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Wine tour to the genuine, the fabulous Tuscany

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Once you find your way behind the famous sights of Tuscany this famous Italian region is both small-scale and personal. In our new travel program to Tuscany, we take you to the most exciting wine producers and invite you to delicious food experiences, beautiful nature vistas, and charming medieval towns.

You do not need hire an expert on wine travel if you want to visit the “big and famous” wine producers in Tuscany. Many of the producers with world-wide brand recognition, those who sell in large volumes on markets all around the world, are well-equipped with visitor centre facilities that receive thousands of tourists every year. But if you want to see another side of Tuscany, the genuine, the fabulous Tuscany, then it might be a good idea to look for someone who has both the knowledge and the experience and the right contacts to make it happen.

Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence
Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence, copyright BKWine Photography

Our wine tour to Tuscany begins in Florence. Every year more than two million tourists flock to Florence. If you have never visited Florence then you should definitely spend a day or two extra in Florence to visit all the sites, or to just to wander around the city. There are plenty of things to see and do. Charming, narrow streets as well as luxurious fashion boutiques.

Once you’ve seen the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio and the other star attractions then I would recommend you to take a walk outside the busiest city centre tourist areas. Maybe on the other side of the river. Maybe the new food market Il Mercato Centrale. Pop into a café for an espresso (caffè latte is only for breakfast!). Enjoy the atmosphere.

A Vespa parking
A Vespa parking, copyright BKWine Photography
Rowers under the Ponte Vecchio in Florence
Rowers under the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, copyright BKWine Photography

But what you came here for, what we give to you on our new food and wine tour of Tuscany, can only be found outside the city. Here you find the vineyards, the countryside, the wine makers, and the good food.

What we want to show you with this tour is quite different from the glossy standard tourist destination receptions that the “regular” tourists get.

We actually start with a visit “at home” in Tuscan villa in an incredibly beautiful location overlooking Florence. The owner shows us around and explains the history of the villa, and her family, going back several centuries. Then it is time for some practical work: cooking together – a cooking class – to get some insight into how to make Italian food the Tuscan way.

A classic Tuscan villa with cypresses and a vineyard
A classic Tuscan villa with cypresses and a vineyard, copyright BKWine Photography

It continues in the same vein for the rest of the trip.

Visit to a small wine producer who make wine in a very traditional way. Visit to one of the most famous names, Col d’Orcia, where Count Cinzano, who owns the castle, is usually sure to be at home to receive us. Walking in the vineyards overlooking the hills with beautiful cypress trees and elegant villas.

Yes, it is actually as beautiful as one imagine in Tuscany.

A sangiovese vineyard
A sangiovese vineyard, Copyright BKWine Photography

We stay for a night in the little town of Pienza, also of medieval origin, as both Florence and Siena which will also be our night shelters. In Pienza, one can take the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine at the wine bar in the alleyway with the city’s best views, and then have dinner at one of the restaurants where most likely La Mama is cooking in the kitchen. In fact, that is not unusual at all in Italy.

Our wine tour and culinary trip to Tuscany is made for those who want to experience the real, the personal and the unique Tuscany. The amazing Tuscany.

See the detailed program for the Tuscany wine tour here.

See more pictures from Florence and from the Tuscan wine country here.

Wine for lunch
Wine for lunch, copyright BKWine Photography

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