How to make a real paella

Paella is a very Spanish dish. Usually one thinks of Paella Valenciana (from Valencia) when talking about it. But it is made in many different places in Spain. Want to discover some genuine paella? Then come to Spain  with us, for example on a wine tour to Catalonia with us!

Here you can see how a real paella catalana is done. You start with frying some shrimps, add garlic, onion, la melsa de la sepia (you’ll see what it is on the video) and some other things. Rice of course. It takes some time but is not really difficult. You do need quite a bit of olive oil. This one is made with fish, octopus and shellfish but you can use all sorts of products. What’s important is that you let it take the time it needs. You can’t do it quickly. Like most good food it takes some time. Don’t forget the newspaper!

In the video you will also learn the secret story behind the porron the curious Spanish drinking vessel with a long spout.

You can do it all at home (you don’t really need a special paella pan!) but it is of course even more delicious in Spain!

Hills and terraced vineyards, Priorato, Catalonia, Spain

Hills and terraced vineyards, Priorat, Catalonia, Spain, copyright BKWine Photography

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