastic gastronomy. This video simply gives you some glimpses into the vineyards, the landscape and some of the wines it makes. On

Tasting wines at the Melipal winery in Mendoza

Argentina, too, is betting on wine tourism

Wine tourism is good both for the travelling wine lover and for the wineries that he visits. The wineries in Argentina have understood that and are making an effort to develop the wine tourism in

Brighter times for the tourism industry in sight?

With the international recession, all problems with the euro and other economic uncertainties around the world the tourism industry has not seen very bright times over the last few (or not so few!) years. Is

Travel, Food and Wine in Context, BKWine speaks at the EWBC

At the recent EWBC, Digital Wine Communications Conference (ex-European Wine Bloggers Conference, #EWBC, #EWBC12) there was a panel debate on “Travel, Food and Wine in Context”. It was about how you can communicate about wine,

The 35 best wine tour routes

We mentioned in a post recently that La Revue du Vin de France had a special issue on wine tourism. They had selected the 35 “best” wine routes for the summer. Inspiration for the readers

French wine tourism from an American perspective

The Wine Economist reflects on wine travel and compares wine tourism in France and in Napa Valley Over at the (very interesting) wine blog The Wine Economist Mike Veseth has laid hands on the May

Wine Capital of the Year: Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico, the heart of Tuscany, has been elected wine region and wine capital of the year Each year the Swedish wine tasting association Munskankarna (with over 20,000 members) elects a Wine Capital of the

South Africa’s first wine tourism show

“For the first time in world history” (as one might say) South Africa organises a wine tourism show. It is called Vindaba and takes place on September 26-27 this year, in parallel to Cape Wine,