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The food in Bordeaux offers some surprises. Did you know, for example, that the most popular cheese in Bordeaux is brébis des pyrénées, a sheep cheese from the Pyrenees? And that this is the only cheese in France that you serve with jam? (No, it is not really customary to serve something sweet, jelly or honey, with cheese in France.) The cheese is served in rather thin slices and with a dollop of cherry jam.

Another thing that Bordeaux does, and nobody else do in France, is to serve small sausages with the oysters. The sausage is called crépinette. It is really good and does make life easier for those who do not like oysters. Maybe it is just an excuse to serve red wine with the oysters? Try yourself!

Join us in Bordeaux in October and discover all kinds of gastronomic specialities. Together with delicious wines of course.

Read more about the Bordeaux wine tour 2-6 October 2019. Book now!

Decanting for the tasting in a grand chateau in Bordeaux

Decanting for the tasting in a grand chateau in Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography

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