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The New World of France, wines & food from the south, the Languedoc

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A treasure trove of wine and food in the southernmost part of France: Languedoc-Roussillon

Some wine regions are very famous, sometimes for good reasons, but there are also rather unknown wine districts that really would deserve to be better-known. The Languedoc is one of those!

We have just published a sample program in the menu section Popular Destinations of how a wine and food tour to the Languedoc-Roussillon can look.

Languedoc is actually the world’s biggest wine region with some 200,000 hectares of vineyards. That makes it about twice as big as for example Bordeaux or South Africa.

Quality wines

Once upon a time Languedoc-Roussillon was mostly known for being the source of large volumes of every-day wines. Today it is one of the most dynamic regions, not only in France but in the whole world.

There are many young, ambitious and forward-looking wine producers in this part of France. Many are trying out new ways and new ideas in their wine making. It is a region that is not so stifled (as is sometimes the case) by old rules and regulations dictating what can and cannot be done.

At the same time virtually all wine producers are also very keen on preserving traditions. They want to make unique wines, wines full of character. They are often quite powerful, sometimes spicy, filled withgarrigue character with lots and lots of wild herbs.

One more big advantage is that many of the wines in the Languedoc-Roussillon are very affordable. There are top-class, even world calls wines that one can still afford to buy!


the south of France is very well know for its Mediterranean cuisine and it is everywhere in this region. There is game, the vineyards are often plagued with wild boar and vignerons are therefore keen hunters. Fresh and juicy vegetables and fruit and of course the very typical wild herbs, thegarrigue: thyme, rosemary, sage etc.

The Languedoc also stretches along the sea with many kilometres of wonderful sandy beaches and is one of France’s biggest sources of oysters and mussels.

There are plenty of opportunities to explore the delicious wine and food combinations of this region.

A must to visit

In other words, it is a wonderful region to travel in for anyone who loves good wine and excellent food.

Take a look at our new sample program of how a wine tour and gastronomic adventure in the Languedoc can look. You find it in under the menu Our Tours > Popular Destinations. If you look in Our Tours > Scheduled Tours you can see if we have something on the schedule now. If not, perhaps you could be interested in a custom designed tour.

We have often written on the wines of the Languedoc on BKWine Magazine and we have written a book about the Languedoc region.

Follow the links below for more reading.

A winding road through the vineyards
A winding road through the vineyards, copyright BKWine Photography (+)

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