Travelling in the Catalonia wine districts

Catalonia in north-east Spain produces some wonderful wine and is home to a fantastic gastronomy. This video simply gives you some glimpses into the vineyards, the landscape and some of the wines it makes.

On the wine side it is of course famous for the cava, Spain’s sparkling wine. Most of Spain’s cava is made in Catalonia although it can be made in other parts of the country too. Catalonia is also producing some delicious red and white wines in the Penedes region, made world famous by producers like Torres, one of Spain’s most successful wine makers. Almost as well-known as Penedes are the wines from Priorat. They used to be almost extinct until they were revived a few decades ago by a handful of wine pioneers who saw great potential in this mountainous region.

An old town by the sea

Sitges by the sea, copyright BKWine Photography

On the gastronomy side there is plenty to make your mouth water too. It is close to the sea so you will find a lot of fish and seafood. Plus you will no doubt get the opportunity to taste the famous paella.

While travelling around the region you will see some stunning landscapes, from the high mountain tops of Priorat and the spectacular Montserrat to the coast line with its beaches and cosy seaside resorts.

Here’s a video that will show you some glimpses of what you may experience.

Come with BKWine on a wine tour to Catalonia and you will experience some of the best that this Spanish region has to offer.

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