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View over the Andes from Domaine Bousquet, Mendoza

Argentina and Chile: Meet the top wine makers and visit the exciting wineries | wine tour

On our South America trip, there will be many wine tastings, both established and new ambitious wineries. Some of them may you may not have heard of. We always try to find the most interesting and exciting producers, go one step beyond the standard, beyond what others do. Some of them are not yet so […]

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Two “fruity” gin and tonics

How to make the best gin-and-tonic

I imagine hardly anyone needs an instruction on how to make a Gin-and-Tonic, or G-and-T. Could it be the world’s most popular drink? But there are different ways to do it. For example, in this video, they use a blood grapefruit. Personally, I prefer a slice of lemon or lime. Some use cucumbers, blueberries and […]

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Welcome to Franschhoek

South Africa, the scenery, the gastronomy and the wines that are better than ever | wine tour

South Africa is a spectacular country to visit: dramatic mountains and rocky shores, wildlife with a stunning wealth and variety of species. South African has its own gastronomy that offers you many exciting surprises. And the quality of the wines has never been better than today. Small, ambitious wineries as well as larger wine producers […]

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Vineyards in New Zealand

Discover New Zealand beyond sauvignon blanc, a spectacular wine country | wine tour

New Zealand is a very new wine country. It has emerged as a serious wine country with astonishing speed. Virtually an explosion of quality wines. The wine industry does not stop growing. Currently there are 38,000 hectares. Much is Sauvignon Blanc but other grapes are becoming more and more important, Pinot Noir not least, now […]

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Vina Maquis rosé wine, Colchagua

Exciting rosé wine from Chile

There is plenty of dull and uninteresting rosé wines around, and then there are some that stand out for their quality. At Vina Maquis in Colchagua in Chile, their aim is to make a rosé wine of top quality. They harvest the malbec grapes one month earlier than the “normal” red wine harvest. They also […]

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Quintay Q Pinot Noir 2010

Argentina and Chile is much, much more than Malbec and Carmenere | wine tour

Malbec came to Argentina (from Chile!) already in 1850. It was faced with completely different growing conditions than it was used to from southwestern France, in Cahors. Not least a dry climate with only 200-300 mm of rain per year. But the grape adapted quickly. Already at the time, Mendoza was a major trading city. […]

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The wine cellar at Rocca di Frassinello, Maremma

More on Maremma: Meet two of the producers on the Tuscan coast

Antinori’s Le Mortelle and Rocca di Frassinello. Maremma is the new kid on the block in Tuscany. The region received its appellation as late as 2014. But it is a region with a history with ties back to the beginning of the “super-tuscans” in nearby Bolgheri. “When Antinori bought the land here in 1999, there […]

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Rocca di Frassinello vineyards in Maremma

An introduction to Maremma, the new kid on the block in Tuscany

Discover the unknown Tuscany by the coast! Maremma is Tuscany’s Wild West. Horses and cowboys. Rolling fields, quaint villages and gorgeous white beaches by the crystal blue sea. But also a wine region that offers a wide variety of wines. Maremma was until not long ago an area that was avoided if one could. There […]

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Tuscan landscape – FEATURE

Fattoria Bini, a historic wine estate near Florence in Tuscany | Britt on Forbes

Visualize a villa from the early 16th century, near Florence; build by an enemy of the mighty Medici family. You can easily imagine intrigues of various kinds taking place here. Today, life at the Terraio Villa is probably much quieter. The passion is still there but now it goes into the excellent wines made here. […]

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Marlborough Sounds

Be one of the first to discover the greatness of New Zealand | wine tour

It is a long journey to get to New Zealand but it is well worth it. Here you will enjoy the wines and the food, but also the nature and the landscape that is completely unique, famous for instance from the filming of Lord of the Rings. Our tour starts in Auckland on the North […]

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Stuart George with Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945

The Mouton Mystery: Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 1945, fake or real?

“Broadbent described Mouton 1945 as ‘a Churchill of a wine’, and not just in reference to the wine itself, either. An Art Deco label was commissioned from the poster artist Carlu for the 1924 Mouton vintage. To commemorate the end of the war, 1945 was the second vintage of Mouton to feature a bespoke label, […]

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Alexandre Penet at Champagne Penet-Chardonnet

Top champagne Penet Chardonnet should be enjoyed as wines, not just bubbly | Britt on Forbes

“A lot of champagnes are drunk at occasions when all that matters are the bubbles. But if you open a high quality champagne with a strong character it deserves more attention. It should actually be drunk as a “normal” wine. And why not with food? When you meet Alexandre Penet at Champagne Penet-Chardonnet in Verzy […]

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The Steenberg Restaurant in Constantia

South Africa is today one of the most exciting and dynamic wine countries | wine tour

South Africa is a New World wine country, but with a long wine history. They celebrated 350 year anniversary as a wine country some years back. The sweet wines from Constantia were world famous already in the 18th century. The Dutchman Jan Van Riebeek planted the first vines outside of Cape Town in 1655 and […]

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A view over a winery and the Andes in Mendoza

Reaching the highest levels in South America: wines, food and the Andes | wine tour

It is hard to say which part of our South America tour is the most memorable. The wine tastings, the winemakers, the landscape or the food. The empanadas, the grilled meat cooked outside over open fire, the young winemakers who talk passionately about their terroir, the top quality icon wines or the spectacular bus journey […]

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Red bell-peppers on a market in Spain

Spain FAQ: tipping, restaurants, transport, shopping

Handy tips on tipping customs, shopping hours, restaurant etiquette, taxi and transport, and more One should perhaps not take too seriously rules about how to behave. On the other hand, it can be dangerous to be totally ignorant about local customs and traditions when travelling in a foreign country. So here are a few half […]

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A cellar with oak barrels

Bordeaux: chateaux, wines and a long history | wine tour

Seeing all the well-known Bordeaux chateaux in real life is a great experience. Some of them are very impressive. However, some of the most famous ones, like Château Petrus or Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, are small and not so imposing but when you know the price of the wines you are a bit impressed anyway. Many chateaux […]

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A cup of cafe solo for breakfast in Spain

Coffee in Spain – “un café por favor”

There are many different types of coffee in Spain, but it does not have quite the almost iconic status that it has in Italy. Many Spaniards complain (without good reason!) of the quality of their coffee, even though they belong to one of the top 20 countries that drink the most coffee per capita. If […]

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Ernie Els’ Big Easy restaurant in Stellenbosch

Meet the pioneers in wine in South Africa | wine tour

South Africa has changed a lot since in 25 years. Not least the wine industry. Many people associate South Africa with unpretentious and good-value wines. We will show you the more ambitious wines made here in this wonderful country. Today this country produces true world-class wines. The scenery is unforgettable and beautiful. February is the […]

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Fancy tapas in a bar on Calle Laurel in Logrono, Rioja

Tapas, a culinary treasure from Spain

If there is something that all non-Spanish know about Spanish gastronomy, then it’s tapas! Or any of the tapas ‘cousins’. Tapas are served at most bars and many cafés. Often with local specialities. Sometimes very simple, but sometimes amazingly sophisticated. There is no real difference between tapas, pinchos and pintxos. It is primarily a question […]

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Waiheke Island, Auckland

The extraordinary explorer wine tour to New Zealand

In March we will go even further away than any other wine tour, to New Zealand. New Zealand has become a world-famous and highly respected wine country in just 20-25 years. Looking at export numbers it is one of the countries with wines selling at the highest prices. It started with Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough. […]

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