“It can’t get any better!” – on our wine tours

We love hearing from our guest, the travellers, on our tours. This past autumn we had a wine tour to the Piedmont (or Piemonte if we stick to Italian). It had of course plenty of winery visits, vineyards, and tastings but it also included a visit to the famous truffles market in Alba with the exclusive white truffle.

We also had not one, not two, but three (!) lunches with truffles, one of which was a gastronomic feast where everything was with truffles and where the truffles (and the slicer) was on the table so you helped yourself to the tuber magnatum pico, as the truffle is called. Before lunch our “truffle man” had taken us out to his truffles patch in the woods, together with his dog, to show us how to hunt for truffles. A few memorable days indeed!

The white truffle in a market

The white truffle in a market, copyright BKWine Photography

This is how one of our guests described the trip:

Impressions from a trip with BKWine in the Piedmont in October:

This is the third trip I do with Britt and Per of BKWine and for the third time I can not but conclude that it can not become any better than this. A group of people of just the right size that during a few days’ time would get an insight into the culture of a wine region and in professional and knowledgeable hands.

All the winery visits and meals were planned to perfection; it always felt as if we had plenty of time with no stress, everything very relaxed. And the quality of the wines and the food was first class. The winemakers took the time to show us around in the vineyards and in the wine cellars and brought out their best wines to the tastings. It is only a pity that air transport does not allow for more than the odd bottle to bring home, but that is not anything I can blame the tour organiser for!

It is a magnificent experience to taste the traditional gastronomy of the region with accompanied by local wines. The memory of each five-course meal rests in mind with a very aromatic cloud around it – the fantastic tartar beef, the home made pasta, the vegetables, the tender beef that had simmered in Barolo, the delicious desserts, and a few odd glasses of grappa to help digestion… Not to mention all the truffles! It gets a very special taste when you have just seen the truffles dog finding the little mushroom! And at the truffles market in Alba you can linger for hours, tasting local produce.

In conclusion I can only say that if you have travelled once with BKWine it is a high risk that it becomes a habit!

AE, on a wine tour in Piedmont

We hope that it has become a habit that will continue!

Perhaps it is so that travelling on wine tours is addictive?

Many thanks to AE for all the kind and positive words!

Read more on what other guests on our wine tours have said about travelling with BKWine here.

Old oak vats in a wine cellar in Piedmont

Old oak vats in a wine cellar in Piedmont, copyright BKWine Photography

A medieval village and vineyards in Piedmont

A medieval village and vineyards in Piedmont, copyright BKWine Photography

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