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Toast with fresh tomatoes and herbs with olives

Olive oil and wine from Dievole, a producer in Tuscany

“ ‘Wine producers usually see the production of olive oil as a problem and not as an opportunity. Here at Dievole, it is the first time I see a long-term ambitious project’, says Stefano Capurso, General Manager of Dievole.” “Dievole is a farm located in the southern part of Chianti Classico in a landscape that […]

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Rolling hills and vineyards in Tuscany

The Wine Tour in Tuscany: “A fantastic tour in every way!”, and other customer comments

In fact, the landscape in Tuscany is just as archetypical Tuscan as one imagines… There are hills and cypresses and terracotta-coloured villas here and there. And narrow alleys in the villages. The wines are no less amazing. Today there is a wide variety of wines in Tuscany. The main grape is always sangiovese, but the […]

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Guides to the World of Wine

Book mentions, including California

We’ve seen several book reviews on our books, but they have been in Swedish I’m afraid. But there was also a mention, actually a quote from our book Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking; Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture  on the American site called Civil Eats. Civil Eats recently published an article on organic wine trends in […]

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Wine tasting and lunch on the terrace with a view over the vineyards

Wine since 1453: Marchsi Mazze on Castello di Fonterutoli

“The Mazzei family has been active at their main property Castello Di Fonterutoli since 1435. More recently they have expanded operations with Belguardo in Maremma and Zisola in Sicily. Today, Francesco wanted to show some older vintages of the company’s “second label” Fonterutoli, and two new wines on the Swedish market, a rosé wine and […]

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Some small things to start lunch with in Veneto

Tuscany: Is the food as important as the wine? | Wine Tour

In Tuscany, on our wine tours, we spend time not only on the wine but also on the food. We do a cooking work-shop together with a skilled chef one morning. In Tuscany, the meal is important. You should sit down and eat together and the meal should take time. It may take time to […]

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Tuscany & Chianti Wine Tour

A wine tour to Tuscany and Chianti with the wonderful wines and food of Italy! — Tuscany enchants you with the beautiful landscape, the wines, the olive oil and not least the gastronomy. the wine always takes first place on our tours but here in Tuscany the local gastronomy also has a front seat. One […]

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Wine and food in Tuscany, plus beautiful landscapes, Italian villas, and charming restaurants, on a wine tour

Travelling in Tuscany… Rolling hills, cypresses in perfectly straight lines, terracotta-coloured villas. And on top of it lovely wines that perfectly matches the Tuscan food. It’s the ideal image of Tuscany, Italy’s most classic wine regions. But it is not just a dream image. In fact, that’s how it is. You will get a lot […]

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Wine for lunch

Wine tour to the genuine, the fabulous Tuscany

Once you find your way behind the famous sights of Tuscany this famous Italian region is both small-scale and personal. In our new travel program to Tuscany, we take you to the most exciting wine producers and invite you to delicious food experiences, beautiful nature vistas, and charming medieval towns. You do not need hire […]

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Aged cheese

A new food palace in Florence: restaurants, bistro, food market

Top destination in the centre, Mercato Centrale! In the first half of 2014 something exciting happened on the food heaven in Florence. A new very good bistro, several restaurants and a food shopping market opened in Florence. The range of interesting places for us foodies are getting better and better. Most recently the doors to […]

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Wine tour to Tuscany: wines with soul and pasta dough

Tuscany is one of our most popular destinations for wine tours. Not surprisingly. The wines are deliciously good. At least if you know which wineries to visit. The scenery is just as beautiful as you imagine. So much so that one almost stands breathless sometimes. But it has not always been that way. All the […]

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Top ten wine tours destinations for 2014

What the very best wine travel destinations are depends on what you want to do. Every wine lover wants to experience different things. Some go to the wine country to seek out those wines that cannot be found elsewhere, others go there to see those world famous chateaux. Or for the landscape, the food, the […]

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Charcuteries and cheese to start lunch with

The red soul of Tuscan wines: sangiovese

It may take a little bit of effort to really appreciate the wines of Tuscany but match it with the delicious food from this beautiful wine region and you will both be happy. Italy is a paradise for wine lovers. Where ever you go you find something new to taste, a new grape variety to […]

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Rowers under the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Florence, a capital of wine and food

Even after twelve years I am still stunned by the Florentine beauty. Luckily you never get used to it. Another thing that I really like about the city, since I’m a wine lover, is that all roads from Florence lead to a winery. Take a road you don’t know and you can be sure that […]

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Lunch and wine tasting at Tenuta di Biserno, Tuscany

Wine, food and grappa at Tenuta di Biserno in Tuscany

A super-Tuscan wine tour lunch at the prestigious Antinori winery Tenuta di Biserno is one of the new wineries in Maremma on the Tuscan coast. It is one of the wineries that produce the famous “super-Tuscan” wines. We were heading towards Biserno for our lunch appointment on one of our recent wine tours to Tuscany. […]

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Wine barrels in the cellar

Top ten wine travel destinations for the summer from Vinavisen (1/2)

Vinavisen, the biggest wine newsletter in Denmark, has made a selection of their top ten wine tour destinations for you. Here are the first five on their list. The perspective is much more European on the selection made by Vinavisen than the list of top wine regions to travel to from The Wine Enthusiast that […]

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An old sign at Fattoria San Donato near San Gimignano

Wine tour in Tuscany: Gourmet lunch at San Donato

Italian lunches tend to take quite a long time and tend to include a lot of different things. It is almost inevitable to start with some charcuteries, dried ham, sausages and cheese (but who would want to avoid that?!). Yes, in Italy the cheese usually comes at the start of the meal and not towards […]

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A sangiovese vineyard

Visit a biodynamic winery in Chianti, and enjoy a home cooked meal at Fattoria Poggerino

The Fattoria Poggerino is one of the few organic and biodynamic wineries in Chianti. It is run by Piero and Benedetta Lanza, brother and sister. Piero runs the wine cellar and Benedetta runs their agriturismo as well as being a very talented cook. We often stop by for a lunch and wine tasting when we […]

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The vat hall at the Caiarossa winery

Visiting the Caiarossa winery on the Tuscany wine tour

The wine tour in Tuscany took us to the Caiarossa winery on the Tuscan coast. It is a quite recent project created by the Dutch businessman Eric Albada Jelgersma. The winery is beautifully located in the heart of the Val di Cecina. The winery has been built from scratch according to the latest technical requirements […]

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Le Carceri, a nice restaurant in Florence

A friendly family restaurant to visit when wine touring in Tuscany If you are coming on one of our wine tours to Tuscany it is likely that you will spend a day or two (or more) in Florence either before or after the wine tour. It is certainly a city worth exploring, although in the […]

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Tasting the white Colombaia wine, Tuscany, Italy

Wine tour in Tuscany: Visiting the Colombaia winery

“Colombaia Azienda Agricola Nadia Castagnedi” is the full name, but everyone just calls it Colombaia. The winery and vineyards is run by Dante Lomazzi, winemaker, and Helena Variara. We were there recently on our wine tour in Tuscany. Here are some images and comments from the winery. Tasting the very original white wine made at […]

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