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Going for tapas in … Haro in Rioja?

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We are going to Haro later this season. Haro is the second most important city in Rioja, after Logrono. Logrono is much bigger but Haro is proportionally much more focussed on wine. In Haro you can find the famous Barrio de la Estacion, the train station neighbourhood. It is a curious part of the town.

There are about a dozen bodegas, i.e. wineries, all snuggling up to the train station. If you want, you can visit them all and none is more than a 10 minutes leisurely walk away from the other. I don’t think there is such a concentration of wineries, bodegas, in such a small area, anywhere else in the world. It has historical reasons of course, from when rail transport was vitally important.

Bodegas in the Barrio de la Estacion in Haro, copyright BKWine Photography
Bodegas in the Barrio de la Estacion in Haro

Haro itself is a charming little town with plenty of old and beautiful town houses. A town square, bars, restaurants.

But I am digressing…

We had originally planned to go to a restaurant called La Vieja Bodega in the neighbouring village of Casalerreina. It seems very nice and has a menu that looks delicious. But for various reasons we cannot go there and we had to cancel the reservation.

An impressive façade on a building in Haro, Rioja
An impressive façade on a building in Haro, Rioja, copyright BKWine Photography

Instead we will have to stay in Haro the evening when we had planned to go to La Vieja Bodega. “No problem”, the restaurant said, “do you want me to recommend some tapas bars in Haro then?” Yes, indeed we do!

So the very kind person at La Vieja Bodega gave us a list with suggestions of tapas bars in Haro. That we will try. That we will share with you! Here is the list of tapas bars in Haro:

  • Bar Madrid, in Plaza La Paz
  • Beethoven Bar, in Calle Sto. Tomas
  • Bremen, in Calle Sto. Tomas
  • Los Caños, in Plaza S. Martin
  • Pirolo, near Los Caños.
  • Benigno Bar, in Plaza Juan Gª Gato (with a particularly a good wine list apparently)

I call that excellent customer service! Next time in Haro we will certainly try and get to a dinner at La Vieja Bodega.

Do you have some other suggestions for tapas bars or restaurants in Haro? Please share them in the comments section!

An old building in Haro, Rioja
An old building in Haro, Rioja, copyright BKWine Photography

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