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Wine tour to Tuscany: wines with soul and pasta dough

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Tuscany is one of our most popular destinations for wine tours. Not surprisingly. The wines are deliciously good. At least if you know which wineries to visit. The scenery is just as beautiful as you imagine. So much so that one almost stands breathless sometimes.

But it has not always been that way. All the Tuscan with wine regions, Chianti and Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, the white wine district of San Gimignano plus a handful of lesser known denominations, have all undergone dramatic changes. A few decades ago everything was dominated by a few (well-known and “famous”) wine brands that, if one is to be honest, not always made top-notch wines.

Medieval towers in a village on a Tuscan hilltop
Medieval towers in a village on a Tuscan hilltop, copyright BKWine Photography

Today things are very different. There are lots of small wine producers who make fantastic wines. Gone are the high acidity wines, the meagre body wines, the straw bottles as well as all other uninteresting things. The big “industrial” producers are of course still there but that is not what is really exciting today among the wines and wine producers.

The enthusiasm and dynamism come from many small wineries. Those who make wonderfully expressive wines that play on all the strings that the sangiovese grape in its various forms has to offer. The ones who know how to let both the grape variety and the soil and the climate find its expression in the wine.

It is to them that we dedicate our wine tours to Tuscany and Chianti. It is those winemakers that we visit and that we want to show you and have you meet.

We have just published the new program for the autumn wine and food tour to the wine regions in Tuscany that we have on our “public” program for the Scandinavian market. We do the same in English but not currently as a scheduled tour. Only as a custom wine tour.

Take a look and see if it can entice you to come visit Tuscany!

We also have time, of course, to dive into the Tuscan gastronomy with plenty of delicious Italian food (always an important part of our tours). We even include a half-day cooking class at a hill-top villa near Florence that once belonged to the Medicis.

See you there?

Bonus: We start and end the tour in Florence, Tuscany, here are some pictures.

Oak barrels with ageing wine in a cellar in Tuscany
Oak barrels with ageing wine in a cellar in Tuscany, copyright BKWine Photography

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