“Grand Wine Tour” – Gourmet Traveller Wine talks about BKWine Tours

gourmet traveller logoA colleague in the wine business with a sharp eye, who happens to be Australian, spotted a mention of BKWine in Gourmet Traveller Wine in their May/June 2011 issue. Gourmet Traveller Wine is an Australian magazine on wine, food and travel…

GRAND TOUR BKWine have released their autumn program, which includes two tours to Bordeaux and Burgundy in October. Participants will visit prestigious and luxury château while also viewing boutique, family-owned estates….

Thank you to GTW who thought our tours worth mentioning. Here is their web site: http://www.gourmettravellerwine.com.au.

And also a big thank you to Mark Majzner, the one with the hawk-eye. Mark is Australian and runs a “parallell” wine import business competing with the Swedish monopoly: The Australian Wine Club and writes a semi-political blog called Vinfrihet (Wine Freedom) militating against the Swedish monopoly. It is not easy to know when someone writes about us so we are very glad for all help!

Read more on what the press has to say on BKWine Tours here.

Gourmet Traveller Wine on BKWine

Gourmet Traveller Wine on BKWine

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