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Time for some lunch at a winery in Maipo, Chile

A memory for life with wines, gastronomy, nature, and people | wine tour in Chile and Argentina

One should perhaps not be a vegetarian when traveling to Chile and Argentina. But of course you can be. We have actually had travellers in Chile-Argentina who have been vegetarians. They have wonderful vegetables, too. One of our lunches is in the middle of a vineyard, under some avocado trees (“palta”), surrounded by the winery’s […]

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Vineyards in Chablis

“No thanks, not Chardonnay, but yes please, a glass of chablis”

The wine producers in Chablis love the Swedes and the Swedes love Chablis. So it is. Eight percent of the production in Chablis is gobbled up in a Swedish home, in the sailboat, on the beach or on a picnic. Although the wine producer himself may have a moderate interest in geography, Sweden, thanks to […]

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After a long tasting in a grand chateau in Bordeaux

Enjoy exclusive wines and top-class gastronomy | wine tour to Bordeaux

In a way it is strange. Bordeaux is not really known for any gastronomic specialties. Well, yes, there are oysters from Arcachon, Pauillac lamb and grilled entrecote. But still, it is a fairly modest, and not very original, collection of “typical” dishes. What makes it even stranger is that it is probably in Bordeaux that […]

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Vineyards and hills in Tuscany

A Tuscan double, Monteraponi and Montevertine present their new vintages

Every year, when the two wine estates Montevertine and Monteraponi in Radda in Chianti present their new vintages, it is a celebration. A Sangiovese celebration. For if there’s something they’re good at, Martino Manetti and Michele Braganti with their other halves Liviana Midollini and Alessandra Deiana, it is to make fantastic wines from the king […]

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Landscape on New Zealand South Island

Surprising wines and grandiose landscapes on the New Zealand wine tour

Our trip to New Zealand is a lovely “road trip” that takes us by bus from Auckland on the North Island down to Queenstown in beautiful Central Otago on the South Island. For 16 days we will get acquainted with most of the New Zealand wine regions. We also have time to enjoy the landscape […]

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Preparing a wine tasting and lunch

Great Portuguese white wines from a little-known wine region, from Anselmo Mendes

One might primarily think of red wine when thinking of Portugal, but there are also great white wines here. Anselmo Mendes is one of the most successful ambassadors for Portuguese white wines, with great elegance. He makes wine in northern Portugal, north of the Douro river port, mainly from the alvarinho grape. Read more about […]

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Bottles in pupitres in an underground cellar in Champagne

The unknown side of Champagne is the best side | wine tour

Champagne is not just the famous “houses”. Champagne is above all the small producers who make wine with passion and enthusiasm. The two largest (world famous) producers make 30 and 12 million bottles annually. Large-scale. That is one of the reasons why, on our travel program, we mainly have producers that you might not be […]

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A very pleasant lunch and tasting is over in Tuscany

Our best selection of the new vintages of Chianti Classico, 2016 and 2017

Also Chianti Classico has a “primeur season”, just like Bordeaux. But in Chianti Classico it is perhaps even more interesting because most of the wines are actually finished and bottled, and not the barely-finished-fermenting wines (with some exaggeration) that are shown in Bordeaux, which often have another one or two years in barrel in front […]

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Majestic mountains and vineyards in South Africa

Quality wine pioneers in South Africa on the wine tour in February

South Africa is wine-wise considered to be in the New World, but it is a New World country with a long wine history. In 1655, the first vines were planted, just outside of Cape Town, so they actually make wine here for longer than in many parts of Bordeaux. The sweet wines from Constantia were […]

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Vineyards and mountains in Chile, South America

Two neighbouring countries, so close but so different, the wine tour to Chile and Argentina

We start in Buenos Aires, this vibrant metropolis where Europe and America blend in an original and exciting way, a city that feels like a mix between Paris and Milan. We finish in the Chilean capital Santiago which is much more North American in style. In between, we have experienced tango, Mendoza, Casablanca, Vina del […]

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Enjoying lunch with the winemaker in a cellar in Bordeaux

Prestige chateaux and family vineyards in Bordeaux | wine tour

On the Bordeaux wine tour we will visit Medoc, Saint Emilion, Sauternes and other famous appellations. You will see some luxurious show-piece chateau but also “the real” Bordeaux where a family runs the vineyard and live in the so-called chateau. The harvest is either in full swing or has just finished so there will be […]

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Bottles in pupitres in an underground cellar in Champagne

Champagne is prestige but also magnificent wines | wine tour

People all over the world drink more and more sparkling wine. Everything is not champagne, far from it. Champagne accounts for 15% of the volume but 40% of the value. Champagne is prestige, champagne has a special aura, and why it is so you will understand better when you are there. We will taste many […]

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Vast beautiful landscape in Chile, South America

For those of who wants to travel far, wine tours to the southern hemisphere next winter

The long-distance wine tours for 2020 have now been published. We will do three exciting tours with wine, food, fantastic scenery, new cultures and meetings with passionate winemakers. Three very special wine tours. Each one will be a memory for life. South America: Chile & Argentina, 20 January- 2 February An unforgettable tour to the […]

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Rebecca Gibb, an expert on wines from New Zealand

Sauvignon blanc, loved and maligned, but who makes the best? | Britt on Forbes

One of the most satisfying wines to taste blind is Sauvignon Blanc. Its aromatic character is easy to recognise. It is also a wine that is loved by many all over the world, often in a refreshing, aromatic, easy-drinking style. But is there more than it being a pool-side drink to Sauvignon Blanc? Some certainly […]

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In the barrel cellar at a prestigious Bordeaux chateau

Prestige chateaux and family vineyards in Bordeaux | wine tour

Touring Bordeaux is something a wine lover must do at least once. During the tour we will visit grand and well-known prestige chateaux, but also smaller family producers. We will have gastronomic lunches at chateaux with matching wines, sometimes older vintages. Our wine tour lunches are famous. This is a golden opportunity to discover or […]

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Majestic mountains and vineyards in South Africa

For the adventurous wine enthusiast, wine tours in the southern hemisphere next winter

The long-distance wine tours for 2020 are also starting to take shape. We will have three magnificent wine tours where not only the wines will enthral you. The countries, the landscapes, the culture, the people, all is experiences that will stay with you for a long time. This is the plan: South America: Chile & […]

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Champagne as aperitif

Champagne, for drinks and for dinners | wine tour

Champagne is a wine for parties and cocktails but it is also a wine to drink with food. Have you tried it? During this tour we will learn how to combine champagne with food. We will eat fabulous lunches with champagne throughout. But you will learn a lot more. The whole production process for instance. […]

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Bottles resting in a cellar in Champagne

Champagne, small growers and big houses | wine tour

You want to buy a bottle of champagne from a small grower? Look for the letters RM on the bottle, often in small print, very small. RM means récoltant-manipulant in French and this indicates that the producer has used only his own grapes and has produced the champagne in his own winery. We like to […]

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Foglia tonda wine producers in Tuscany

Foglia tonda, who dares to bet on the unknown Tuscan grape with the round leaves?

A wine does not have to have strong colour to be good, just look at pinot noir and nebbiolo. But it helps, at least if one goes with many consumers’ preconceived ideas. If one were to judge by the colour, foglia tonda would be among the most treasured grapes, but instead the grape has almost […]

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Decanting for the tasting in a grand chateau in Bordeaux

Gastronomic surprises in Bordeaux | wine tour

The food in Bordeaux offers some surprises. Did you know, for example, that the most popular cheese in Bordeaux is brébis des pyrénées, a sheep cheese from the Pyrenees? And that this is the only cheese in France that you serve with jam? (No, it is not really customary to serve something sweet, jelly or […]

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