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A winding road through the vineyards (+)

Languedoc Wine Tour

Languedoc: the “New World of France”, a world-class wine region with many organic wines — Here in the South of France, in the Languedoc, there are a lot of exciting things going on. This voyage of discovery takes you to some of the most quality concious winegrower, producers who today make world class wines, and that […]

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Per Karlsson, BKWine, at Table ronde Oenotourisme

Wine tourism conference at Vinisud with BKWine on the panel

Earlier this year there was the big Vinisud wine show in Montpellier. One of the many interesting panels and discussions that took place there was on wine tourism “Original wine tourism for the Mediterranean”. The panel discussion was organised by André Deyrieux, of WineTourismInFrance.com and brought together several authorities on wine tourism, oenotourisme as it […]

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Top ten wine tours destinations for 2014

What the very best wine travel destinations are depends on what you want to do. Every wine lover wants to experience different things. Some go to the wine country to seek out those wines that cannot be found elsewhere, others go there to see those world famous chateaux. Or for the landscape, the food, the […]

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The grilled leg of lamb is getting ready

Languedoc: not just excellent wine and exciting food

Languedoc offers almost everything you could wish for. Magnificent scenery with the sea and the mountains always close by. Good food, picturesque small towns, cultural cities. And – here comes the best part – enormously good wines. Many of the interesting things in wine that are happening in France today are happening in the Languedoc. […]

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Wine barrels in the cellar (+)

The New World of France, wines & food from the south, the Languedoc

A treasure trove of wine and food in the southernmost part of France: Languedoc-Roussillon Some wine regions are very famous, sometimes for good reasons, but there are also rather unknown wine districts that really would deserve to be better-known. The Languedoc is one of those! We have just published a sample program in the menu […]

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Wine barrels in an old cellar

A memorable lunch and wine tasting on a wine tour to the Languedoc-Roussillon

We were fortunate (you have to create your own luck!) to have a magnificent lunch and wine tasting at the wine tour we recently organised in the Languedoc-Roussillon. This district certainly merits becoming much better known among wine lovers: they make great wine and it is spectacularly beautiful. The small group of wine lovers that […]

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Oysters on a plate with lemon ERROR

Wine tourism conference in the Languedoc

Wine tourism, or oenotourisme, is a trendy subject in France these days. La Vigne, one of the professional wine magazines recently had a special issue on it. There is a national wine tourism prize. There is even a government sponsored wine tourism committee to promote wine tourism. It is seen as one of the things […]

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