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Wine tourism making progress – BKWine in Svenska Dagbladet

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Svenska Dagbladet is one of the biggest Swedish national daily newspapers. In their Sunday edition they had an article on wine tourism and wine travel in which they mention BKWine. The title of the article is Wine Tourism Making Progress and it talks bout how travelling in wine country is becoming a more and more popular form of vacation.

They have a few examples of popular wine travel destinations: Stellenbosch in South Africa, Burgundy in France, Tuscany in Italy, Napa Valley in the USA, and Great Britain (!). All the wine regions get a short comment by the paper’s wine columnist Mikael Molstad.

(One can perhaps question one of the comments: that Stellenbosch is “the world’s most beautiful wine region”. Yes, it is very charming and beautiful but there are many other wine regions in the world that are equally visually stunning. One of the charms of travelling in wine country is that when you travel in wine districts you often see many beautiful sceneries. Just think of the Douro Valley, Sicily, Roussillon with Collioure and the Vallée de l’Agly, or even Tuscany that is also mentioned in the article. Just some examples that have amazing beauty.)

Joanna Drevinger, the author of the article gives three examples of travel organisers in this are: BKWine, Go Slow Travel and Temareosr, a list where BKWine is the only one that is specialised in wine tours.

Wine tourism making progress, BKWine in Svenska Dagbladet
Wine tourism making progress in Svenska Dagbladet

This is what Svenska Dagbladet writes on BKWine:

BKWine Tours have been named World’s Top Wine Tours but the American travel magazine Travel + Leisure. Their tours go mainly to Europe but they also have some tours to other continents. this spring they have for example a wine tour to South Africa.

We are grateful for the attention!

Most of the travel destinations mentioned in the article are wine regions that we organise wine tours to! Look in the section scheduled tours to see what is on right now or in popular destinations for wine and food tours for more inspiration. You can also take a look at how we do custom designed wine tours.

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