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Vineyards in Franschhoek, South Africa

South Africa, a changing wine country | wine tour

South Africa has an incredible diversity of grape varieties. There is a wide range of wine styles. The vineyard surface is around 100,000 hectares, but not all grapes become wine. The brandy production is still quite important, but it has declined in recent years. Much has changed in South Africa. During our tour, we will […]

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A Cape Dutch house in Franschhoek, South Africa

South Africa, a journey full of experiences, wine and good food | wine tour

Our days in South Africa are filled with experiences. Cape Town with its famous Waterfront and the cable car (the aerial cableway as they call it) up to Table Mountain with stunning views. The excursion to the Cape Peninsula which takes us to the legendary Cape of Good Hope. Stellenbosch, the pleasant and lively university […]

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Vineyards in Central Otago, New Zealand

New Zealand’s stellar career as a wine country | wine tour

New Zealand is a young wine country that has had a fabulous career. The wines from New Zealand are either the highest or second highest priced wine category in the USA, the United Kingdom and in China. This doesn’t mean that the wines are always very expensive. Rather, it shows that the quality is on […]

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At Stark-Condé Wines, Stellenbosch, South Africa

South Africa with Bordeaux blends, pinotage, spectacular scenery and passionate winemakers | wine tour

South Africa is, of course, a New World country but an old one and with a pleasant climate that makes it possible to obtain both good acidity and good structure in the wines. Rarely do they become too heavy. The red Bordeaux grapes are very popular. South Africa also has its very own grape, the […]

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Vineyards in New Zealand – FEATURE

Kia Ora! Welcome to New Zealand | wine tour

Kia Ora is a word that you will learn pretty quickly. It means welcome in Maori. And during the course of this journey you will probably learn more words than one, although some are quite tongue-twisting. You’ll see Maori words everywhere in the country, for example in the Wairarapa and Waipara wine regions (a challenge […]

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Vineyards in Paarl, South Africa

Top-quality wines and gastronomic food in South Africa | wine tour

South Africa is a wonderful place to visit. On our wine tour in February we will take you to some of our favourite places. Many of the South African vineyards are located within easy reach from Cape Town. After an hour’s drive east you reach Stellenbosch, the biggest and most famous of the wine regions. […]

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Bertrand Gautherot at Champagne Vouette et Sorbee with the solera barrels

“Bad boys of Champagne”, and brilliant champagnes at Vouette et Sorbée

” ‘Down here in Aube, we used to be called ‘the bad boys of Champagne’ ‘ says Bertrand Gautherot, winemaker and owner of Vouette & Sorbée. “But not anymore,” he adds, smiling broadly. Actually, there is no time for either tasting or visits, work in the vineyards must be prioritized, said Bertrand at my initial […]

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Bottles resting in a cellar in Champagne

Champagne: grower champagnes and house champagnes, is there any difference? | wine tour

Grower champagnes and house champagnes. Is one better than the other? You can decide that for yourself in Champagne in September. We will visit both small growers, smaller houses and larger houses. There are, of course, lovely champagnes from producers of all sizes. Sometimes you choose a growers’ champagne because it feels like a more […]

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Restaurant Le Glouton, Bordeaux

Favourite Bordeaux Restaurants And Wine Bars | Britt on Forbes

Bordeaux is definitely worth visiting, even if you are not a wine fanatic. Lately, we have discovered some very interesting restaurants and wine bars. So even if you are out touring the chateaux and the vineyards during the day, you will have no problem finding somewhere to spend your evenings. Read more on Britt’s article […]

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Felton Road Winery and vineyards, Central Otago, New Zealand

Discover both the wine-lands and the country of New Zealand | wine tour

New Zealand is far away. Far from everything. Therefore, this tour is the longest we have on our program. But it will still feel too short, once you’re there! There is so much to see. We mix wine visits and wine tastings with Maori culture, geysers, glaciers and sightseeing in for instance Wellington, the capital. […]

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Vineyards, a winery and mountains in Franschhoek, South Africa

An unforgettable tour and meetings with amazing people | wine tour in South Africa

South Africa has so much to offer that it is difficult to know where to start. Wine-wise, the country has evolved tremendously and now finally people are beginning to realize that the country can do more than just export inexpensive bulk wine. But it has taken time and there is still a lot to do. […]

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Two glasses of champagne, white and rosé

Champagne should be served in the right glasses | wine tour

If you order a glass of champagne in France, you often ask for “une coupe de champagne”. A coupe is – in principle – the big champagne glass, shaped like a flat bowl and pretty hopeless to drink from. It was popular in the old days but actually it has made a small comeback. But […]

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Bottles in pupitres in an underground cellar in Champagne

Champagne stories and history enhances the wine experience | wine tour

About 2 billion bottles of sparkling wine are produced in the world each year. Champagne accounts for 15% of this volume. The demand for bubbles has increased by 30% in ten years and it shows no sign of slowing down. Champagne’s competitors are getting better and better. But we definitely believe that Champagne will retain […]

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Bottles in a pupitre in the cellar of Champagne J Lassalle

Three generations of pioneers at Champagne J Lassalle | Britt on Forbes

Champagne J. Lassalle started to export to the United States already in the 1970s. It was one of the first independent Champagne growers to be sold in the US. Today, a big part of the family’s production goes to the US market. The estate is run by Angéline Templier and her mother Chantal Lassalle. Grandmother […]

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Riesling, almost ripe in Central Otago, New Zealand

The unlikely and unexpected variation in New Zealand | wine tour

When you start up on the North Island in Auckland and finish at the South Island in Queenstown, it will be a long journey. But it doesn’t feel long. There is so much to look at, so much to experience. And so many wines to taste. I didn’t keep the count when we were there […]

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Sancerre, the village and vineyards

Savignon blanc has different style depending on the soil where it grows | Britt on Forbes

Some grapes are easier to recognize than others. Sauvignon Blanc is easy but not the easiest. That distinction goes to Muscat and Gewürztraminer. But still, in a blind tasting you have a fair chance of identifying the Sauvignon Blanc. However, Sauvignon Blanc, like most other grapes, is influenced by their environment, be it the soil, […]

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Bottles in pupitres in an underground cellar in Champagne

Exceptional champagnes from small growers give you more bang for the buck

There are around 3000 small champagne producers, growers and similar, but only about 300 so-called “houses”. The “houses” are the big, well-known brands but it is mainly among the others, the small producers that you today find the most exciting champagnes. The market is of course dominated by the marketing-driven big and famous brands but […]

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The coastline near Cape Town

A great experience in wine, gastronomy and nature | wine tour in South Africa

South Africa is about the same size as Bordeaux but has much more variety in the styles offered. You have the classics, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, where you have very classic grapes, cabernet, syrah, chenin blanc, chardonnay etc. Up in Swartland, not far away actually, it is much warmer. Grenache and cinsault, and the somewhat (in?)famous […]

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Sangiovese ready for harvest in Tuscany

A complicated vintage in Brunello di Montalcino shows the importance of talent

2014 is one of the most difficult vintages in memory in Brunello di Montalcino. It was the year when northern Europe enjoyed sun while the Italian summer was more like in Scotland. Rain, rain and rain. Add cold and ta da: you have the vintage 2014 in a nutshell. Brunello di Montalcino 2014 reflects the […]

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Time for some lunch at a winery in Maipo, Chile

A memory for life with wines, gastronomy, nature, and people | wine tour in Chile and Argentina

One should perhaps not be a vegetarian when traveling to Chile and Argentina. But of course you can be. We have actually had travellers in Chile-Argentina who have been vegetarians. They have wonderful vegetables, too. One of our lunches is in the middle of a vineyard, under some avocado trees (“palta”), surrounded by the winery’s […]

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