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New Zealand, a new but fascinating wine country | wine tour

Although the first vines were planted in New Zealand already in the 19th century, this is an extremely young New World country. The modern wine industry did not develop until the 1970s and at the time the German grape Müller Thurgau still dominated the vineyards. It is hard to imagine today. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot […]

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Vineyards in Piedmont

Piedmont’s treasure of lesser-known native grape varieties

Piedmont has a wealth of little-known traditional varieties. Time to discover them! The wine region Piedmont in north-western Italy is best known for its powerful Nebbiolo wines Barolo and Barbaresco, its fruity Barbera and sweet Moscato wines. But the region has much more to offer. Piedmont hosts an impressive range of indigenous (autochthonous) grape varieties […]

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Bottles of champagne “sur lattes” in a wine cellar

Champagne, an exciting success story | wine tour

Champagne is a success story and the region has a long and exciting history. Much has happened since the first bubbles were discovered! The technology has been refined, rules have been written and now Champagne is one of the most controlled wine regions in the world. And one of the most sought-after wines. Throughout the […]

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Decanting for the tasting in a grand chateau in Bordeaux

Bordeaux: Médoc or Saint Emilion, can you tell the difference? | wine tour

You often can tell when you have a bordeaux in the glass, even when served blind. Not always of course, but a good quality Bordeaux has a distinct style. A certain austere character with hints of tobacco and cedar wood are classic features. Also, the ageing in small oak barrels gives a special Bordeaux feeling. […]

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Auckland City

New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc and much more | wine tour

New Zealand came from almost nowhere and became world famous for its Sauvignon Blanc. This grape is still the dominant one New Zealand, but today there is a great variety of other grapes as well. In addition, Sauvignon Blanc is made in many different styles. There are winemakers who experiment with skin contact, or use […]

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The hills and vineyards of Lessona with the Alps

Nebbiolo is more than Barolo and Barbaresco!

There is much more to discover in Piedmont than just the well-known classics of Barolo and Barbaresco. Today the region is bubbling with a new generation of winemakers, almost like the Far West, and small wine regions that are in the process of rebuilding their wine production. Much, though not all, is about nebbiolo in […]

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View over La Marne with vineyards and a village, Vallée de la Marne, Champagne

Champagne, the real thing | wine tour

Does “real Champagne” exist? No! Either it is Champagne or it is not. There are many sparkling wines in the world but only one that comes from the region of Champagne. And nothing else can be called Champagne. But it used to be common practice that whenever people drank wine with bubbles, they drank “Champagne”, […]

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A village, vineyards and cyclist in the Montagne de Reims, Champagne

A new champagne house aims for the premium segment, Frerejean Frères

Starting a brand new champagne house is probably not easy. The process to make champagne is very outdrawn, with substantial capital costs, and there’s a fierce competition with high-budget marketing. But the brothers Guillaume, Rodolphe and Richard Frerejean took the challenge. In 2005 they founded the house Champagne Frerejean Frères and they have managed to […]

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Champagne as aperitif

New tour this fall: A wine tour to Champagne like no other!

We will have a new wine tour to Champagne this autumn. The dates are September 11 to 15, at the very beginning of autumn. It’s a tour that the champagne lover really should not miss. Filled with delicious wines and luxurious food. There are many ways to do a wine tour of Champagne. You can […]

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Tasting wine in the cellar in the Douro

Juvenile vintage port, 2016, for next Christmas or for later | Britt on Forbes

Most port wine houses have now released their Vintage Port 2016. And although some people would say that it is much too early to drink such a wine now, drinking a young Vintage Port is really quite enjoyable. But whatever you prefer, drinking it right away or keeping it in your cellar, here are some […]

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Hawke's Bay vines

New Zealand, wine experiences beyond the usual | wine tour

New Zealand is a different New World country. The climate is cooler and the wines often feel more European in style, even though the country has developed its very own style, which is often easily recognized. The white grapes are important but Pinot Noir and even Bordeaux grapes are more and more common. During our […]

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The barrel cellar, Bordeaux

Bordeaux: Classic and stylish, but brimming with new ideas| wine tour

Bordeaux is one of France’s biggest wine regions and the biggest for quality wines. More or less all wines that are made here are AOP wines, appellation d’origine protégée. But despite this fact, you find in Bordeaux wines at all price levels. Bordeaux has many faces and we will discover some of them during our […]

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Bottles sur lattes, in a cellar in Champagne

Can we once and for all establish what is true and correct about brut, sec-dry, demi-sec etc?

Some myths or mistakes are more persistent than others. One of these is how much sugar champagne and other sparkling wines contain. Time and again, incorrect numbers are repeated, in articles, on the internet, and even in books (even the newest ones). It is hardly a life-changing issue, but if you really want to explain […]

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The barrel cellar, Bordeaux

Wine tours with BKWine autumn-fall 2019

We are in the process of finalising the autumn-fall wine tour program for 2019. It will be a short selection of a few of the world’s best wine tour destinations that you can choose from. Here is the preliminary list of wine regions and dates for the autumn 2019: Champagne, September 11-15 Bordeaux, October 2-6 […]

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Ripe merlot on the vines in the vineyard in Saint Emilion, Bordeaux

A Successful Wine And Marketing Strategy For Bordeaux, Les Côtes | Per on Forbes

“A little bit over ten years ago a group of winemakers in Bordeaux decided to band together to be more effective in marketing their wines. They created Les Côtes de Bordeaux, or simply Les Côtes. It is one of the rare occasions when French appellations have been simplified to make it easier for the consumer, […]

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Clos Fourtet, Saint Emilion, Bordeaux

Bordeaux: great wines, elegant city, fantastic gastronomy | wine tour

Bordeaux is not only France’s most well-known wine region but also France’s most elegant city. We stay here during our Bordeaux tour in April. From Bordeaux you can easily reach the chateaux of Médoc, Saint Emilion, Pessac-Léognan and so on. In April the vines have just started to grow again and we will have plenty […]

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Old bottles of Barbaresco

Discover the elegant nebbiolos from Barbaresco

Barbaresco was recently named “Wine Region of the Year” by the wine tasting association Munskänkarna. The region has perhaps languished in the shadow of the more famous neighbour Barolo, but that is about to change. “Two of Italy´s most prestigious wines are the Piedmontese stars Barolo and Barbaresco. Both made from 100% of the autochthonous […]

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Taking a barrel sample for tasting

A daring tasting with base wines from Palmer & Co’s Blanc de Noirs

When you produce champagne you always start by making a still wine without bubbles. This “base wine” is bottled with some yeast and sugar, and thus the bubbles are made. Few people get the chance to taste these still base wines, for good reasons. They can be difficult to understand and appreciate because they usually […]

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Old malbec vines at Mendel, Mendoza

Last Minute: Give in to the temptation, join us on a wine tour to Chile and Argentina

We have had a cancellation so we have two seats left on the fantastic wine tour to Chile and Argentina. It is a journey that of course contains a lot of wine and gastronomy. We visit some of the best producers in Mendoza and in the most important wine regions in Chile. But the tour […]

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Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé Burgundy wines

Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé Musigny Vieilles Vignes and some other luxurious Burgundies from 2016 and 2009

“Comte Georges de Vogüé is a highly regarded Burgundy producer in the village of Chambolle-Musigny with 12.5 ha vineyards, of which 9.9 hectares are located in the grand cru vineyards of Musigny and Bonnes-Mares. With 7.2 hectares, de Vogüé is, with a wide margin, the largest vineyard owner in Musigny, which usually gives the most […]

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