A cork oak forest in Alentejo

Wine tours autumn 2017 and winter 2018

You will find all information about our wine tours for autumn 2017 and our South America tour beginning of 2018 on You can choose between France, Portugal, Italy and Argentina & Chile. All destinations

A wine cellar with oak barrels and an egg-tank in Chile

The world should catch up with wines from Chile!

A story from a wine tour to Chile and Argentina It’s amazing how long it takes for new realities to pierce the membrane of old truths and commonly held beliefs. That’s Chile in a nutshell.

Vineyards near Santa Cruz, Colchagua

A walk in the Mendoza vineyards

I love to visit vineyards. I say this because very often when you are on a wine tour you get to see the fermentation tanks and the barrel cellar but not the vineyard. This is

My debut as a winemaker! And yours?

Blending wine as a ”real” winemaker I am not going to exaggerate and say that I am now a full blown wine maker. But I was very happy with my very own blend, made at