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Wine tours to Catalonia and to Bordeaux

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Bordeaux is one of the classic wine tour destinations, always in great demand. Catalonia in north-eastern Spain is, perhaps surprisingly, more of a niche destination. We have wine tours to Bordeaux on a very regular basis, but to Catalonia it is, unfortunately, more rarely.

We have just published two “sample programs” for wine tours to Bordeaux and to Catalonia. You can find them in the menus above under Our Tours > Popular Destinations.

The idea is that you will be able to get some details on how a wine tour to these regions can look, even if we do not have one to that specific destination on the program at the moment. Some inspiration! Perhaps that will trigger you to contact us so that we will put your dream destination on the schedule.

We will soon be publishing more such wine tour examples.

Here are short descriptions of the destinations:

Catalonia Wine Tour

Some of Spain’s most dynamic and exciting wine regions!

— That Barcelona is a city with a vibrant cultural life, unique architecture and excellent gastronomy is well known. But it is only since a few decades back that the wines from the regions around Barcelona have reached similar fame. Some of the best known are sparkling, Catalonia is famous for its cava, the Spanish sparkling wine. In Penedes you can find internationally well-known producers and “cult” wines.

Some of the best wines of Spain are made in this region. There are famous producers like Torres, Freixenet, Albet i Noya, Raimat and others, but there are also many wineries that are less well-known abroad but at least as good!

Read more on a wine tour to Catalonia here.

Bordeaux Wine Tour

Bordeaux, the classic wine tour destination

Luxurious châteaux and ambitious winemakers

In Bordeaux you find world famous chateaux and world famous wines but also a lot of new exciting initiatives — less famous but maybe more important for the future of Bordeaux! — and young enthusiastic wine makers.

On this trip we will visit both some big, famous Grand Cru Classé-châteaux and smaller ones that are less well-known, but very quality conscious. We will visit the famous wine regions like Médoc and Saint-Emilion, but also rising-stars among the regions, like Entre-deux-Mers. We will learn about viticulture, vinification and vintages and after this trip you will know quite a lot about what’s going on in Bordeaux.

Read more on a wine tour to Bordeaux here.

White grapes ready to be harvested in Bordeaux
White grapes ready to be harvested in Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography


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