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On wine tours in these strange covid times, and a first chance to visit vineyards

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About wine tours in covid times

It was no surprise that the entire spring season of wine tours was cancelled. We have not made a single tour since we just managed to get home from the New Zealand wine tour in March.

Although things are starting to look much brighter, no one knows what it will look like in a few months. Today, most things move in the right direction in Europe. Disease statistics go down. Airlines start flying. So in many ways, it is positive. But a great deal of uncertainty remains. We are, of course, following developments closely. The crisis is affecting us and our business more than most.

So what do we do?

We think that it will be quite slow to get back to something “normal”. Tourism and travel will start on a small scale in the summer and a little more in the fall. But not much.

Some wine tour operators have simply closed shop. We have not. But it is, of course, not a normal situation. In practice, this means that we do our planning of future trips as usual, but with particular regard to the health situation. We plan for the tours to go ahead according to plan. But you can’t really know how the situation will develop so we have to be more flexible.

Two important things in this context:

  1. If you have any questions or concerns about the tours, do not hesitate to contact us.
  2. Once you start feeling the urge to travel to a wine district again, we really hope that you choose to travel there with us! We will be there for you.

Wine tours in the fall of 2020 and winter 2021

Although the development in Europe is good and overall there is good news we do not yet exactly know what the fall season will look like for our tours. It will undoubtedly be easier to travel, especially in most countries in Europe. It is, of course, natural for many to hesitate to travel, which means that many of the tours that we planned for the fall will not be done. Equally, most of our custom tailor-made tours have been postponed.

However, as it seems today, we will be making three or four tours to the wine regions in Europe this autumn. We are, of course, first of all happy that the health situation has stabilized so much that this is possible. We are also happy to be able to offer these wonderful trips to those of our customers who are keen to travel and want to visit a wine region this autumn.

Two of these tours will be on our Swedish language programme, Champagne and the Douro Valley.

One of the tours is on our English language programme: Bordeaux in September.

The tours are of course planned with particular regard to the health situation, but above all, they are designed to give you an exceptional experience in the vineyards and wine cellars in the autumn.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

All about wine tours here.

Flying over mountains a clear day
Flying over mountains a clear day, copyright BKWine Photography

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