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Two “fruity” gin and tonics

How to make the best gin-and-tonic

I imagine hardly anyone needs an instruction on how to make a Gin-and-Tonic, or G-and-T. Could it be the world’s most popular drink? But there are different ways to do it. For example, in this video, they use a blood grapefruit. Personally, I prefer a slice of lemon or lime. Some use cucumbers, blueberries and […]

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Red bell-peppers on a market in Spain

Spain FAQ: tipping, restaurants, transport, shopping

Handy tips on tipping customs, shopping hours, restaurant etiquette, taxi and transport, and more One should perhaps not take too seriously rules about how to behave. On the other hand, it can be dangerous to be totally ignorant about local customs and traditions when travelling in a foreign country. So here are a few half […]

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A cup of cafe solo for breakfast in Spain

Coffee in Spain – “un café por favor”

There are many different types of coffee in Spain, but it does not have quite the almost iconic status that it has in Italy. Many Spaniards complain (without good reason!) of the quality of their coffee, even though they belong to one of the top 20 countries that drink the most coffee per capita. If […]

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Fancy tapas in a bar on Calle Laurel in Logrono, Rioja

Tapas, a culinary treasure from Spain

If there is something that all non-Spanish know about Spanish gastronomy, then it’s tapas! Or any of the tapas ‘cousins’. Tapas are served at most bars and many cafés. Often with local specialities. Sometimes very simple, but sometimes amazingly sophisticated. There is no real difference between tapas, pinchos and pintxos. It is primarily a question […]

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Freshly picked grapes

“Beyond expectations; overwhelming”, Said About the Wine Tour to Rioja

If you go on a wine tour in Rioja you can look forward to many happy surprises. Fantastic wines and amazing scenery. Traditional gastronomy mixed with modern tapas. The landscape is actually really dramatic. The Cantabrian mountains are always in the background. You might think that it would be a flat agricultural landscape, but it’s […]

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Old bottles in the wine cellar

Rioja Wine Tour

Rioja in Spain — exciting wines, breath-taking scenery and architecture — Come with us on this exciting tour to Rioja, a wine region that is both classic and modern in a way that you only find in Spain. The wineries market themselves not only with excellent wines, but also with the breath-taking and extraordinary architecture. […]

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Preparing a wine tasting and lunch

Catalonia and Priorat Wine Tour

Wine tour to one of Spain’s most dynamic and interesting wine regions — The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a lively city with a huge variety of interesting culture, architecture and gastronomy. The wines from the districts around Barcelona are not far behind in notoriety. Here you find the famous cava, the Spanish bubbly. There […]

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Travelling in the Catalonia wine districts

Catalonia in north-east Spain produces some wonderful wine and is home to a fantastic gastronomy. This video simply gives you some glimpses into the vineyards, the landscape and some of the wines it makes. On the wine side it is of course famous for the cava, Spain’s sparkling wine. Most of Spain’s cava is made […]

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TWE Best Wine Travel Destination: The Basque Country in Spain, with Rioja

The Wine Enthusiast recently did a special feature on what they think are the World’s Best Wine Tour Destinations for 2016. Here are some more details on one of the destinations on their list: the Basque Country in Spain, and also Rioja. You can see the Wine Enthusiast’s full list of best wine travel destinations […]

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Sparkling wine bottles in a cooling bath

One important step in making cava: disgorging

Cava, the famous sparkling wine of Spain, is made in a similar way to many other sparkling wines, Franciacorta, Champagne, South African MCC etc. First you make a still white wine. Then you bottle it and put a little bit of sugar and yeast in the bottle. It ferments in the bottle and, voila, you […]

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How to make a real paella

Paella is a very Spanish dish. Usually one thinks of Paella Valenciana (from Valencia) when talking about it. But it is made in many different places in Spain. Want to discover some genuine paella? Then come to Spain  with us, for example on a wine tour to Catalonia with us! Here you can see how […]

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Bodegas in the Barrio de la Estacion in Haro

Going for tapas in … Haro in Rioja?

We are going to Haro later this season. Haro is the second most important city in Rioja, after Logrono. Logrono is much bigger but Haro is proportionally much more focussed on wine. In Haro you can find the famous Barrio de la Estacion, the train station neighbourhood. It is a curious part of the town. […]

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Elegant bottles lined up for tasting

Congratulations Gomez Cruzado in Rioja

Congratulations to our friends at Bodegas Gomez Cruzado in Rioja! They have just been awarded TripAdvisors Certificate of Excellence as a tourist destination. Well deserved! Gomez Cruzado is a small bodega in Haro the smaller of the two main cities in Rioja. They are not among the most famous bodegas — fame often has to […]

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Hills and terraced vineyards, Priorat, Catalonia, Spain

Travel with us to the “Wine Region of the Year 2016”, Priorat, and to Penedes in Catalonia

We arranged our first wine tour to Catalonia in 1989. Since then it we have had it as a destination every so often. Therefore, it is great to see that the Swedish wine tasting association Munskänkarna has named Priorat in Catalonia “Wine Region of the Year 2016”. Priorat is a small district in the south […]

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Rioja DO logo

Interview on wine and travel in the Rioja newsletter, with BKWine

This past autumn I was in Rioja. It was the occasion of our first-BKWine wine tour to Rioja. A fantastically successful trip. The Rioja region’s newsletter editor became interested in the tour and in what I liked about Rioja. So it all became an interview in the Rioja newsletter. Here is Riojas’ site with lots […]

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Oak barrels in an old wine cellar

“All change in Rioja” says Jancis Robinson

Recently Jancis Robinson said in her newsletter that “all change in Rioja”. I could not agree more. She was talking about a big wine tasting that one of her collaborators, the ex-El Bulli sommelier Ferran Centelles, had done of an extensive range of Riojas. His conclusion was that Rioja of today is not like it […]

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Oak barrels in a modern wine cellar

Rioja, modern and traditional, wine, gastronomy, history, art | New wine tour

Spain is today a wine country where much exciting things happen. Rioja is of course the most famous and classic of all Spanish wine regions. But it is also a region with a lot of modernity and innovation. If you think of Rioja as a source of soft, vanilla oozing, old wines, then it is […]

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Topping up a wine barrel

Wine tours to Catalonia and to Bordeaux

Bordeaux is one of the classic wine tour destinations, always in great demand. Catalonia in north-eastern Spain is, perhaps surprisingly, more of a niche destination. We have wine tours to Bordeaux on a very regular basis, but to Catalonia it is, unfortunately, more rarely. We have just published two “sample programs” for wine tours to […]

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