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The photographer in the vineyard

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Wine and photography, and perhaps a wine photography tour?

All of the pictures you see on this site come from the wine tours that we organise. It is not bought-in stock photography of tourist offices’ publicity images.

One of the reasons we can have so much illustrations to show you what happens on our wine and food tours is that I, Per, am also a photographer, specialised in wine, travel and gastronomy. I always come home from a tour with a bagful of pictures. On a typical three days of vineyard touring, wine cellars, wine tastings etc  I get some 1000 images.

We use our photography for our own editorial articles here on the travel site and on BKWine Magazine, and with articles that we publish in the specialised press. And for our own wine books. We also have a picture agency where anyone can license photos for publication or buy prints to hang on the wall: BKWine Photography.

But since it is I who take all the pictures it is rare to see me on a photo. It is always me behind the camera, not in front of it.

However, occasionally, if rarely, it happens that travellers on the tours snap a picture of me. Here is one, taken by Per Piscator, who has travelled with us five times, if my memory is correct. This picture is from one of the most curious vineyards I have been to, belonging Luigi Tecci in Campania in central Italy. We were there on an Italian wine tour some while back. It is the same vineyards as the cover photo of our latest book, Wine and the Environment.

The vines were big as trees and the planting density, a key parameter for wine nerds, was, well, perhaps 500 per hectare…. And the wine was excellent!

Thank you Per!

PS: Take a look at our wine tour program if you would be interested to join us on one of our wine tours, to Campania or elsewhere. We are even thinking of doing a tour on the theme wine and photography that would combine winery visits and a photography workshop. Would you be interested?

The photographer in the vineyard in Campania
The photographer in the vineyard in Campania, copyright Per Piscator

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