“We can only warmly recommend to travel with BKWine Tours!”

Autumn colours in the steep terraced vineyard

Autumn colours in the steep terraced vineyard

Many people directly think of port wine when you mention  the Douro Valley or the city of Porto in northern Portugal. And of course it is correct, this is where port wine comes from. But it is also a wine district that today makes very exciting, delicious “table” wines, both reds and whites.

The city of Porto itself (sometimes called Oporto) is a beautiful old town with many sights, for example an old bridge that looks almost like a horizontal Eiffel Tower (though not made by Eiffel himself certainly inspired by him).

The valley is perhaps the most spectacular of all wine districts that we have visited. A truly unique wine region to visit.

Cissi and Runo have travelled with us before and this autumn they joined us on a trip to the Douro Valley and it was actually the port wines that was the biggest surprise for them and that stuck in the memory. So much so that we were mentioned in their end-of-the-year greeting to all their friends!

This is what they wrote:

We went on a very interesting wine tour to the Douro Valley. We have travelled before with Britt and Per Karlsson. We can only warmly recommend their tours! We did not know that port wine could be so delicious, and that the production of it could be so exciting.

– Cissi & Runo C., on a wine tour in the Dour Valley in Portugal

Many thanks! We look forward to meeting you again on your next wine tour!

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Take a look in our scheduled wine tour programs to see if we currently have a wine tour to the Douro Valley on the schedule. (There will be one in the second half of 2013.) Or take a look in our “popular wine tour destinations” where we have a sample program for the Douro Valley. Perhaps that can inspire you to a custom designed wine tour?
The Douro River Valley

The Douro River Valley, copyright BKWine Photography

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