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The Wine Tour in Tuscany: “A fantastic tour in every way!”, and other customer comments

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In fact, the landscape in Tuscany is just as archetypical Tuscan as one imagines… There are hills and cypresses and terracotta-coloured villas here and there. And narrow alleys in the villages. The wines are no less amazing. Today there is a wide variety of wines in Tuscany. The main grape is always sangiovese, but the style can vary from edgy, classic, and austere to more modern, full-bodied and fruity with a little more character of oak barrels. But fundamentally there is always the red fruit, the elegance and a bit of tannin that make the wines so food-friendly.

And of course, when one comes here, one has to spend a lot of time on the food. The food in Italy is always very local. You do not eat the same kind of food in Tuscany, as you do in Piedmont, or in Sicily. In Tuscany have a lot of the fresh pasta, not least the “thick spaghetti”, called pici, pots and maybe a bistecca fiorentina. Both the food and the wine play a major role on our wine tours. The great classic Italian wines are always best with food.

A classic Tuscan villa with cypresses and a vineyard
A classic Tuscan villa with cypresses and a vineyard, copyright BKWine Photography

On our wine tour of Tuscany, there is also time to explore the beautiful cities of Florence and Siena and maybe Pienza or some other small town, depending on the route planning.

Here are some comments from travellers who have been with us on an earlier wine tour among the hills and vineyards of Tuscany.

On the wine tour in Tuscany:

I just want to give you some feedback after our tour to Tuscany this weekend. A totally amazing tour in every way! Beautiful vineyards with outstanding wine and friendly reception at every place, well-chosen visits, fun and educational cooking day and, not least, what a wonderfully nice, knowledgeable and lovely guide! Åsa really contributed a great deal to make the tour top notch. So knowledgeable and also a wonderful humour.

I am very grateful that this was so good. As someone in the group said: Ambitious and fact-filled, without being pretentious. A more perfect 50th birthday present is hard to find! Thank you also for the kind thought with box of chocolate as a greeting to Tom in the hotel room in Florence! We will certainly recommend BKWine to anyone who wants to learn more about wine – and who yearns for a unique experience. Many thanks to all of you!

— Pauline J

On the wine tour in Tuscany:

Here’s some feedback after our tour to Tuscany. We were very well received by BKWine in Italy and you had arranged an excellent program with wonderful vineyard visits, great restaurants and hotels. We will most likely do another wine tour to Italy in a few years and then include some truffles in Alba. A big thank you from all of us to you and your team.

— Jan

Vineyards in Tuscany with hills in the distance
Vineyards in Tuscany with hills in the distance, copyright BKWine Photography

On the wine tour in Tuscany:

I would like to make a big thank you for a fantastic and rewarding wine tour in Tuscany. The guide, Åsa, is exceptionally professional and very easy-going person and so knowledgeable. The mix of small and large wineries, but always interesting, was perfect and this all combined with delicious lunches. We really learned to appreciate the sangiovese grape. I have given you high praise on FB and have posted a link to your website there.

— Per Olof and Marie O

On the wine tour in Tuscany:

Sending our thanks for a very enjoyable wine tour to Tuscany, many thanks to a well-planned program for us.

— Margaretha & Lars-Göran

On the wine tour in Tuscany:

Better late than never, I say THANK YOU! for a very nice wine tasting tour. We had a lot of fun. Nice and talented wine producers who were very interesting to listen to. Best of all was Åsa, the guide, she is super-friendly and very talented and knowledgeable about everything. The hotels were very good and the planning was excellent. The cooking class was one of the highlights of the tour. We learned a lot and are definitely interested in making a similar tour again. Thanks again!

— Gudrun W

Wine bottles aging in the cellar
Wine bottles aging in the cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

On the wine tour in Tuscany:

I wanted to write and say that it was an amazing trip in Tuscany!

Everything worked perfectly and our guide Åsa was absolutely superb! She really everything from beginning to end, and very nice! Must say that the trip was beyond our expectations! After the first day we said: “We have experienced so much and then we have only been here for 1 day”. We were well received at all the wineries and everyone really took their time to take care of us well!

— Lotta H

On the wine tour in Tuscany:

Professional and personal BKWine tours. Top-quality.

— Jon H

On the wine tour in Tuscany:

We simply want to thank you for some fantastically wonderful days. Everything was so well organized and lovely and we are very happy with everything we experienced. It was so great to meet all the wonderful producers and taste so much delicious wine, and we have the impression that we learned a lot, both from all that you explained and everything that was said and shown at the vineyards.

— Karin S

Here you can read even more reviews about what our travellers think about our wine tours.

If you are interested in discovering Tuscany, the wine regions, the exciting wines, the amazingly good food, then you should come on a wine tour to Tuscany with us at BKWine!

If you want to know more about the region, and maybe get more inspiration, you can read our book about the wines, producers and food in Tuscany. But sadly only in Swedish until we find an English language publisher.

Charcuteries and bruschetta to start
Charcuteries and bruschetta to start, copyright BKWine Photography
Oak barrels with ageing wine in a cellar in Tuscany
Oak barrels with ageing wine in a cellar in Tuscany, copyright BKWine Photography
A simple pasta dish in a restaurant in Florence
A simple pasta dish in a restaurant in Florence, copyright BKWine Photography

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