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Preparing a wine tasting and lunch

Great Portuguese white wines from a little-known wine region, from Anselmo Mendes

One might primarily think of red wine when thinking of Portugal, but there are also great white wines here. Anselmo Mendes is one of the most successful ambassadors for Portuguese white wines, with great elegance. He makes wine in northern Portugal, north of the Douro river port, mainly from the alvarinho grape. Read more about […]

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Tasting wine in the cellar in the Douro

Juvenile vintage port, 2016, for next Christmas or for later | Britt on Forbes

Most port wine houses have now released their Vintage Port 2016. And although some people would say that it is much too early to drink such a wine now, drinking a young Vintage Port is really quite enjoyable. But whatever you prefer, drinking it right away or keeping it in your cellar, here are some […]

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Cais da Ribeira, Porto, Portugal

Douro Valley: spectacular landscape, local grape varieties | wine tour

Portugal has its own local grape varieties, few known outside the country. During our tour to the amazing Douro Valley in the northern part of the country we will encounter many of them: touriga national, touriga franca, sousa, tinta roriz and many more. You do find French grape varieties too in Portugal, but they are […]

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An oak forest and a vineyard in Alentejo

Alentejo and Setúbal, Portugal, Wine Tour

The Wine Tour to the dynamic Alentejo, with a visit to the Setúbal peninsula and the legendary muscatel wines — When the weather is still warm in the fall we visit Portugal, one of the most exciting wine countries in Europe right now. We cover two Portuguese wine regions during these days. We spend a […]

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Corks and capsules

The CEO of the world’s biggest cork producer meets BKWine | Per on Forbes

Just a few years ago, or perhaps mainly in the mid 90s and early 00s, corked wines were a big discussion subject. Some people reported 4-5% cork defects in wine, sometimes even 10%. We started to see serious “alternative closures”, mainly plastic corks and screw caps. Today that debate has mostly disappeared (although not quite […]

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Cleaning in a modern winery, Alentejo

Alentejo and Setubal, best of Portugal, with magnificent wine producers | wine tour

Portugal is a small country but an important wine country. First, it became known for its fortified wines, port wines and madeira. The port has made a comeback in recent years. High-quality Madeira is much appreciated by the wine connoisseurs. But today, Portugal is definitely not only fortified wine. On the contrary. From the north […]

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Chateau d Armailhac, Pauillac, Bordeaux

Enjoy a world-class BKWine wine tour this autumn or winter

We have prepared a fabulous selection of wine tours for you to enjoy either in the autumn or in winter. Why not escape from the dreary cold and darkness for a few days or a bit more to a lovely wine country on a trip filled with excellent wines and delicious food. You can choose […]

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A traditional farmhouse in Alentejo

Lisbon and Evora, two magnificent places on the wine tour in Alentejo | wine tour

The wine tour to Alentejo begins in Lisbon. Portugal’s capital is located at the mouth of the river Tejo. It is a city built on hills, an exciting city where you will always find something unexpected. We stay the first and the last night in Lisbon. The other two nights we are in the much […]

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Toast with fresh tomatoes and herbs

Storks, pigs, cork oaks and plenty of wine in Alentejo | wine tour

When you take the motorway east from Lisbon you have about an hour and a half’s drive until you arrive in the heart of the Alentejo region. On the way you will be passing stork nests on top of electricity pylons (you’ll be lucky if you see a bird), open fields with cows and a […]

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Old oak vats in a wine cellar in Piedmont

Wine tours autumn 2017: France, Portugal, Italy

Our wine tours for autumn 2017 are now available on bkwinetours.com. New tours this year is Piedmont, a gastronomic experience as well as a wine tour to the exciting and dynamic Alentejo in southern Portugal. Bordeaux, 27 September – 1 October This is probably harvest time in Bordeaux so there will be a lot of […]

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Douro Valley Wine Tour

Douro Valley Wine Tour

The Douro Valley Wine Tour:  an exclusive tour along a magnificent wine river — A luxurious wine tour with spectacular views. Many wine regions lie along a famous river. But the Douro in Portugal is the most spectacular of them all! The landscape is dramatic and beautiful. The vines grow on break-neck slopes. We will enjoy […]

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It’s worth to make an effort for Douro Wines – wine tour

In summer the quicksilver in the thermometer can rise to 40 C (105 F) or even more in the Douro Valley. In October it is much more pleasant, nice summer temperatures actually, and that’s when we have the wine tour to the Douro. But even if it is not so hot, carrying the 50 kg […]

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Spectacular river: wine tour along the winding Douro Valley

The wine world is full of famous rivers: the Loire, the Rhône, the Moselle, the Rhine … But we think the Douro river is the most magnificent of all the world’s wine rivers. The Douro Valley is a spectacular landscape with steep slopes and laboriously terraced vineyards. It is a wild landscape that has been […]

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An old bottle with a wax seal and tied cork

A river of wine: the wine journey along the meandering Douro Valley

If there were no river, no one would have come up with the idea to grow wine in this inaccessible landscape. Scorching hot in the middle of summer, but wonderfully warm in October when the Douro Valley wine tour takes place. The river is the life-blood, it was thanks to the waterway that, at the […]

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Table wines and fortified wines along the river: the Douro Valley wine tour

To call it “table wine” sounds a bit wrong, they are some of Portugal’s best wines, made in the Douro Valley. But what else can you say? “Light Wines”? Not better. They grow these outstanding wines in a landscape that meanders all along the winding river. The slopes are so steep that it is hard […]

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Is the Douro Valley the world’s most spectacular wine region landscape?

It is a good question! Few wine regions can compete with the Douro Valley in spectacular beauty and dramatic landscapes. Terraced vineyards that dive into the river. Serpentine roads that wind up steep vineyard-covered hills. But above all, fantastic wines. Today they make some of Portugal’s best “table wines” here. But also, of course, the […]

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Discover Douro: beautiful landscape, spectacular wines

Or perhaps the other way around: the landscape is one of the world’s most spectacular that you can find in a wine region. A winding river with break-neck slopes all along. And incredibly winding roads. Combine this with some fantastic wines – although most of them are almost unknown – and you get the Douro […]

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TWE Best Wine Travel Destination: Alentejo in Portugal

The Wine Enthusiast recently did a special feature on what they think are the World’s Best Wine Tour Destinations for 2016. Here are some more details on one of the destinations on their list: Alentejo in Portugal. You can see the Wine Enthusiast’s full list of best wine travel destinations in my previous post here. […]

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UNESCO World Heritage Wine region #3: The Douro Valley

I recently wrote about wine regions which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here comes the next wine district. The Douro Valley is on the UNESCO World Heritage List partly thanks to its stunning vineyard scenery. This is very well deserved. Douro Valley in northern Portugal is one of the world’s most spectacular wine […]

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Press Release: Wine and gourmet tours for the autumn 2015 launched by BKWine

BKWine recently launched the new wine tour and gourmet travel program for the autumn / fall season 2015. On the public program are two classic and luxurious wine tours, one to Bordeaux in France and one to the Douro Valley in Portugal. Together with custom designed wine tours and non-English tours BKWine will organise 30 […]

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