Book mentions, including California

We’ve seen several book reviews on our books, but they have been in Swedish I’m afraid.

But there was also a mention, actually a quote from our book Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking; Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture  on the American site called Civil Eats. Civil Eats recently published an article on organic wine trends in Sonoma and the referred to our book as one of the references: Civil Eats on sustainable and organic wine in Sonoma County, and on our organic wine book.

In a way maybe not so strange, since there are very few books that actually explain what organic, biodynamic, sustainable etc is. Most books on the subject tend to be of the type “this is great, you should do it”. What we tried to do is “this is actually what it is, the facts, the rules and how it works; now you decide if you like it or not”. If you want to know what organic, biodynamic, natural, sustainable etc really is, perhaps you should read our book.

Guides to the World of Wine

Guides to the World of Wine

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