City Guides

Here are a few city guides to some of the cities we visit. It is essentially short introductions to each city (or town) that will give you a flavour of what it is like and some practical information.

We hope that it will give you even more of a desire to go there!

City guide Bordeaux

Here’s how it starts:

Bordeaux is a wine, a wine district and a city. A city that is strategically placed for visits to the well known wine districts like the Medoc, Graves and Saint Emilion. It is a city well worth visiting before going off to the vineyards. It is one of the biggest cities in France and probably the most elegant of them all.

Read the full city guide to Bordeaux here.

City guide Beaune, Burgundy

Here’s how it starts:

Beaune is the capital of the Cote de Beaune, which together with the Cote de Nuits makes up the Cote d’Or, the heart of Burgundy. Cote d’Or is a small wine district some 80 kilometres long, from Santenay in the south to Marsannay in the north. For the wine traveller Beaune, that lies in the middle, is the perfect point of departure for a round trip amongst the Burgundy vineyards.

Read the full city guide to Beaune in Burgundy here.

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